If you’re an Accountant, Bookkeeper, Tax Preparer or Enrolled Agent and ready to fill your firm with quality clients, this is your chance to learn the…

5 Steps to Easily Enroll Premium Clients

without Negotiating Your Fees

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June 12th@4pm ET/1pm PT



June 12th@4pm ET/1pm PT









Why Should You Attend This FREE Online Masterclass?

Look, I know the challenges of the initial consult. Too often you end up with headache clients or realize you under-charged for your services.

Here’s what to expect from this masterclass:

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to Offer Advisory Services

June 12th@4pm ET/1pm PT

Discover How You Unknowingly Lower Your Value

Save yourself from meeting with people who want to pay low fees, but expect a lot. This removes the all-too-common headaches and frustrations.

3 Specific Questions which Engage Quality Clients

Remove the guesswork with a proven formula which has quality, high value clients ask how they can work with you.

The Proven Formula to Confidently Handle Objections

The keys to dealing with objections are counter-intuitive. It’s the missing piece to growing your dream accounting firm.

“This was powerful stuff – understanding how to sell your expertise in order to get paid for what your future work is truly worth. Loren provides a roadmap to learning how master these make or break conversations.“

Yvonne York

TWaldron & Company

About Your Host

Loren is a keynote speaker and an expert in pricing strategy and sales. She helps Accounting Professionals double their income while working half the time. HubSpot has consistently recognized her in its annual list of the world’s top 22 business coaches. Over the years, she has spoken to thousands of accounting professionals.

And she found out that many of them are struggling.
They work too many hours, often sacrificing personal and family time. And they get underpaid working for demanding clients.

So Loren created a formula to turn their cleanup nightmares into a highly profitable income stream and eliminate the headaches.

Get Ready to Win Quality Clients without Being Salesy

Loyal clients who aren’t price sensitive are a dream to work with.

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