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6 guest expert interview tipsI’m a fan of telesummits. They literally changed my life. I found my first business coach while listening to her guest expert interview on a telesummit. Later, I joined her coaching program as I transitioned from my brick and mortar business to an online business.

Since then, I have hosted telesummits where I interviewed guest experts. On the flip side, I’ve appeared as a guest expert many, many times.

This past week included seven interviews with various telesummit hosts. So, what can you do to become a really hot, sizzling guest expert?

A quick response gets noticed

Check out these 6 sizzling tips that make you a sought after guest expert. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Share on X

Let me share some tips to get you started. You’ll show up as a pro. Since hosting a telesummit is complicated, you want to make things easy for the host. Quickly respond to emails and any communication from the summit host. She’s busy enough and doesn’t want to chase down guests for bios and head shots.

Here are 6 sizzling tips that make you a sought after guest expert. Prepare for your first guest expert interview with these things ready to go.

1. Guest packet. Take the time to create a branded guest packet. Your guest packet includes a bio that’s about one hundred words to one hundred fifty words. Contact info, title and description of your talk, suggested interview questions and link to free gift are part of your guest packet.

2. Head shot. Invest in a fantastic head shot. Don’t skimp with a selfie or a photo that your friend took with her phone. I’ve seen too many self portraits with bad lighting. They appear amateurish.

A well done professional head shot hints about your personality. As a result, you’re seen as an expert. This matters because your image is placed on the sign up page along with the other guest experts. A good-looking image may be the deciding factor as to whether listeners tune into your interview, or not.

3. Free gift. In return for your time, summit hosts invite you to make an offer at the end of your interview. Your free book or free gift serves two functions. First, it’s an opportunity for listeners to learn more about you. Next, it’s a great way to grow your email list. By the way, don’t quickly slop something together at the last minute. Consider offering a free resource that compliments your interview.

Include the head shot, bio and free gift link in your guest packet.

4. Clothing. If it’s a video, consider what you want to wear. If it’s audio only, then clothing is optional.

Wear solid colors for video or in-person interviews. Loud patterns and bold prints will steal attention away from your face. Therefore, solid colors work best for video interviews. White and black affect light balance so it’s better to avoid those colors.

5. Smile. Whether you’re doing a video or a telephone interview, you’ll want to smile. Smiling lifts your mood and elevates your voice. By the way, this applies to phone and video interviews.

6. Compliment the host. Although you’re the expert guest, you want to make the host look good.

Here’s an advanced move. Start off the interview by offering a compliment. Say something which genuinely highlights the host and the summit. What is it that you can do to make the summit host shine? She’ll deeply appreciate your kind words.

Bonus tip. Phone. Our phones are always close at hand. Ever listen to an interview and the guests phone rang? Either turn off the ringer or put your phone on airplane mode during interviews. And, disable the call waiting during phone interviews.

This wraps up the hot tips to make you a fantastic guest expert. By following these steps, hosts will invite you over and over again for interviews. By the way, which action will you do first?

Check out these expert tips so hosts will invite you over and over again for interviews. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Share on X

Your name will be passed forward

Consider this, summit hosts talk to one another. By making things easy for the host, your name will get out there. Word will spread.

Remember, you’re only one of twenty or more guest experts. The host will be delighted to have your guest packet arrive before the deadline.

With a guest expert interview, you educate clients about how you solve their problems. It’s an ideal way to communicate your value. Claim your FREE RESOURCE today to attract high value clients and grow your bank account.