Your accounting firms success is a growth process.Your accounting firms success

I often hear people say, everything happens for a reason. Whether you’re perspective is spiritual, metaphysical or scientific, this is true. What do I mean? Well, everything we do is either to experience, or to avoid, specific emotions. Emotions and beliefs intertwine with actions. Basically, your mindset affects your accounting firm’s success.

Negativity, such as doubt or fear, will cause delays. Likewise, things get done quickly when you’re optimistic.

Let’s say you’re accounting firm is growing at a steady rate. And, a new growth opportunity appears. Since it’s not a sure-thing, you sense some underlying concerns. So you stall.

It’s likely that two contradictory beliefs are at play. Opposing beliefs frequently cause you to feel out of sync.

It’s as if one foot has stepped forward while the other foot is firmly dug into the sand.

Identify the drag

Unfortunately, simply going through the motions doesn’t resolve your concerns. That’s because subconsciously you’re still resisting something. The only real solution is to identify the drag.

Don’t get upset with yourself. Or, ignore your beliefs in hope that they’ll go away. Instead consider this as a golden opportunity to review your current beliefs. Periodically, it’s good to clean out the clutter and remove old, outdated beliefs. Then there’s room to update to something new which is better suited for who you are today.

Business success is a growth process. The person you are today is different than the person you were when you first started your business. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Here are 4 common obstacles which interfere with your accounting firms success:

  • Wealth. Wealth is a huge trigger. Maybe you claim you want success, but another part of you resists wealth. What does money and wealth mean to you? What sacrifices would you have to make? Would you change for the better? Money, in truth, is simply an exchange of value.
  • Self worth.  Unfortunately, the imposter syndrome does exist. The fear of being found out is ever-present. You feel like a fake and undervalue your contribution. Instead of acknowledging your achievements, you downplay them. A lot of energy is spent avoiding conflict and possible confrontation.
  • Disappointment. People depend on you. They believe in you. They’ve supported you and your business.  You don’t want to disappoint them. So you follow their advice instead of your own plans. How far have you steered off course from your original vision?
  • Fear of public speaking. Fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear of death. I spent 12 years hiding in my office because of this fear.

Which fears affect your business growth?

By the way, my desire to succeed eventually motivated me to face my fear of public speaking.

Start to notice why you are avoiding specific actions. What belief interferes with your firm’s success? How fully committed are you?

Why struggle?

Your firm’s success is a growth process. The person you are today is different than the person you were when you first started your firm.

Periodically, set time aside to review your old beliefs. Then figure out how to resolve the ones which no longer work for you.

Doing this work on your own is difficult. Simply because you’re too close to the issue. This is why I continue to work with a business coach. Why struggle any longer than necessary?

How uncomfortable are you?

Some business growth opportunities will be more uncomfortable than others. And yes, I guarantee you will be judged by others. Do any concerns arise as you consider that?

Does attention feel unsafe? Which prior experiences taught you to avoid attention? Questions like these will help you to uncover blocks regarding your firm’s growth. Although you’re now an adult, most of your beliefs formed when you were young.

I often hear my clients state, I worked through that issue or I can’t possibly see how that is related to what is happening now. Although they may appear to be unrelated, your prior experiences influence your current actions.

Upgrade your beliefs

Upgrading your beliefs is similar to weeding in your garden. Don’t just pick the weed above the ground. You want to pull the weed out by its roots to prevent it from sprouting again. Go beyond the obvious reasons for avoidance or procrastination.

Transforming your perception about the root cause is empowering. One of your greatest gifts is the ability to change your perception. My clients work with me to transcend beyond their limiting beliefs.

Your #accounting firms success will challenge your current limits. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Imagine what would change if you released yourself from the old and upgraded to something new. Change does happen.

Your firm counts on you to seize opportunities. It’s easier to follow through with growth when the inner chatter is removed.  Pleasing everyone all the time is impossible. Either they’ll be disappointed or you’ll be disappointed. Business success means saying yes to you! What’s one way you’ve grown because of your firm?

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