Goal Settings Limitations

SMART GoalsWhat do you want to achieve over the next 12 months? You’ve consistently been told that goal setting matters. My experience, however, confirms that goals rarely inspire accounting professionals.

Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish does matter. Especially when you’re serious about expanding your firm.

Goals, as your know, emphasize numbers, tasks and dates. And, that works really well for some professionals.

But, what if they don’t inspire you? And, what if goals fail to excite you?

Goals lack inspiration

Whether you’re starting out, in the growth stage or scaling your accounting firm, you deserve to feel fully engaged about what you’re doing and how your accounting services impacts your clients.

Whether you’re starting out, in the growth stage or scaling your #accounting firm, you deserve to feel fully engaged about what you’re doing and how your services impact your clients. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Frequently I’m asked, How to get the most out of goals?

SMART Goals are often referenced. SMART goals are okay. They’re better than nothing, but they’re really BORING!

They were designed in the 1970’s for under-performing employees in corporate America. The idea was to get corporate employees 3 to 5% more productive. That’s because a slight increase in an enterprise business will significantly affect revenue.

I’ve never seen anyone get highly excited about a Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely goal. Plus, they’re externally driven.

Entrepreneurial accounting professionals are challenge driven. Often, there’s a deeper, significant purpose which drive you.

#Accounting firm owners are challenge driven. Often, there’s a deeper, significant purpose for what you do. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Purpose, and a desire to do meaningful work, is why you’re not working for someone else. It’s difficult to feel highly motivated when you know the outcome is attainable.

Dump the SMART Goals

Go ahead and dump the SMART Goals. Wonder what’ll keep you focused?

Lead with your vision.

My chief aim is to inspire you to take some risks. Your really BIG vision requires you to stretch beyond your current capabilities. Your purpose gives you the courage to step beyond your comfort zone.

goal settingSuccess happens from the inside out. The person you are today is not the same person as the one who’ll eventually achieve your vision. You’ll evolve and grow throughout the process.

Now you’re not going to know all the steps needed to achieve your vision. There’s a reason for that. You’ve never achieved that level before.

As a result, there are some things you won’t be able to anticipate ahead of time. Simply do your best to accept that.

Define your future

Set aside time to design your strategy. And if you’re not a strategist, then find someone to guide you through this part of the process. Your strategic plan becomes your success blueprint.

Although you may not know all the steps necessary to fully realize your dream #accounting firm, you still need to architect a strategy. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Although you may not know all the steps necessary to fully realize your vision, you still need to architect a strategy.

Use these steps to develop your strategic plan:

  • Skill set. What skills do you need?
  • Slash. What do you need to stop doing or to change?
  • Schedule. Set aside the time to do those things. Add important milestones or tasks to your calendar.
  • Stay the course. Even when it’s tough stay consistent and continue to work your plan.
  • Support. Success doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Asking for help is difficult when you’re fiercely independent. Search for someone you trust to support your journey.

Now here’s how you can tell whether it’s really a vision, or not. A BIG, purposeful vision causes you to feel slightly uncomfortable.

Once you know what you’re aiming for, see if it gets a high grade on your desire for success scale. Rate it from 0 to 10, with 10 being a deep desire. It’s important you be brutally honest with yourself about how committed you are to pursue your vision.

Your unique contribution

You possess a unique contribution. Acknowledge your desire to deeply serve your clients in a purposeful and meaningful way. Allow this to become the dominating thought in your consciousness.

Consciously, and subconsciously, you’ll be on alert for information. Along the way, you’ll seek out knowledge which is aligned with your purpose. Over time, you’ll notice opportunities appear which will lead you forward.

Your purpose and your lifestyle

Don’t limit your vision to your accounting firm. Creating a meaningful vision is a lifestyle decision. Plus, there’s nothing quite as sweet as finally fulfilling your vision.

Consider where you are now. Reflect on where you want to be. Then decide which milestones you want to achieve along the way. How will this utilize your strengths? And where will you need help? A vivid, defined purpose serves as your destination.

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