Your burning desire to succeedYour true purpose protects you from quitting too soon.

The goal of any business is to make money. Earning a boat load of money is not why most accounting professionals start a business. Money, as your sole purpose, isn’t sustainable. Those talented accountants who are only in it for the money end up closing their doors, returning to a 9 to 5, when things don’t scale as quickly as they intended. What is your burning desire to succeed? Discovering your true purpose protects you from quitting too soon.

The people around you may question why you’re risking the security of a job when you open your practice. As a result, it’s super important you’re clear about your reasons for going in this direction. Otherwise, the criticism, like a cancer, eventually wears you down.

You’ve witnessed this before. Burn out or buying into the doubt that your dream accounting practice was not meant to be are offered as reasons to quit.

Don’t buy into other people’s negativity. Your mission to make a difference protects you against the voices of doubt.

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Obstacles fail to stop you

Every growing accounting practice experiences ups and downs. Expect obstacles along your growth process. Your reason for opening your practice serves an important purpose. Therefore, your purpose keeps you going instead of stopping you. Imagine how things would be if your doubts disappeared.

Are you ready to unleash your burning desire to succeed? Then answer these questions.

  1. Ever-Present. Your purpose is something you’ve been doing all along. How do you naturally help people?
  1. Inspiration. What inspires you to keep going-no matter what?
  1. Joy. What activities bring you joy? Identify the things you readily do even if you never earn a penny from those activities.
  1. Busy. Busyness and business are different. Staying busy can cover up your lack of clarity or purpose. How does being as busy as possible protect you?
  1. Grow. List 3 to 5 reasons you’re now ready to grow your accounting practice. Clarify whether those are reasons positive or negative.

The turn-around

Avoiding something unpleasant is just as strong, if not stronger, than approaching something positive. Does your reason to succeed stem from something you’d rather avoid? Hint: negative motivators include the words don’t, avoid, or won’t.

Restate any negative reasons so they’re positive. Tuning into what you don’t want keeps you focused on the problem. Simply shift your reason so you connect with what you do want. This reframe, turning a negative into a positive, supports what’s possible.

This mindset strategy informs your brain to look for opportunities. If avoiding something negative is a habit, positive motivators feel uncomfortable at first. Stick with this. Positive statements reinforce your desire to succeed.

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The Work

Byron Katie has created The Work. It’s an exercise which turns a negative thought into a positive one.

  • Pick one negative statement which interferes with your practice growth. Now ask yourself if this statement is absolutely true. If your growth strategy is motivated because you “don’t want to fail,” an example of that negative statement might be, “Everything has to be perfect. I can’t make any mistakes.”
  • Is this the only way to grow your accounting practice? Are you absolutely certain no other option exists?
  • What do you notice when you think about that specific negative statement? Maybe you notice a specific sensation in your body. Or, your energy level dips.
  • What would be different if you didn’t possess that negative thought any longer? Spend time exploring this question. Let yourself imagine all the possibilities.
  • What is your burning desire to succeed?Now, rephrase your statement to one which is positive. For example instead of your focus being something you want to avoid, i.e., “I can’t make any mistakes” you would say something positive, i.e., “I will make necessary changes as I become aware of them.”
  • Then make your positive statement as specific as possible. Modify “To make changes as needed” to “I’m ready to get started now, I’m prepared to make choices which improve what we do because it’s important to serve clients while growing a profitable business which supports my lifestyle.”

Your powerful decision

Your burning desire to succeed raises your level of commitment. No one can rob you of your decision to succeed. Your purpose provides meaning, strength and motivation. Doing something you love that’s profitable and also helps people makes you one of the fortunate few.

Your deep inner drive to succeed propels you forward even when others had long ago given up, called it quits and returned to a 9 to 5.

Your deep inner drive to succeed propels you forward even when others had long ago given up and called it quits. Click To Tweet

Strong dedication is next

Your burning desire to succeed removes obstacles. Most of all, excuses suddenly disappear. Instead of avoiding something uncomfortable, you now rise up to the challenge.

Part of what kept me from attending networking events was that I didn’t enjoy small talk. My desire to grow my coaching business; however, was stronger than my disregard for shallow conversations. Because I was committed to successfully growing Business Success Solution, I shifted my perspective about networking. Meeting everyone in the room wasn’t realistic. Instead, intending to meet the exact right people removed the resistance.

Did you immediately connect to your burning desire to succeed? Or, did you discover your purpose over time? A deeply personal burning desire is preferable to a general reason for growing your accounting practice.

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