Avoiding decisions

Entrepreneurs are required to make decisions all day, every day. What happens when you’re faced with an opportunity that seems risky simply because you’ve never done that before? Are you the type who craves risk or someone who dreads straying away from a “sure thing?” Imagine that you could boost your business confidence. What would you pursue that you’re currently postponing?

Boost your business confidence

My 5 boost your business confidence steps are for you if you could use more confidence, you’re tired of feeling like a fake and you refuse to hold yourself back any longer.

What helps you to boost your business confidence?

What helps you to boost your business confidence?

1. Awareness. Randy, a bookkeeper, is fully aware that she suffers from Imposter Syndrome. She constantly doubts her abilities and holds herself back. Going back to school, taking more classes and adding more credentials is her solution. More education is safer than potential ridicule. Randy said,” I’ll get the experience I need.” Would additional credentials actually build self-worth and replace her lack of confidence? Not fully.  Change begins with awareness.

2. Avoidance. Now was the time for brutal honesty. She admits what she ought to be doing, but she’s not doing those things yet. We started off by acknowledging exactly what she’s avoiding and how she’s delaying those activities. Returning phone calls, even to current clients, is something specific that Randy delays. Surprisingly, Randy discovered there were certain parts about returning calls which didn’t bother her.

With some detective work Randy pin-pointed the one specific aspect of returning phone calls which she avoids. What is something specific that you’re avoiding?

Tune into the one specific thing which causes you to avoid doing that activity. The more specific you are the more likely you’ll experience a breakthrough.

Randy’s thoughts prior to calling stopped her from picking up the phone. Her apprehension disappeared once she was on the phone talking. Randy’s eyes brightened a little as she realized the entire phone calling process wasn’t bad. Worrying about their response is her primary concern. This process, pinpointing the one thing, chunks things down from something really big to something tangible.

3. Alternative. Pinpointing apprehension to making a call because she didn’t want to interfere or hear about a problem is pretty specific. Now Randy can explore whether there’s a different way to deal with her thinking about returning phone calls. She researched alternative ways to return calls which don’t cause fear, overwhelm or resistance. This is like choosing an alternate route or detour when driving to a specific destination.

Imagine that you could boost your business confidence. What would you pursue that you’re currently postponing? Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Her impulse to procrastinate surfaced. So, we created a plan. First, she identified role models who return phone calls with ease. What hints or clues about how they approach this task caught her attention? How can she apply any of those things to her situation?

Get curious. Ask yourself if there’s an alternative approach you can adopt. You’ll want to choose the path which has the least resistance. Identify alternative possibilities. Educate yourself enough to melt away some of your resistance.

Smile when you're returning phone calls

Smile when you’re returning phone calls

4. Adapt. Randy listed 5 ideas on how to return phone calls without all the mental anguish. Some modifications were made so the actions felt genuine and authentic for her.

Ask yourself how you can adapt your list activity so the options are aligned with who you are and how you get things done. You’ll know you’re ready because the resistance doesn’t stop you in your tracks any longer.

5. Action. It’s time to implement. Randy’s research led to an action plan. She is now ready to experiment with some alternative approaches.

Here is Randy’s 3 step plan.

  1. Schedule. Two specific time blocks were set aside each day for returning phone calls.
  2. Self care. She did a brief breathing and relaxation technique prior to picking up the phone.
  3. Smile. She smiled as she picked up the phone, dialed and said hello.

Shifting into action causes an inner buzz of energy to swirl within you. The preparation stage is behind and now you move into the action stage. Reflect on the progress you continue to make during your journey.

Discover the five steps to boost your business confidence. Finally take charge and grow your business on your terms. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Now you know the five steps to boost your business confidence. Over-thinking usually complicates matters. As you already know, growth is slowed down when this occurs.

boost your business confidenceClear away the clutter

This process is designed to clear away the clutter. You don’t have to do it all yourself. An outside perspective, like a business coach, will help you discover solutions which you’re unable to recognize on your own. Your business grows significantly faster if all your energy is available to progress forward.

If you’re tired of postponing a decision because it’s taking up too much of your time and energy, then stop delaying things. Get out of your own way and remove the resistance by uncovering a different perspective.

Evolve and your business grows

Your decision influences everything you do (or don’t do). Yes, success is messy. Notice how your business grows as you evolve.

I would love to hear from you about your next bold action. What are you preparing to accomplish right now? Choose your best next move for your business. Step into action to boost your business confidence.

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