How Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Create Opportunities

Rate your commitment

A difference exists between interest and commitment. When you’re interested, you stick with activities and pursue projects within your comfort zone. If you’re committed, then you accept opportunities which challenge you’re current capabilities.

Either category is acceptable; there’s no right or […]

She’s the Boss: Retire Your Husband from His 9 to 5

The Sacrifice We Made

Early in our marriage I stayed home to raise our children. Steve’s 90-minute commute meant timing his drive to avoid rush hour traffic. Because of that, he was out of the house early and home late. Of course, this took a toll on all of us.

Although I never planned to be a […]

Rules to Run a Business with Your Spouse

When Your Home is Your Business

Business with Your Spouse Discover the secrets of happily working in business with your spouse.

Creating a home based business seems like an ideal opportunity for a couple. Shared goals, shared space, and shared resources. This profitable model generates over $427 […]

Are You Ready to Succeed?

Prepare for Success

ready to succeed If you’re ready to succeed, then realize your thinking impacts your business.

I talk to a lot of people. Some people, I’ve noticed, think there’s not enough. While others believe there’s more than enough…of everything. You either lean toward a scarcity mindset […]

Are You Ready to Lighten Your Workload?

Lighten Your Workload

lighten your workload Are you ready to lighten your workload?

The exceptional few build a business from an innovative idea. Are you one of them? Like many entrepreneurs, you’re fiercely independent. That’s a necessary quality when first starting out. Holding […]

Running a Business with Your Spouse and Remaining Happily Married

Save Your Marriage, Save Your Business

Full commitment to your partnership Full commitment to your partnership, in and out of work, leads to long lasting success.

Professional success works on the same principles as personal success. To thrive and prosper together, you need a set of guidelines to make […]

A Growth Mindset Leads to Profits

Unbox Yourself

growth mindset You naturally gravitate toward a closed mindset or a growth mindset.

The way you think about your challenges can either hold you back or spur you on to greater success. The secret is to savor the challenge. So if you […]

5 Business Success Tips for Busy Professionals

5 Business Success Tips

In this post you’ll learn the business success tips that will help you stay on track when there’s a lot to be done, when life gets in the way, when you feel like there’s no time for growth, or stopped doing things you enjoy.

business success tips[…]

Navigating Transparency on Social Media

Transparency on social media varies with each platform.

Social media privacy

Privacy means different things to different people. Social networking’s foundation encourages sharing and connection. Transparency on social media isn’t something entrepreneurs easily dive into.

First of all, your questions […]

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