Fair Pricing – Who’s in Charge of This Decision?

Unraveling the fair pricing dilemma

fair pricingPricing your services can trigger internal alarm bells. Yes, you deliver an exceptional service. However, you question your fees. To reduce any tension, you aim for fair pricing.

Well, fair pricing is a loosely defined term. No […]

Value Pricing: Get Paid for Results, Not Your Time

The costly problem of blending in

value pricingYou only have 2 seconds to grab someone’s attention. So when you blend in with all the others in your industry, nothing grabs her attention. If your website, your profile or your message doesn’t stand out, then potential clients end up comparing […]

Don’t Lower Your Rates Before You Consider This

lower your ratesNo More Business as Usual

COVID-19 has disrupted the status quo. With the economic upheaval, some businesses were ordered to shut their doors. While, other businesses are busier than ever.

Because the client relationship matters, reach out to your clients. Pick up the phone to call them. […]

A Backstage Pass to Disney’s Price Strategy

Disney's price strategyThe Book of Tickets

Disney’s been a part of my life since the Magic Kingdom’s grand opening in Orlando. Much remains the same since 1971. And, like any thriving business, they continuously evolve.

The Orlando theme park always used some type of package option. During the early years, […]

7 Pricing Pitfalls that Flat-Line Your Income

Leaving Money on the Table

leaving money on the tableThe 4 hour work week is a catchy book title. But, that’s not the reality for most entrepreneurs. They’d happily trade in a sixty hour work week […]

Tracking Time is Costly

Don’t Limit Your Income

tracking timeDoes tracking time feel like a hassle? Like most business owners, you do it anyway since profitability and time are closely related.


7 Proven Steps to Avoid Scope Creep

Little Extras Add Up

give away for freeHow much work do you do for free because you don’t know how to charge for it?

Clients often know what they want. However, additional requests occur along the way. And sometimes, the entire project shifts mid-way due […]

Substantially Increase Your Profits by Raising Prices

raising prices

Increase Your Profits

Every entrepreneur, whether large or small, wants to increase their profits. Some choose to improve their marketing efforts; others specialize their services. Raising prices improves profits, but feels difficult.

When you don’t fully grasp […]

Confidently Answer the “What’s Your Hourly Rate” Question

What’s Your Hourly Rate

Do you frequently get asked “What’s your hourly rate?” When you compete on price, you quickly answer with your prices. If your rate falls within their expectations, you talk further. If your pricing is outside of them, then they move on.

Not all entrepreneurs offer an hourly […]

School Got it Wrong: Ditch the Employee Mindset

Entrepreneurial mindsetTraditional education teaches conformity. During class you’re instructed to obey the rules, do what you’re told and walk down the hall in a straight line. Challenging the rules is frowned upon. Memorizing for the test, only to forget it later, is […]

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