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The movie Mission: Impossible comes to mind when I consider the unexpected ways to grow your business. First, you receive vague instructions about the mission. Then before you can hit replay, the message self destructs. You watch it sizzle into thin air, hoping you committed all the critical details to memory.

An opportunity recently arose where I could apply to be on a panel at an upcoming event. I’ve been eyeing this particular spot for awhile now. Because I was offline while traveling, I missed the email with the first call to action. So now the application deadline ends in 48 hours. Do I accept the mission?

Mission: Impossible for accounting professionals

Similar to Mission: Impossible, breakthrough opportunities are rarely hand delivered on a silver platter. Experience has taught me that the really important things require effort. The effort, however, is not all physical. Some of it is mindset. The opportunities to expand your business are usually inconvenient and ill-timed.  Success is born from struggle.

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So a spectacular, unplanned situation lands in my lap, now what? Well, this required a quick decision. Three primary options exist.

  • Rearrange all plans.
  • Think about it.
  • Stick with the current agenda.

Choosing one successful business strategy

There was no hesitation – I decided to apply. The application included one specific strategy I successfully implemented for growing my business in 350 words. Since I wasn’t sure which angle to take, I decided to sleep on it. The delayed action worked in my favor. A friend offered to help me create a strategic outlineBy the end of the day, after a couple of drafts, the application was done and submitted.

The immediate task was completed. Next, I outlined my step by step formula.

When your Mission: Impossible opportunity to grow your #accounting firm appears, will you accept the mission? Read full post #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Where are you stopping yourself? Is it helping you grow your business?Follow these 5 steps to decide if an unexpected opportunity will grow your business:

  1. Desire. Tune in to get really clear about your reasons to expand your accounting business. Hunger and desire to achieve a specific result inspired you to act when the right opportunity appears.
  2. Defining moment. The necessary steps to grow your business are rarely handed to you. They arrive in the form of an opportunity. It’s easy to dismiss them for 3 reasons:
    • Ill-timed. Your agenda is full because you already committed to something else.
    • Inconvenient. Resources, either support, time or money, may not be easily available.
    • Different than you expected. You imagined a different opportunity would appear. Possibly from a different person, at a different time or in a different place.
  3. Decision. Either you make a decision or the decision will be made for you.  The breakthrough opportunities don’t wait around long. The moment passes when you delay a decision.
    • Trust. An immediate response is necessary. With such a short deadline, there’s no time to over-think it. Whether yes or no, trust your inner wisdom to guide your decision.
    • Strategic. Although the opportunity requires a quick response, it fits in with your strategic plan.
  4. Delivery. This is your action step. Follow through with your best effort. Most golden opportunities include hidden benefits which you did not realize existed. Change happens when you step up, regardless of the outcome.
  5. Detach from outcome. The outcome is totally beyond your control. The real reward occurs from giving it your best shot, no matter what. Even if you don’t achieve the expected result, your efforts open the door to future opportunities.

grow your businessUnexpected challenges grow your business

It would be nice if strategic moves to expand your accounting practice are all neat and gift wrapped. We often dismiss the easy things. Plus, growth happens when you challenge your comfort zone.

Even if I don’t make it onto the panel this time around, I accept the outcome. It’s a decision which lies beyond my control. Many successes already occurred in a short window of time because I took quick action. The lessons learned from this process will be used over and over again. So what about you? When your Mission: Impossible opportunity to grow your accounting practice appears, will you accept the mission?

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