Couples in business together takes the concept of partnership to a whole new level.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Working with your spouse has ups and downs. It’s not for everyone. You’ll discover things about each other that you never knew. Full commitment to your partnership, in and out of work, leads to long lasting success.

My husband, Steve, and I have always worked side by side. We know how to navigate the good, the bad and the ugly so your marriage and your business thrive.

Power Couples: How They Succeed

Working with your spouse adds another level of complexity to your accounting practice. So will it enhance your marriage or add tension?

The reasons you decided to work together influences your outcome. Never, ever sacrifice your marriage for the sake of your accounting firm.

As a power couple, you grow together as your firm grows. Business coaching for couples in business together fixes that.

Here are a few of the key things our clients receive

Your Future

Working with your spouse is risky business, turning into a recipe for disaster. Let’s make sure you’re on the same page regarding what you want and how you define success.

Your Lifestyle

Work life balance rarely exists for couples in business together. Don’t sacrifice your marriage for the sake of your accounting firm. Follow proven strategies so your relationship deepens as your firm grows.

Optimize It All

Successful partnerships welcome growth, personally and professionally. Design an accounting firm which makes you money without burning out. You both deserve to enjoy the rewards of business ownership.

Your Work Styles

Do your work styles compliment or annoy one another? Working through these details leads to long lasting success, at work and at home.

Business coaching for couples in business together

Husband and wife business owners, by their very nature, are do-it-yourselfers. This is a gift in many ways. It also has the potential to challenge your relationship. When you’re out of sync tension rises, precious time gets wasted and your revenue suffers.

Business coaching for couples who own an accounting firm together has you grow along with your firm. As business owners you influence whether you thrive or barely make ends meet. We help you succeed.

Let’s face it, teaming up with the right business coach is an investment in yourself and your business. You’ll achieve greater success in less time, and with less stress, than when you attempt to go it alone.

Loren Fogelman, founder of Business Success Solution, and Steve Fogelman have always worked closely together. They’ve encountered some bumps along the way navigating the challenges of work / life partnership.

Working with your spouse has taken the term married to your work to a new level. As therapists, turned business coaches, Loren and Steve are uniquely qualified to help couples grow a thriving accounting firm together.

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