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Business Coaching Premier – 6 Installment Payment

6 Payments of $2500 each

Get ready to raise your rates, work with high value clients and reduce your workload.

The Premier Coaching Package is a results-focused year-long program. The package includes 11 coaching sessions, monthly mastermind meetings, group accountability meetings, the Leadership Lab plus additional support. By the way, December is an off month. So, no calls are scheduled in Dec.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Define your quality clients
  • Communicate your value
  • Package your services
  • Value pricing and raising rates with current clients
  • Consultation mastery
  • And more…

What coaching clients say:

Payment details


I converted 100% of my current clients to my new rates.

Jen Fery

Lumos Accounting

I have increased my rates nearly five-fold; I have eliminated my least profitable and high-maintenance clients so I can focus on those who truly value my services; and I’m now making more money working fewer hours.

Devon Thurtle Anderson