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Have You Ever Experienced These Common Frustrations With Your Clients?

  • Clients do not fully value your firm’s services.
  • They blame you for cash flow problems.
  • You do more work without additional compensation.
  • You chase clients down for information.
  • Clients call you at all hours, expecting an immediate response.
  • Your legacy clients remain at your old fees.

The problem arises when your clients call the shots and you bend over backwards to please them. It seems as if you care more about their financials than they do.

Over time the workload expands, but your fees remain stagnant. So you tolerate low rates, headache clients and long hours. Even if you do raise your rates, your legacy clients (since they’re all price-sensitive) continue to pay a lower rate than new ones. Stop lowering your value, let us help you to get paid what you’re worth.

What you need is a pricing strategy

Connecting your fees to time and tolerating headache clients lowers your accounting firm’s profits. You want to increase your revenues, but your time’s maxed out.

At Business Success Solution, we help you to shift away from the “dollars-per-hour” pricing trap to a value-based pricing model. We use the Raise Your Rates Formula, a proven income accelerator for accounting professionals, to increase your rates, lighten your workload and engage quality clients.

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