Business success tipsOne business success tip is to surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs.

Each day offers an opportunity to learn something new. Valuable lessons come from all sources including clients, mentors, children and strangers. So, what specific insights have contributed to your business success?

Highly successful accounting professionals shun complacency. That’s because there’s always another firm owner who’s interested in claiming your market share. With so much change happening all around you, stagnation leads to failure.

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There’s always more to learn and new ways to grow. Change is constant. So everything gets affected as your accounting firm grows, including professional and personal relationships.

Here are 5 business success and growth tips.

1. Surround yourself with other business owners who are more successful than you. 

Find accounting professionals who have already achieved the business success you desire. How can you connect with other growth minded entrepreneurs who are moving in a similar direction? Building a solid support system is critical. Your mastermind group, mentor or accountability partners become your go-to resource. Insights and support  from your inner circle will prove to be invaluable, especially as unexpected challenges arise.

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2. Get really clear on your purpose. 

We each possess unique qualities. My clients affectionately call this their superpowers. Identify the specific things which come naturally to you. Because these abilities are part of what your clients’ highly value. The activities which tap into your superpower, the things you love to do, will energize you. Working with your superpower does not feel like work.

Strategically structure your work flow. You’ll want to spend as much time as possible doing activities that utilize your superpower. Next, start to identify the other tasks which are not your strengths. Gradually shift those activities to someone else.

Yes, it’s okay to get the things you don’t like doing off of your plate. Delegate them to others who love doing those tasks. This will free you up to focus the majority of your time doing the things you love best, which is very client attractive.

3. Your unique selling proposition (USP).

Rather than blending in, identify the one thing which separates you from other accounting firms who offer a similar service. For example, I help my clients double their income working half the time. Figure out what you do for your clients and then find a way to easily describe it. Remember to make it memorable and authentic.

Sometimes accounting professionals aren’t aware of what makes them different. Does this feel true for you? Then talk with people your best clients and ask them. They will happily share why your accounting firm stands apart from the competition.

Figure out what you do for your clients and then find a way to easily describe it. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

4. Write your intentions.

Specifics are preferable to generalities. Describe what you want to achieve. Include as much rich detail as possible. If you knew everything would work out perfectly, what do you want to achieve? Write your story of success. Include who you will become. Illustrate how your business has grown. Stimulate your vision by expressing your emotions about your business success.

You want to be it, see it and feel it. Write your vision as if you have already achieved everything you want for yourself and your business. Illustrate your story of success in the present tense, as if it’s happening right now. Taste the sweetness of the accomplishment.A kind words journal reminds helps you keep going through rough moments.

5. Create a Kind Words Journal.

This is your special place for the notes, testimonials and everything else you get from people. Sometimes you need to be reminded of how you make a difference for your clients. Your Kind Words Journal is particularly helpful when you’re feeling overwhelmed and wondering if you ought to continue with your business.

Your success recipe

These tips are not in a particular order. Each, however, has been integrated into my business. Intention, positive mindset and solid business practice is a powerful combination. The balance has propelled my business and can do the same for you.

I suggest you begin a Kind Words Journal. Add all the testimonials, emails and posts you receive that express how you have helped others into your Kind Words Journal. This serves a specific purpose. You’ll be reminded about the impact your work has on others. This is really important as you continue forward and challenges arise which cause you to question whether your firm’s success is possible.

Bonus tip

Here’s a bonus tip. As you review the notes and testimonials you’ve received, you may notice a pattern. Any pattern of words is a clue regarding your superpowers and your Unique Selling Proposition. So what’s your next business success move?

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