Fear of Sales Keeps Your Business From Growing

fear of sales

Fear of sales affects your business growth.

Are you one of the entrepreneurs who don’t like to sell? Then you’re in good company. That’s because your clients don’t want to be sold. In fact, you probably have a specific experience where someone attempted to sell you something that you really didn’t want to purchase. If that’s the case, then it makes perfect sense that you may have a fear of sales. This fear, however, affects your growth.

You’re not the pushy type. Plus, you probably play down your expertise. At the same time, you desire new clients.

This causes a dilemma. How can you attract new clients when you don’t enjoy the sales part?

Know Your Fears

There’s nothing wrong with your desire to avoid any type of sales. In fact, embrace the fact that you don’t like sales.

There’s nothing wrong with your desire to avoid any type of sales. In fact, embrace the fact that you don’t like sales. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Fear of selling is pretty broad. So let’s take a moment to figure out exactly which part of sales you don’t like.

  1. Fear of rejection. It’s important that people like you. So when someone tells you no, it feels personal.

  2. The sales stereotype. You don’t want to feel pushy or “salesy.” Your self-perception rejects pressuring people. The thought of even asking for the sale is beyond your comfort zone.

  3. Personal experience. You’ve had personal experience with pushy salespeople and you don’t want people to think of you that way. Confrontation is not your style.

  4. You’re not assertive. The first sign of resistance causes you to back down.

  5. Lack a system. Since no one ever taught you how to sell, you lack a system or process that fits your style.

Fear of Selling

Ask yourself where else in your life you finally faced a fear.

Your fear of selling can stem from one, or a combination, of these reasons. There’s good news. You can learn how to sell without being pushy and learn to accept a “no” without taking it personally.

Solutions to Sales Fear

Ask yourself where else in your life you finally faced a fear. You realized that specific fear was holding you back. So you decided the time had come to resolve your fear. It took effort, but you persevered to bust through that belief. And now that fear no longer affects you.

Your sales fear can also be resolved. It’s simply a matter of realizing how your fear interferes with your desire to serve more people.

A connection exists between fear and confidence. My clients have discovered that confidence grows as you shed your limiting beliefs. You get to choose a new perspective that supports your desire to grow instead of maintaining one that limits your potential.

A connection exists between fear and confidence. Confidence grows as you shed your limiting beliefs. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

As you already know. anything new requires practice. Your conversations with potential clients will improve over time. If you don’t like the sales part, then a consultative sales technique is the solution. Basically, you ask great questions that focuses on the other person.

Your questions offer insight into the problem and the cost of remaining stuck. Because of this approach, potential clients naturally recognize your value – although the entire time you’re focused on them. If it’s a good fit, they’ll ask you how they can work with you.

fear of salesFollow these steps to turn your fear of sales into successful client conversations.

  1. Get curious. Some people will tell you no. Instead of stopping the conversation, get curious. Learn to ask questions that explore why they said no. Instead of shutting down as soon as you hear a “no” response, listen to their real, underlying concerns.

  2. Be client-centered. Take the time to understand their current needs. Then determine whether you can help them. Don’t ever make this about getting their money. Instead continue to focus on what’s possible once they solve their problem.

  3. Focus on discovery. Appreciate those pushy sales people. They gave you insight on how you don’t ever want to be. Instead ask specific questions that gain insight into the problem. You’ll gain trust simply by asking great questions that uncover their core concerns.

  4. Detach. People naturally want to postpone difficult decisions. Don’t focus on whether they say yes or no. Adopt the role of a trusted advisor. Expertly lead the potential client to make the best decision possible.

  5. Follow a system. Develop a series of questions that reveal a potential clients current problems. Then follow your system.

Overnight Miracles

Set aside time after the session to review your consultation. You’ll gain insights about how you lead a conversation and the places where you need more practice. Then use those insights to adjust your consultation process.

The best part about developing your conversational style is that it won’t feel like “selling.”

It’s possible to enroll new clients without feeling salesy by developing a conversational style that focuses on the client. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

It’s possible to enroll new clients without feeling salesy. Be realistic. Don’t expect overnight miracles. This is a learning process.

Yes, expect some mistakes along the way. However, you’ll improve with time, going from discomfort to comfort. Your business will grow because you took action – even though it was uncomfortable.

As a business coach I’ve helped entrepreneurs overcome their fear of selling. Client-centered consultations is the solution to enrolling new clients when you don’t like the sales part.

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