For many accounting professionals goals fail to deliver resultsThe truth about goals

From a very young age we’ve been trained to set goals. They are touted as the cornerstone to success. Well, if they’re so powerful, then how come so many people who have strong intentions and exert the effort discover that their goals fail to deliver results. Basically, goal setting does not work for most accounting professionals.

Goals are good, but they’re not the only way to achieve something. Yes, some firm owners rave about their plans. So if they motivate you, then continue using them.

Keep in mind, however, that goal setting possesses inherent flaws.

Goal setting does not work

Here’s why goal setting does not work for many accounting professionals.

  • There’s no flexibility. Either you’re failing or succeeding.
  • Goals are factual and bland.
  • This means you’re remaining within your comfort zone.
  • Externally driven. Someone else may be influencing your goals.
  • Measuring success by whether you hit your numbers means you’re focusing on something which is beyond your control.

Goal setting is boring. Momentum is lost, especially when challenges arise. This is why New Year’s Resolutions rarely stick.

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Enthusiasm dwindles

When you declare the milestones you plan to achieve, you’re fully convinced this time you’ll stick with your plan. Yes, you fully expect to follow through with your intentions.

As life settles down into it’s routine, your enthusiasm dwindles. Gradually you return to your daily habits. Too many resolutions completely fade within two weeks of the New Year.

The odds of success

Imagine what it would be like to maintain your momentum for the long run. Specific elements exist which will keep you inspired, even when it’s tough. These specific qualities increase your chances of successfully achieving what you originally set out to do. Outcomes improve as you shift your emphasis from external to internal factors.

Goals fail to deliver results when you over-emphasize external factors. So let’s stack the odds for success in your favor.

Start out by choosing something which is personally meaningful for you. Your desire to impact the entire world is fantastic.

For a moment, put that desire aside. Instead connect with the root power of your intention. Choose highly personal, specific reasons.

Don’t go macro by focusing on the really big motivator. Go micro to discover the fire that fuels your desire.

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Tap into your personal reason. That’s the first step. Do you become excited about the thought of accomplishing this action? If so, then you’re heading in the right direction.

Get uncomfortableThere's a reason why goal setting does not work.

When you think about this action, do you become slightly uncomfortable? The best intentions extend beyond a “sure thing”. Choose something which inspires you. Something that stretches beyond your current capabilities is optimal. You will grow because you stepped up to this challenge (not in spite of it).

A meaningful challenge keeps you engaged, and focused, on the end result. It’s a BIG challenge. So don’t expect to know all the steps. That may be out of your comfort zone. And that’s okay.

Not knowing all the steps means you’ve set your intention on something beyond a sure thing.  I wouldn’t expect you to know all the steps when you’re doing something new. All you need to do is focus on the step which is right before you now.

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