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If you’re a bookkeeper and deal with cleanup nightmares, then you need to pay close attention. 




The Secret to Eliminate Your Cleanup Headaches….

Many bookkeepers struggle with cleanup projects, so we created a system to turn your cleanup nightmares into a highly profitable stream of income – and eliminate the headaches.

The Cost of Going Too Fast

Quickly reviewing the books is like walking into unchartered territory without a map.

As you dig into the project, unexpected surprises surface. You find accounts which your clients didn’t mention.

As the project expands, you face two options.

  1. You raise your fee for the project.
  2. You stick to your rate and complete the cleanup.

Someone pays for the mess. It’s either your new client or you.

The project’s going to require more time than you originally estimated. This reduces your profits.

Quietly your frustration rises. How did this happen? Somehow your clients mess became your burden.

You asked all the right questions. The client insisted the books were simple and basic.

You posted in the FB group about pricing for cleanups…but all the responses created overwhelm.

Of course, if you knew how to avoid the nightmares, you’d quickly get that in place.

There’s no doubt that you’re a hard worker. Since you don’t want to make the same mistake twice, you adjust your process. Hopefully it goes better next time.

How much are you willing to tolerate?

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this difficult.

Turn Cleanups into Your Personal ATM Machine

Get ready to confidently diagnose and price cleanup jobs. 

I’m going to show you how you can double your revenues THIS MONTH without spending any extra time at work.

But first, let me tell you a story.

Jodie followed the common pricing model. She charged an hourly rate. Then after 3 years in business, she hit a new problem. Her rates were above average. But, her schedule had maxed out. Her frustration and overwhelm grew.

She knew what she wanted, but didn’t know how to do it. There had to be a better way.

Jodie was caught in the dollars for hours trap. She believed value equated to her time. That, however, isn’t true.

During the course, she rolled up her sleeves and created packages. She no longer charges for her time. Rather, her rates emphasize results.

Jodie broke free of the billable hour. Her income doubled although she works less.  Because of the subtle adjustments in how she works with clients, she has more free time. She replaced burn out with passion. Plus, she happily put the overwhelm and frustration behind her.

To recap, Jodie doubled her earnings working half the time…

You know what you want. And once you know the process, your bank account grows. 

Never Compete on Price Again

Remove the Headaches and Watch Your Bank Account Grow

You will receive the EXACT process which you’ve been seeking to earn great money without the headaches.

In order to earn more, and watch your bank account grow, you need 5 essential elements.

When these 5 essential elements are in place, you’re able to:

Get paid for work you previously gave away for free.

Avoid working with headache clients.

Eliminate unexpected surprises.

Confidently price your cleanup projects.

Earn 2-3 x’s more for the project.

No more negotiations or competitive pricing.

Consider the importance of your client finally having accurate financials. Attract clients who NEED your services and are WILLING to invest in the work. Don’t continue to downplay your value.

And I’m going to teach you this system in the Profitable Cleanup Formula.

$7900 Project Paid Up Front

Loren, based on my hourly rate I would have bid $1900 on this clean-up job. After speaking with you, I asked for and got, $2600. I could have gotten more, no doubt.

Soon after that, I received a request to quote a clean-up project for a different client. Once again, by estimating my time and hourly rate, the proposal would range from $1500 to $2000. With your advice, I got $7900 for the job. Plus, they paid up front. Thanks for your pricing guidance.

Susan Natali*
Susan Natali Accounting

On track to make 20% more and work 10% less 

I now have clarity and confidence about the sequence of events and pricing strategies for on boarding new clients, from an initial file assessment, to clean-up/app implementation and then finally onto a maintenance package.

I easily recovered the financial investment made to work with Loren.

Jen Fery*
Lumos Accounting


The Profitable Cleanup Formula

Never again get stuck with a headache client. This A-Z, 5-module system gives you the exact steps to cherry pick your clients.

…and FINALLY know how to confidently charge for cleanup projects. No more lowering your profits because of unexpected surprises.

This course includes virtual training plus all the step by step maps, scripts, worksheets and live support you need to turn cleanups into your personal ATM Machine. Yes, this includes LIVE Meetings for immediate results.

Already hit $15,000 for the month!!!

Anyone hesitating to take Loren’s Profitable Cleanup Formula…DO IT!! Because of Loren I doubled my income and am doubling again.

Gwenne Wilcox*
Brand Magic


Doubled my net income

I have been steadily working with Loren since 2016. After the 2015 tax season, my business had stalled. I was putting in long hours without any additional profit. Loren changed all that for me.

I remember that I felt like I only had enough money to pay off some debt or put a down payment on my office building; I am happy to say that I doubled my net income and was able to do both, and now I am getting ready to start a remodel.

Currently, my business is unrecognizable to what it was before Loren’s coaching. My team has grown, I only work with ideal clients and now I’m a recognized expert in my specialty.

Justin Botillier*
Rogue Tax Professionals

I’m making more money working fewer hours

Loren immediately uncovered new income streams and efficiencies within my business.

My clients now pay me thousands of dollars for expertise and work product I was giving away for free before.

I have increased my rates nearly five-fold; I have eliminated my least profitable and high-maintenance clients so I can focus on those who truly value my services; and I’m now making more money working fewer hours. And of course, that means I get to spend more time with my family.

Devon Thurtle Anderson*

Here’s What’s Inside The Profitable Cleanup Formula

I’m peeling back the curtains to reveal everything necessary to turn your cleanups into a highly profitable revenue stream.

Nothing is held back. Follow this proven system to grow your bank account:

Module 1: Grow Your Bank Account

Let’s turn your cleanups into your personal ATM Machine.

In this module you receive the blueprint to maximize your profits from cleanup projects.

Charge for your diagnostic reviews – eliminate the unexpected surprises.

Get paid for work you currently do for free – without nickel and diming your clients.

Never again work with headache clients – this quickly reduces your frustration and overwhelm.

Earn more money without working additional hours.

profitable cleanup formula

Includes: The steps to finally define your ideal client – even if you don’t have a niche or specialty.

Includes: The Review Guide. Discover the exact steps my clients follow to earn 5x’s more with your cleanup projects.

Module 2: Successfully Onboard High Value Clients

The first step to onboarding clients who value your service.

A highly profitable pricing formula. Price your cleanups with confidence.

Develop a new stream of income. Skipping this step leaves money on the table.

Master the review process. You gain trust and respect from your clients.

Module 3: Worry-Free Cleanups

Ensure your cleanups are worry free.

Your profit margin soars when you clearly define the scope.

Clients crave options. Give your clients choices about how to work with you.

The proven formula to earn more with your cleanup projects. Everything you need to smoothly navigate the process.

How to package your cleanups.

entrepreneurs success

Includes: Cleanup Pricing Formula – Remove all the guesswork about what to charge.

recommendations for a business to be successful

Includes: Pricing Insights Guide. If you’ve been thinking about raising your rates, then you’ll want this guide.

Module 4: No More Chasing Money

Smoothly transition cleanups into a long term commitment.

The roadmap to move clients into highly profitable monthly packages – boost your income by increasing the value of a client.

Chasing money is frustrating, costly and inefficient. Tired of chasing money? This payment formula solves that headache.

You lose money when you tie your fees to time. Confidently price for value rather than time.

Module 5: The Path to Profits Roadmap

Don’t let overthinking or low confidence sideline your success.

Once you remove the worries your bank account soars. Let’s clear the doubts which influence your rates.

The steps to confidently double your rates. No longer undercharge for your services.

3 factors which influence your pricing journey. Follow this path to profits roadmap.

profitable cleanup formula

Includes: Increase Your Rates Formula. This becomes your step by step formula to raise your rates without losing clients.

The investment for The Profitable Cleanup Formula is normally $1997 

Answer these two questions:

Question 1: Should I invest in the program?

Question 2: Will I get a return on my investment?

Let’s start with the first question.

Should I invest in the program?

That’s an excellent question, and the answer depends on one thing:

What’s the cost of tolerating the status quo? Time? Money? Frustration?

Now let’s move on to Question 2.

Will I get a return on my investment?

That’s another great question, and to answer it, you’ll need your calculator.

Let’s say you charge $80 an hour. You need to work 25 hours to earn $2000.

But what if your cleanups didn’t solely focus on an hourly rate? Now your same client invests $3500.

Your ideal client hires you for a result, not your time.

You earn the $3500, even if you take less time to complete the project,

What would be possible for you then?

With this model, your profits increase when as you’re more efficient. And, when you eliminate the unexpected surprises you no longer experience frustration and resentment.

Inside this game changing system I’m peeling back the curtains and revealing everything. Nothing is held back. You will discover a proven cleanup formula that will allow you to:

It includes virtual training plus all the step by step maps, scripts, worksheets and live support you will need to confidently turn your cleanup projects into your personal ATM Machine.

“I’ll Be Here To Take You By The Hand & Guide You With
5 Implementations Calls”
(Value $3000)

The Profitable Cleanup Formula training includes LIVE Q&A Calls with me.

In these group coaching calls you will receive all the expert feedback you need to finally:

The steps to turn your cleanups into your personal ATM Machine.

How to onboard clients who value your service.

Ensure your projects are worry-free.

Remove all the guesswork about what to charge.

No longer allow overthinking or low confidence to sideline your success.

You don’t have to do this alone. Even if you can’t make the calls they will all be recorded for you to listen on your schedule.

I’m going to be right here with you throughout your journey.

It’s time to stop thinking about it and finally do it.

Live Implementation Call Dates
(recordings available)

All Calls Start at 9 AM Pacific/ 12 PM Eastern

Call #1: March 9

Call #2: March 16

Call #3: March 23

Call #4 March 30

Call #5 April 6

Bottom line, this system is perfect for bookkeepers and accounting professionals who offer cleanups. If you are ready to double (or even triple) your profits, without the headaches, you will love the Profitable Cleanup Formula.

…Especially if you are tired of costly cleanup nightmares.

Fast Action Bonuses To Boost Your Profits

You’ve been thinking about your pricing for a long time. That’s why, for those that act fast, I’m throwing in even more powerful tools and resources!

Quickstart Strategy Session– The 1st 10 people who register receive a complimentary 30-minute 1-on-1 consultation with me to review your cleanup formula and your pricing. (Value $500)

The “Prosperity & Profit” Technique – This game changing exercise will deeply connect your purpose to serve with the value you offer. The secret to confidently uplevel. (Value $97)

Confidently Handle Pricing Objections – Never feel stuck, uncomfortable or lose sales because you didn’t know what to say! This “must have” guide will keep you on track from start to finish. The easiest way to remain focused when discussing price. (Value $97)

Enroll New Clients with Ease Script – If you don’t like the sales part, then this “done for you” script gives you the exact questions to ask potential clients during your consultations. (Value Priceless)

Prequalify Potential Clients – This protects your time and saves your sanity. Reduce the time you spend with clients who simply aren’t ideal. Without being rude, it’s a way to protect your valuable time. (Value $97)

No longer give my services away for free!

I now have a test period with new clients. This lets me decide if I want to work with them long term. So when I realize a new client’s not a great fit, I have a way out.

It’s a lot easier than signing a new client into my monthly services right away. You gave me an onboarding structure which removes headache clients. As a result, I now enjoy working with ideal clients.

Susan Tinel*
April 15 Taxes Inc.

Far exceeded my expectations!

I was caught up in the day to day of running my business and knew I was leaving money on the table. From this program, I realized how much my clients valued our services.

I bought my first home, my car will be paid off and within the next month I’ll be out of credit card debt. This program has far exceeded my expectations on the return on investment.

Laine Proctor*
The QuickBooks Doctor

Your Business Success Mentor, Loren Fogelman

My passion is empowering accounting professionals to double revenues by working half the time through strategic pricing and effective consultation techniques.

Like most professionals, my education gave me the skills to work with clients. It never, however, prepared me to be a business owner.

Working with clients is the fun part. Sales and marketing, however, was painful. I had no clue how to price my services, create packages or enroll new clients. So I decided to fix that.

That’s why I’ve invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars learning how to build a profitable business. And I’ve cracked the code on learning how to package, price and enroll new clients.

From 2018 to 2020, I’ve been recognized by HubSpot in its annual list of the world’s top 22 business coaches.

Shift away from the trap of the “dollars-per-hour” business model to a value-based model. My clients reduce their workload by as much as 50% while doubling revenues. As a result, they now have more free time, a bigger paycheck at the end of the month and significantly less stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does this virtual training work?

A week prior to the start date, you’ll receive an invitation to join our exclusive online training center, where we’ll post all trainings, recordings of the calls, action sheets, and more. Then, you’ll be invited to join me on 5 LIVE Training and Q&A Calls where I will closely work with you. This is your opportunity to ask your questions, remove any blocks and know your exact next step as we move forward through the program together. If you miss one of these live calls, you’ll still be able to catch up with the recording later.

I’m just starting out with my business, can this help me?

Yes! It’s far better to get started now instead of later. In fact, this training will jumpstart your success because you’re not winging it on your own. During the course, you’ll gain the formula to turn your cleanups into your personal ATM Machine. Imagine knowing the exact strategies to avoid cleanup nightmares, confidently price your services and never accept for headache clients because you need the money. This is like compounding interest – the sooner you start, the more you earn.

I’ve taken bookkeeping courses before – how is yours different?

Then you already understand the value of investing in yourself. The Profitable Cleanup Formula covers the essential steps to assess the project, earn more without working more and cherry pick your clients. Each step builds upon the previous one so after you do step one then you move onto step 2. Look, there are many good business coaches out there (I know because I’ve met many of them.) Now many programs place 90% emphasis on tactics and strategy. I don’t want this program to end up on a shelf, never to be used. I’m a results junkie. That’s why the Profitable Cleanup Formula emphasizes live group coaching calls where we work closely together. I can give you the roadmap to a solid 6 or 7 figure business, but if you have limiting beliefs, doubts, fears or worries, you’ll never follow through with the plan (or you’ll quit as soon as it gets uncomfortable). As a sports psychologist turned pricing coach, I realize how proper mental focus helps you to get the job done. With that in mind, I give you the tools to get out of your own way. The course includes real-time coaching because I want you to succeed.

Business is slow. Should I wait until things pick up again?

Actually this is a PERFECT time for you to go through the Profitable Cleanup Formula. Why? Just because you’re not busy doesn’t mean everything comes to a complete halt. These times are great opportunities to work “on” your business instead of solely “in” your business. Then when your next cleanup appears, you’ll possess the skills to confidently price the project. You’ll be ahead of the curve. Using this approach improves your cash flow. Yes, tons of free information is readily available. What I’ve discovered is that investing in your training puts skin in the game. You’ll experience more gains, take it more seriously and achieve more success by stretching your capabilities. It’s something I do for myself as well. My bookkeeper pointed out to me that my income grows when I’m investing in myself by working with a coach. Join me as I pull back the curtain so you turn your cleanups into your personal ATM Machine.

What if I become too successful?

Well, that’s a problem of luxury. You get to build a business that supports your lifestyle instead of one that causes you to compromise other things which deeply matter to you. That’s what I call “either / or” thinking. You believe there’s a price to success. But that’s not true. It’s possible to be successful AND continue to be involved in the things that are important to you. I would never want you to compromise your values or turn your back on the other parts of your life that deeply matter. In fact I now have even more time to spend with my family and do other things I deeply care about because my business is successful, not in spite of it. And that’s possible for you too.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This program delivers results. My clients have used this program to transform their business. They no longer end up with nightmare cleanups which lower their profits, headache clients or lowered profits because they undercharged for their service. 

If you’re still thinking about it, then this is an opportunity to invest in yourself and confidently price your cleanup projects.

That’s exactly why you’re invited to join me for the first two modules of the program. Go ahead and join the LIVE training sessions, complete the assignments and enjoy the clarity of experiencing the exact formula to assess the project, earn more than your current rates and cherry pick your clients.

But if you are on the fence, then I want to give you every chance to invest in yourself and this program with absolute confidence.

You are 100% covered by my unique “Happiness Satisfaction” Guarantee. I’m giving you 14 days to go through the program, complete the assignments and experience for yourself how life-changing and business transforming it is to follow the step-by-step formula to increase your profits and remove the headaches.

If not, simply send an email to my friendly support team proving you did the work and attended the calls, and you will be issued a full no questions asked refund.


“Yes Loren! I’m ready to own turn cleanups into my personal ATM Machine.” 

When I get the Profitable Cleanup Formula, I will receive:


The Full Profitable Cleanup Formula (Value $1685)


Bonus #1 The Prosperity and Profit Technique (Value $97)


Bonus #2 Confidenty Handle Objections Formula


Weekly Implementation Calls (Value $5000)


MP3 Recordings of All Group Coaching Calls


Course Starts Tuesday, March 9, 2021

NOTE: Once you sign up for the Profitable Cleanup Formula, you will get instant access to our “Members-Only” website.

I understand that I’m investing in the Profitable Cleanup Formula program and that it comes with Loren’s personal “Happiness & Satisfaction” Guarantee!

Limited time launch offer! Save up to 50% on the retail price of this revolutionary system.

Which Risk-Free Payment Option Would You Like?


Choose Full Pay Option of $1997 $997
(Save extra $1000)

2 Pay Choice

$1997 Make 2 Easy Payments of
Just $597 per month

I received so much more than I anticipated. 

I decided to invest in the program because I wanted to pick up some new tools to help my business grow.

I really took Polymath to the next level. Because we defined our niche and shifted to value based pricing, we’re stronger than ever.

I now share the tools I have gained with my clients, for the success of dozens of local small businesses.

Ingrid Edstrom*

Increased minimum monthly fees 4X’s.

The first three years in business I found myself working too many hours and struggling financially. The hours I worked weren’t reflected in my bank balance

I wasted a lot of energy being scared about increasing my fees. I thought I’d lose clients or they’d feel I was greedy. Once I followed the Profitable Cleanup Formula, it worked beautifully.  I raised my fees and didn’t lose any clients.

I now choose who works with me, have cut back to 3 days per week and watched my revenues increase.

Reanna Ritter*
Ritter Accounting & Consulting

Quickly got results!

I invested in the program because of Loren’s results-oriented approach. It helped me stop planning and start doing, and  enrolling new clients.

As a result, I changed my beliefs about money and the value of what I have to offer. I now realize that I can generate abundance by doing what I really enjoy.

Loren really moves you forward. I was able to immediately apply what I learned with her and double my income.

Carolina Castañeda del Río*
Evolve International

Limited Time 50% Off Launch Offer!
Select Your Best Option Now

The Profitable Cleanup Formula


Choose Full Pay Option of $1997 $997
(Save extra $194)

2 Pay Choice

$1997 Make 2 Easy Payments of
Just $597 per month

P.S. – Ask yourself this…How much money do you want to make from cleanups over the next 12 months?
If this training did nothing more than help you eliminate the cleanup headaches how much would that be worth?

In the next 30 days you could be in the exact same place, struggling with unexpected surprises in your cleanups that lower your profits. Because of that, you end up spending too much time for too little income. 

Or, you could confidently assess your cleanups, increase your profits and cherry pick your clients…

The choice is yours.

Loren Fogelman
Founder, Business Success Solution

*Results may vary from person to person.

Business Success Solution @ 2022 – Profitable Cleanup Formula