Know it all

know it allEver get into a conversation with a know it all? No matter what, this person smartly responds to each comment with a tutorial. Individuals, like this, are the un-coachable accounting firm owners.

What we know about her, although she may not realize this about herself, is that constantly offering instruction blocks her from further learning. The desire for perfection reduces her potential. Since others perceive her as unapproachable and arrogant, this limits her impact and influence.

Humble, not arrogant

Removing the mask of knowing it all opens the door to further learning opportunities. If you’ve had the privilege of spending time with a true master, you realize she is a humble person. Rather than remind everyone of her greatness, her grounded presence speaks for itself.

If you’ve had the privilege of spending time with a true master, you realize they are typically humble people. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Psychology 101 teaches a basic concept regarding self-awareness called The Johari Window. We possess four quadrants.

1. Open. What you know about me and what I know about me. This information is easily available to everyone. Maybe it’s hair color, gender and height. Or, it could be what you find out about me when you search my name on Google. As we talk to one another, more comes out in the open through dialogue.
2. Hidden. It’s what I know about myself which you don’t know. My hidden desires, my dreams and my memories live in this quadrant. As I share these personal things with you, they’re no longer hidden. They then move into the open category.
3. Blind. This focuses on what you know about me which I don’t know. Your personal opinion about me. Or, how I tap my foot when I’m anxious. As we get to know each other better, you may reveal some of your thoughts and observations with me. Once I receive your feedback, that information transfers into the open category.
4. Unknown. The things in this category are unknown to me and unknown to you. My subconscious thoughts and forgotten memories live here. As our relationship grows, some of these hidden pieces of information may rise to the surface and move into one of the other categories. When I pursue challenges which stretch me, I often discover something about myself which had remained unknown until that moment.

The open category expands as I share about myself, receive feedback from others and gain insight. This contributes to increased self-awareness.

Release the know it all burden

Growth occurs in a variety of ways. I no longer possess the desire to know it all. In fact, I really don’t want to know everything. That’s a huge burden to bear.

Instead, I learn from everyone. And often, the people who I believe are more unlikely to teach me something turn out to be my best teachers. Is this true for you, too?

Professors and mentors are your obvious teachers. Traditional classroom learning, however, only takes you so far. Experiential learning makes a greater impact.

Desire for control

Like many accounting firm owners, I prefer to be in control. When I was younger, I didn’t realize my desire for control limited me, sometimes it created unnecessary tension or kept people at a distance. I decided to work on this part of me; the work is ongoing.

I love learning. And, my mind’s open to possibilities and opportunities which were previously hidden from me.

Now, I could claim I did this all on my own. But, it’s simply not true. My continuous work with a business coach, and participation in mastermind groups, significantly contributes to my transformation.

Success happens from the inside out. Read the full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Success happens from the inside out. I grow along with my business. It’s the only way I can sustain a high level of success. The combination of private coaching and participation in a mastermind group accelerate my growth process.

know it allUnexpected teachers

As I mentioned, some of my most insightful lessons appear when I least expect them. My children taught me about control, letting go and allowing people to choose their own path. Either I could insist things be done my way, and risk damaging our relationship because I had to be right, or I could consider their perspective.

Well, I chose to remain open rather than risk long-term damage to our relationship. As a result, we discussed personal responsibility for the choices we make. And how those choices affect us personally, professionally and physically.

As you can imagine, mistakes occurred as we navigated through our children’s teen years. Those failures offered insight about how to get a better result the next time around. As they got older, my role shifted to guidance, continual love although I didn’t always like their choices, and realization about the high cost to being right all the time.

Who has been your teacher and impacted your life in an unexpected way? What new insights did you gain?

Choose a milestone which stretches beyond your current capabilities.

Who has been your teacher and impacted your life in an unexpected way? Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Consider how to achieve that milestone without adding anything additional onto your plate.

1. What strategic actions would tip the odds of having your dream accounting firm in your favor?
2. Determine what prevents you from achieving that milestone. Is it a thought, person, place or activity?
3. Why is this important to you?
4. Get support. What type of support do you need? Is it assistance with some tasks, a strategic plan, or an accountability partner?

Challenge yourself to approach things differently than you originally thought possible. Remember, teachers appear in many forms. The unexpected ones give you insights which you couldn’t possibly anticipate.

The unknown factors

know it all

Be honest about how much you like being in control. If you’re unsure, then ask someone you trust. We all get in our own way.

Fears, limiting beliefs and our ego, put the brakes on our potential. Of course, those things typically remain unknown.

Where do you stop yourself?

1. Identify one place where you’ve remained in your comfort zone and the impact to your accounting firm.
2. Write down the reason why you postpone taking action.
3. If you decide to challenge yourself, what milestone will you set for yourself?
4. Set a date with destiny. Calendar the time to get this done.
5. Identify who you need on your team to support your efforts.
6. What needs to be shed from your business? It could be a person, place or activity.
7. List two to three action steps you need to take.

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Highly successful accounting professionals consistently seek a better way. Their commitment to strategic growth is greater than their need to know it all. In fact, they surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are.

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