Business growth challenges

Are the challenges of growing your business wearing your down? Maybe you went from a flood of new clients to a trickle. It’s confusing when you’re doing everything that is supposed to increase business, but get less than ideal results. Entrepreneurs sometimes become the bottleneck that stops business growth.

You’re in business because you want to help your clients. That’s the rewarding part. Adding new clients is proof that your business is serving their specific need.  You are making a difference. So it can be frustrating when growth levels off or becomes stagnant.

Many entrepreneurs follow the Field of Dreams prophecy.

Many entrepreneurs follow the Field of Dreams prophecy.

The Field of Dreams Prophecy

Many entrepreneurs follow the Field of Dreams prophecy. Build it and they will come.

Building a business is only half the secret. Yes, you need to offer a service they want. Unfortunately, potential clients don’t always connect the dots. This means you need to educate them. Teach them about how you have the exact solutions to their problems.

Fine tune your ideal client, where to find them and update your client attraction marketing plan periodically. These important aspects require ongoing attention as your business continues growing.

Identify the bottleneck

I can plan out the strategy and tactical growth steps with my clients all day long. However, any underlying concerns will hinder those efforts. Your business is only as strong as its weakest link. So you’ll want to discover the bottleneck that is slowing down your business growth.

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Achieving results is very difficult when there are hidden agendas which cause resistance. Opposing beliefs, or conflicting values, will limit the effectiveness of your efforts. How does fear or lack of control affect your decisions?

Here are 5 bottlenecks that slow down business growth.

  1. Perfection. Your business is your creation. So you want things to be perfect. Perfection may never happen. So it’s best to go with good enough and then make corrections along the way.
  2. Comparisons. Keeping up with the competition is never-ending. It’s good to know what others in your field are doing. View your competitor’s success as evidence that you can be successful too instead of causing envy.
  3. Control freak. Entrepreneurs start out doing everything themselves. Holding onto tasks beyond your skill set will eventually make you the bottleneck, stopping business growth. You can’t continue to do it all yourself, and expect to grow, without burning out. Grow a team that is better and smarter than you. Find people who play at the things you struggle with.
  4. Serious business.  Something will always need your attention. As soon as one bottleneck is corrected, then another needs to be fixed. The process to discover weak links is ongoing.  What enjoyable activities have you given up? Discover the joy in your work so it doesn’t turn into a grind.
  5. Mistakes happen. If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re stagnating. Learn what went wrong, how that occurred and how to avoid repeating that specific mistake. It’s a discovery process.

Just like your business needs clients to remain open, your mindset influences how successfully you grow. Growth occurs as you work through limiting thoughts.

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What's interfering with your business growth?

What’s interfering with your business growth?

Challenge yourself

Challenges will continue to arise as you advance your business. Therefore it’s important to remain connected to your vision, especially when you’re moving beyond your comfort zone. Courage helps you perform beyond your current capabilities.

Your mindset will influence whether, or not, you follow through with your growth plan.  Don’t underestimate your mindsets potential.

Leave your underlying concerns behind

Imagine yourself networking and marketing your business. Maybe some underlying concerns appear. Doubt creep in about your new direction and how people will respond to it. You’re worried about where your next client will come from. Standing in front of a group of people talking about your business is vulnerable.

Don’t allow these intrusive thoughts to affect your efforts. Underneath the smiles and small talk, you’re fully aware that your business growth has stalled. You feel a quiet desperation.

Those underlying concerns create a subtle energy which can be sensed by the people around you. Doubt has the potential to overshadow your networking and marketing efforts.

Clear the clutter

The doubts, worries or sabotaging behaviors highlight all that’s not going well. Letting go of the negativity is easier for some than for others, but is possible. So often, however, you might not even be aware of what is holding you back and the real reason for your concerns. Your subconscious mind may be the bottleneck that is interfering with your efforts. So which thought is your weakest link?

In order to release all of the doubts and create a positive mindset focused on success, you may need help and the insight of someone else to uncover the root cause. Identify the bottleneck. Then decide where to invest money, time or energy for your business growth.