Karyn Anderson, owner of Total Sum, LLC,  has a busy accounting firm.

Like so many accounting professionals, she was overworked and underpaid.

Things had to change.

There was a cost to tolerating too much:

  • Working 7 days a week.
  • Non-ideal employees.
  • Headache clients.
  •  A heavy workload.

But, she didn’t know HOW to fix it.

In the video, Karyn shares the specific steps you can follow to better price your services and charge 3X’s more than your hourly rate.

Here’s what she’s accomplished in less than 6 months:

Her accounting practice continues to grow.

She now gets paid for services she used to give away for free.

She cherry picks her clients instead of accepting everyone.

Listen to her interview to discover the exact steps you can take to better price your services and turn your practice around.