Desire to succeedClearly define what's underlying your desire to succeed.

98% of accounting firms never reach their goals. Often, it’s because they failed to clearly define what they want to achieve. So if you knew success was possible, then what fuels your burning desire to succeed?

Yes, successfully building your dream practice requires dedicated, consistent effort. Consider the process more of a marathon than a sprint. Any slacking, complacency or desire to coast simply delays your success.

Ever notice how you sometimes know what you want and then you avoid taking action? Well, success happens from the inside out. It’s a growth process.

Going down this path causes you to review your beliefs and values. Conflicting beliefs will block your progress. At those moments, a part of you attempts to move forward while another part digs your heels into the sand. Growth occurs as you work through those contradictory beliefs.

What you say and what you do offers clues about your destiny. Progress occurs when your words are strongly aligned with your actions.

Congruency between the two is powerful. Since other people subconsciously notice those things, you gain credibility. It’s very client attractive.

3 steps that influence your desire to succeed

Alignment. You want to walk your talk. Basically, say what you mean and do what you say. Otherwise a disconnect between the two occur, which affects your integrity. Your actions are more powerful than your words. Unless you’re a fantastic actor, your actions reveal your true intentions.

Attitude. Claim your intention and boldly choose your destiny. Become aware of the circumstances where you give your power away. You feel more empowered when you focus on what’s within your control. That’s when you’re in charge of your success. Take responsibility for your actions, even when mistakes or failure occurs. Making excuses and placing blame on others simply diminishes your credibility.

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Approach. What’s your response when doubt or obstacles arise? Even highly confident people sometimes question themselves. Growth occurs when you work through those things. Don’t let the inner critic diminish your purpose. Do some internal housekeeping to clear the clutter and strengthen your mindset.

How strong is your energy and enthusiasm to succeed?What’s fuels your desire?

So what drives your desire to succeed? Accounting professionals with a strong purpose adopt a “no-excuses” mindset. Doing so causes the excuses and blame to melt away. As you know, negativity drains your energy and diminishes your power.

Determine exactly what you want and how you want it. Then take initiative. Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission to succeed.

You probably won’t know how to achieve what you want. And, that’s okay. You’ve never done that before. Therefore, it makes sense that you won’t know all the necessary steps. Consider connecting with a business coach, mentor or supportive associate to guide you forward.

Owning a successful business is rarely the easiest route. The journey, though, is rewarding. You’ll grow because you stepped up to the challenge.

By the way, don’t veer off course when tough decisions arise. There are future clients currently searching for you. They need your solution!

Deeply connect to your vision and your purpose. Then do what’s necessary to get out of your own way. Remember to follow your desire; especially when others express doubt.

Consider this new perspective. Perceive other people’s doubt as a test to your commitment. When you’re fully committed, then the doubt simply bounces off. It doesn’t stick.

Determine exactly what you want and how you want it. Then take initiative. Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission to succeed. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Passion inspires greatness 

When I spend time with purpose-driven accounting professionals, I sense their energy and enthusiasm. It’s magnetic. Equally talented bookkeepers and accountants who lack passion and ambition pale in comparison. Have you noticed that, too?

As I mentioned, your language offers subtle clues. Accounting professionals with a burning desire to succeed speak in the first person. That’s when you assume responsibility for your actions.

This reveals where your focus lies. You intuitively focus on what’s within your control; it’s an internal focus.

Focus influences your desire to succeed

Which focus do you prefer?

External. It’s also called an external locus of control. Basically, factors outside of your control influence your thoughts and actions. Deadlines, other people’s opinions, objections and cash flow frequently affect your decisions.

As you describe your circumstances, you don’t speak in the first person. Instead, you emphasize other people, places and things. You’ll begin to notice lots of “you, they, them, it, him, her” in your language. And yes, other things do affect you, but those things are beyond your control. As a result, this places you at the mercy of those external forces.

Internal. This is known as an internal locus of control. As I mentioned before, things beyond your control do occur. However, you take charge by deciding how you want to respond. Believing you’re in charge of your destiny boosts your confidence. You talk about yourself saying “I, me or we.”

Rather than allowing someone else to determine your fate, you decide your next move. Even when you fail, take responsibility for your choice. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

You consistently search for the best available option. Rather than allowing someone else to determine your fate, you decide your best next move. Even when you fail, you accept responsibility for your choice.

As you can see, focus is a matter of perspective. Both types are important, but only one supports your desire to succeed.Success is messy. Desire to succeed

Obstacles that interfere with your desire to succeed

Be completely honest with yourself. Determine if your heart is aligned with your desire to succeed. Your purpose needs to be strong enough to keep you on course through the ups and downs. Are you truly ready to rise up to the challenge?

Some accounting professionals I’ve spoken to are fully committed to playing BIG. But, the obstacles they face causes their belief to falter. Doubt is like a cancer, slowly eating away at your vision.

What will you do to inoculate yourself against that poison? Giving it too much attention is like fueling the fire. However, without fuel the negativity gradually extinguishes itself. First, expose it for what it is. Then, do the work to release yourself from its grips.

If someone’s got to succeed, it may as well be you!

If someone’s got to succeed, it may as well be you! Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Influence your destiny

Embrace the qualities of success. Influence your destiny by emphasizing what’s within your control. You’ll experience a stronger sense of inner power, especially as your words and your actions start to align. Fully commit to your purpose.

Imagine the power of your actions reflecting your commitment. Like other successful accounting professionals, start to stretch beyond your comfort zone. That’s when you experience flow.

Connect to your vision and your purpose. How much more effort are you willing to give? Maybe it’s 10%, 20%, 25% or more. Whatever amount you decide is okay because small improvements lead to significant gains over the course of time.

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