Business Success and Failure

How much of your business success and failure lies within your control?Success comes easier for some than for others. Some people open their doors and business rushes to them. Or, at least it appears that way. We’re going to explore how business success and failure work hand in hand.

You may wonder what those thriving firm owners are doing differently than you. This can trigger a string of critical thoughts about your current reality. Be careful because negative self talk will sabotage your decision making.

Criticism is a dead end

Criticism about yourself, frustration with things beyond your control and even a dose of envy may flicker across your stream of consciousness. I encourage you to let them pass. Even if you’ve always been highly critical of yourself, you can learn this skill.

High achievers desire immediate feedback. There’s a burning need to make a difference.  Emphasizing all that’s wrong with your business keeps you stuck in the problem. Let’s face it, beating up on yourself is a poor strategy.

Magnifying the downside only works against you by keeping you stuck in the problem. Here's how to fix that. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

High achievers who are self critical do themselves a disservice. Magnifying the downside only works against you by keeping you stuck in the problem. The solution is impossible when you’re dwelling on all that’s wrong. Highly successful firm owners realize business success and failure go hand in hand.

The silver lining between business success and failure

Success is born from struggle. Instead of emphasizing all that’s wrong, take a new approach. Discover the achievements which are hidden within. Even the darkest clouds have a silver lining.

Success is born from struggle. Even the darkest clouds have a silver lining. Read how to turn it around. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Here’s how to turn things around:

  • Awareness. Nothing changes when you’re not aware of your behavior. How much time are you actually spending on failure instead of success? It’s alarming to realize the amount of energy consumed by doubt, fear or failure. Go ahead and admit mistakes were made.
  • Attention shifting. Identify the core problem of what went wrong without judging and criticizing. Then choose to shift your attention to the possibilities. Follow this new perspective when you witness another accounting professional’s success. Realize they are showing you what’s possible. Take the stance that if they can do it, then I can do it too.
  • Adapt: Identify one action from their form’s success which you can model and then adapt. Adaptation to your style is vitally important. Determine how to put something into play which fits your style.
  • Agenda. Put your action plan on your calendar. If it’s not on your calendar, then it’s an intention rather than an action.
  • Action. Insights are gained because you took action. Progress fails to occur when you’re standing still.

Business success is messyWhat's your experience with business success and failure?

Success is messy for most accounting professionals. It’s a matter of trial and error. Even if you are following a blueprint, variables will influence the final outcome.

Most of the breakthroughs which I’ve experienced came on the heels of a breakdown. Business success and failure are intertwined. Many times I’ve tried something, expecting a specific result, which didn’t happen. Yes, it’s disappointing when time, energy and resources are invested and things don’t go as planned.

You’re response when this happens is crucial. Dwelling solely on all that went wrong isn’t the best strategy. Don’t retreat or take too long before getting back in the game. After the initial setback, review what worked and what didn’t. Then do your best to maintain momentum instead of remaining stuck.

Success is tucked into failure

Success is tucked into failure. During your review highlight the successes. They deserve recognition. You’ll want to also pinpoint which steps didn’t go as planned to determine the best corrective action for next time around.

Insights happen because of failure, not in spite of it. Failures have shifted my entire business model in ways I never would have imagined. Things don’t always go as planned. So don’t be surprised when your great idea is a flop. Unraveling what went wrong isn’t fun. However, business success and failure is a necessary part of the growth process.

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