Forget the gimmicksThere's a reason the best sales technique doesn't work.

The best sales technique in the world isn’t enough to win more clients. Clients can tell whether an accounting professional is primarily seeking additional income from a new client or if you’re genuinely interested in her business needs.

The golden rule in business positions the client as #1. Without clients, your business cannot exist.

Therefore, consider how to revamp your initial consults. New clients don’t want to spend the majority of a consult hearing you talk about “my” brand, “my” journey, “my” strengths, “my” product and all the accolades “I” accumulated over the years. Too much talk about you causes her eyes to eventually glaze over.

Although it appears counter-intuitive, put everything which emphasizes “I” on a backburner. Your conversation becomes more engaging when you focus on “her”.

Wonder how? Ask great questions to gain insight into her needs and why she decided to meet with you.


Selling isn’t Salesy

Accounting professionals falsely believe selling means being salesy. Because of this, many accounting professionals find the initial consult uncomfortable. Especially, when it’s time to close the deal.

So. you warm up the conversation. The client’s highly interested in your services. However, you neglect to make an offer because you get edgy discussing the money part.

When you don’t make an offer, some highly interested clients end up moving on. You never hear from them again, and wonder why.

Eventually, another accounting firm engages this client because they made an offer. Basically, you did all the work and the next accountant enrolled that client.

This not only affects your firm’s growth, but is a disservice to the potential client.  When you don’t make an offer, the prospect continues to struggle with her problem instead of receiving your help.

And quite often, business owners tolerate a lot. The circumstances have to get pretty uncomfortable before she sets an initial meeting with you.

A successful consultation connects the dots. She realizes how your solution solves her issue. Asking great questions is the best sales technique around.

Give to Receive

Start to reframe your perception about sales. Instead of talking too much about you, focus on the client. Use your time together to explore how you can solve her most pressing needs. Gather information about her instead of pitching your service.

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Once you connect the dots between her challenges and your solution, explain to her about your approach. Without getting too technical, share what it would be like to work together and what to expect from working with you.

This is a subtle, yet significant, shift. The entire conversation, from start to finish, focuses on helping her resolve their issue. This isn’t about you receiving another client.

The Right Mindset: Become Their Trusted Advisor

To win a new client, you want to appeal to her emotions. That’s because people don’t buy services, they buy feelings. Either your clients want to resolve a problem or achieve a result. Don’t worry about whether or not you know the best sales technique. All you need to do is ask great questions which uncover what your prospect wants.

You’ll gain a new client once she believes you possess the solution to her problem. Therefore, it’s essential you win her trust instead of overwhelming her with details about your accounting services.Three qualities help you quickly gain trust with a potential client

These three qualities quickly build trust with a potential client:

1. Confidentiality: It is necessary to create an open atmosphere where the potential client can honestly talk about her concerns and expectations. This is where you engage in a real conversation instead of superficially skimming through her needs and jumping onto your proposed solutions. Don’t rush through the conversation. Take the time to know what really matters to her.

2. Listening: Instead of waiting for your turn to speak, practice active listening. Talking too much can talk you out of a potential new client. Listening is the most important part of an enrolling conversation. As you listen to her words, tune into the emotions which lie below the surface.

To practice active listening, pay attention to her tone of voice and learn to assess the subtle cues of non-verbal communication.

Notice the speed, volume, and tone of her voice. As a result, you’ll gain greater clarity about how she truly feels about her current business situation and what truly matters most to her. Do your best not to interrupt while she’s speaking, slow the conversation down, and ask specific questions to fill any gaps.

3. Empathy: Empathy is the ability to feel and understand what the other person experiences. You do this to validate her reality. Without empathy, conversations feel dry. Let’s face it, sharing too much logic and numbers will cause her eyes to glaze over.

Your client wants to know you actually care about her, her needs, and her future aspirations. Empathy requires you to put yourself in her shoes. Here’s where it’s okay to ask questions and dig deeper to understand her specific situation.

This skill separates you from other accounting professionals who offer a similar solution.  The right questions position you as an expert. You can master the best sales technique in the world, but without empathy, you will never gain trust or build rapport with your clients.

Skip learning the best sales technique.

People make buying decisions based on three critical factors: price, customer service and quality.

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Don’t compete on price. Become remarkable by delivering a high quality product and offering an exceptional client experience. By prioritizing experience and service, ideal clients will happily pay your fees.

Understand the three things which contribute to a buying decision.

1. Customer Service: Most people believe customer service means being a “people person”. But that’s too vague. Determine the specific actions which ideally serve your clients. Then structure your service to enhance the client relationship.

Exceptional client relationships include patience, attentiveness, clear communication, product knowledge, using positive language in every situation, delivering on your promise, and the ability to read clients.

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Best Sales Technique2. Quality: Clients invest in solutions. As Elon Musk says, entrepreneurs need to focus on signal over noise. Almost every entrepreneur wants to know the best sales technique, but they don’t know how to differentiate their product. So, it’s unable to stand apart from the competition.

How are your services a cut above the rest? Where do you go the extra mile by adding more value? Figure out what your client wants and needs. Then educate your clients about how you resolve their specific business needs.

3. Price: Price is a deciding factor for some clients. You deserve to get paid for your expertise. An ideal client is willing to invest in your accounting firm when she trusts you to solve her challenge. Let’s face it, potential clients who hunt bargains are not your ideal client. It’s okay to stand by your rates, wish them well and let them continue searching.


Remember to position your service as the solution. The best sales technique focuses on the client, not the transaction. Continue to improve your services and develop an excellent client experience. Instead of selling, emphasize serving. This positions you as an advisor. When you go the extra mile, you build an exceptional firm which deeply serves your clients.

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