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Meet Loren Fogelman, your price and profit coach

All day long you help your clients with their cash flow and growth strategies. However, your own upper limit challenges persist.

What does this mean? You times maxed out. However, you haven’t reached your full earning potential.

Loren passionately believes you deserve to be well-paid for the service you provide.

She coaches her clients to shift away from the trap of the “dollars-per-hour” business model to a value-based model that has, in some cases, allowed her clients to reduce workload by as much as 50% while doubling revenues.

Loren Fogelman is a keynote speaker and one of America’s top ranked business coaches. From 2018 to 2020, she continues to be recognized by HubSpot in its annual list of the world’s top 22 business coaches.

As a keynote speaker, Loren has delivered talks and workshops across the United States at major conferences such as Inbound, one of the world’s most esteemed content marketing events for entrepreneurs, as well as many niche conferences for accounting professionals.

For speaking or coaching enquiries, contact Loren at Loren@BusinessSuccessSolution.com or call/text 541.708.3933

Double Your Income Working Half the Time

“Quoted Five Times More!”

I couldn’t take on more work in my bookkeeping business, yet I wasn’t maximizing my earning potential. 

It was time to properly charge my clients for my work and expertise.

During our first private session, Loren helped me analyze and quote a project.  Because of her ability to extract the right information and her encouragement to properly price the project, I quoted an amount five times more than what I had originally planned.  And, I was awarded the project.  All this from the first session.

Susan Natali*


“Stronger than ever”

It was time to pick up some new tools to help my business grow and shake things up a bit.

From the work we did together, I set higher goals, learned the important difference between compassion and boundaries, and became comfortable in my skin as a strong leader and powerful woman.

As a result, I really took Polymath to the next level. Because we defined our niche and shifted to value based pricing, we’re stronger than ever.

Ingrid Edstrom*

Polymath, LLC

“Doubled my net income!”

My business had stalled. I put in long hours, especially during tax season, without any additional profit. Loren changed all that for me.

I felt like I only had enough money to pay off some debt or put a down payment on my office building. I am happy to say that with Loren’s guidance I doubled my net income, paid off my debt and bought the office building.

Currently, my business is unrecognizable to what it was before Loren’s coaching. My team has grown, I only work with ideal clients and now I’m a recognized expert in my specialty.

Justin Botillier*

Rogue Tax