An Effective Client Attraction Strategy

Your client attraction strategy

Ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting any traction? Unfortunately, when you constantly run after clients, you start to feel like you’re not getting much of a return on your time. At that point, you start to wonder if your client attraction strategy really works.

Acquiring new clients is a lot like dating. At first, the potential client pursues you a little bit, she does some research about your accounting services. She wonders about the benefits of working with your firm. Next, she schedules a discovery call. After the initial consult, she drops off of the face of the earth.

You’re now left alone, wondering what went wrong. Do you pursue her? Since you don’t want to appear like you’re chasing her, you question how to follow up.

Initially, this potential client was attracted to you. Once she didn’t get back to you, you switch to pursuit. In most cases pursuit requires a lot of energy for very little return. Pursuit is old school.

Pursuit vs. Attraction

There’s a more effective way to market your accounting services. Start to view marketing as an education. Create a client attraction strategy where potential clients want to find out more about your accounting services. No longer is marketing solely a client acquisition tool.

In both sales and marketing, you need to keep yourself in the “attraction” position. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Share on X

With this shift, you emphasize attraction instead of pursuit. Consider this – marketing is most effective when it’s consistent. Instead of bragging about your accounting services, you now educate them about what you do.

In both sales and marketing, you need to keep yourself in the “attraction” position. Some type of timeframe or deadline works best. When meeting with a potential client, always set up the next appointment before the initial consult meeting ends. An advanced move is to send them helpful materials (at reasonable intervals) prior to your next appointment together.

Think of it this way – pursuit generally comes off as desperate. No one wants to be chased. It’s a business turn-off. With a solid client attraction strategy, your ideal client remains connected.

Get the Marketing Formula Right

In marketing, 20% of what you do gets 80% of the results. While this statistic might sound extremely frustrating, it actually works in your favor over time. As you consistently fine-tune your client attraction strategy, it gets better and more efficient over time.

Unfortunately, marketing is not an exact science. As you create your marketing plan, start to track which tactics are most effective (Google Analytics and other metrics tools are great for this). Then, consistently adjust your tactics as you discover what attracts your potential clients. Ideally, you’ll figure out the two or three marketing activities which work for you, and cut the rest. No need to bother with the fluff when you know what the substance is.

Choose the two or three marketing activities that work for you, and cut the rest. No need to bother with the fluff when you know what gets results. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Share on X

Your client attraction strategy gives you permission to cut out those draining marketing activities – you know the ones I’m referring to. Not surprisingly, these typically have the lowest ROI. Once you focus your attention on the 20% of attraction techniques which work for you, you’ll be working more effectively. You’ll enjoy better results.

Do More with Less

Sales and marketing

As you attract new clients, you need to do more with less. Remember attraction is the key, not pursuit. If you feel like you’re chasing potential clients, then now’s the time to shift your focus. By gaining insight into what works, you eliminate the ineffective tasks.

Remember these attraction principles don’t end when someone expresses interest in your services. Your client attraction strategy consistently nurtures your followers and connections. As you consistently offer valuable information, potential clients go from interested to invested.

The client attraction path differs for each accounting firm. However, sales and marketing go hand in hand. An email nurture or drip campaign is one common approach. This sends your leads content based on their particular pain points. Or, you offer content with complimentary webinar invitations. There are plenty of client attraction tactics to experiment with. You’re only limited by your own imagination here.

Build a Lasting Relationship

As with most great relationships, you want to develop a solid foundation. Nurturing connections positions you as an expert and helps to build trust. This means you’re sales and marketing strategy is more likely to have success.

Commit to “communicating” with your audience instead of “selling” to them. Even in business, people desire meaningful connections. Focus on offering high value content instead of making the sale. Then you can guarantee your relationships with prospects will be more successful and your client attraction strategy will be effective.

Commit to “communicating” with your audience instead of “selling” to them. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Share on X

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