cleanup projectsAvoid Cleanup Nightmares

Cleanup projects can potentially turn into a nightmare. A solid game plan; however, eliminates the headaches.  The majority of times the project’s more complicated than your original estimate.  Because of that, you need a process.  Here’s a quick look at how you can avoid cleanup headaches and complete the work on time.

1. Skip Right Over Those Headache Clients

You only have so many hours in the day.  There is no sense investing your limited time in headache clients when they will drain your energy, never respond to your requests and create overwhelm.  Do not let these troublesome clients get the best of you!  Recognize the fact that some clients simply are not worth working with.  Do yourself a favor and start to turn down these clients, especially if other clients are interested in your services.

If you are unsure whether you’re dealing with a “headache” client, an “ideal” client or in between, consider the return on investment.  If the client is high maintenance, has unrealistic expectations and makes your work harder, he or she is simply not worth your time.  You may momentarily dread telling a potential client “No”. But in the end, you’ll be glad you made that choice.

You deserve to cherry pick your clients. Instead of working with everyone, become selective. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

You deserve to cherry pick your clients. Instead of working with everyone, become selective. During the initial consult determine if potential clients are a good fit for you. If yes, then discuss the project. If not, graciously let them move on.

2. Don’t Give Your Work Away for Free!

Before diving into your cleanup projects, meet with potential clients during a free consultation. Now this initial meeting isn’t the time to review their books. Instead, it’s a time to discover their needs and discuss what it’s like to work together. Avoid the common mistake of turning a free consult into a pick-your-brain-session.

cleanup projects

If you don’t value your knowledge, then don’t expect potential clients to value it either. During the free consultation, discuss how you approach cleanups. After the free consult, enroll that client into a paid diagnostic review.

The paid diagnostic review has several benefits.

  1. You’re now paid for work you previously gave away for free.
  2. You scope out the project without being rushed. This removes many of the surprises.
  3. A paid review eliminates price sensitive clients who don’t value your work.
  4. It’s a low risk way to work with a new client before getting into a longer engagement.

Clients who understand the value of your accounting service are much more than willing to pay for your cleanup expertise.  Here’s a bonus: clients who aren’t price sensitive will refer others just like them.

Clients who understand the value of your #accounting service are much more than willing to pay for your cleanup expertise. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

3. Eliminate Unexpected Surprises

An unexpected surprise has the potential to delay your project.  Without warning a fifty hour project can easily turn into a 70 hour project. What’s been your experience?

Keep in mind that many of your clients do not understand bookkeeping. They don’t grasp what’s involved in a cleanup. When they lack an elementary understanding, the financials overwhelm them. To them bookkeeping’s required for tax purposes.

Don’t rely on your clients self report and claims that the books are basic. With a paid diagnostic review, you scope out the project. It’s better to discover those forgotten accounts and uncategorized transactions before you start all cleanup projects.  Then you can discuss what you found and dive into the cleanup with clear expectations outlined in your work agreement.

4. Price Your Cleanup Projects with Confidence

Do not waver on your price.  If you charge too little or negotiate the fee, your clients will think less of you and your cleanup services. Stand by your offer since cleanups require specific skills. If it was easy, then your client wouldn’t need your services.

DO NOT charge by the hour. An hourly rate punishes speed and efficiency. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

DO NOT charge by the hour.  Instead, charge for value. With the right pricing strategy, you earn more than if you charged for your time. An hourly rate punishes speed and efficiency.

Determine your rate for cleanup projects, and stick to that price. Your ideal clients will believe your service is worth every penny.

cleanup project5. Earn 2-3 Times More for the Project

The lack of a system leaves money on the table. Be proactive, develop a process and you will run your business as opposed to your business and clients running you.  Invest the time necessary to create a system that distinguishes the value of your services from that of your time and you will make that much more money while working less.

Because my clients follow this system to review cleanup projects first, they earn two to three times more on cleanups.

Value Price Your Services Today

The time has come to stop undercharging for cleanup projects.  It is no longer in your interest to work your hardest for clients who don’t respect your time and services.  Claim your FREE RESOURCE today to bring in those coveted clients worthy of your services and finally get paid your true worth.