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Stories shape our reality. We love a good story which inspires us. Those are the ones which motivate us to pursue our ideal business. Then there’s the dark side. Those dreaded stories which keep us stuck, fearful of dire consequences. If you’re an entrepreneur who continually struggles with money matters, then money blocks are interfering with your success.

Don’t be quick to judge whether those beliefs which form your story are good or bad. There’s a better question you want to consider: What purpose does it serve? You created those stories, and limiting beliefs, for a reason. I fully believe they serve a purpose.

Powerful beliefs

Beliefs tie thoughts and emotions together. We create meaning around experiences which have an emotional impact. This means that beliefs are influenced by events and environment.

Overall, people, places and events impact our reality. I’ve coached accounting professionals, over the years, whose entire life was influenced by one particular event or comment. The most alarming part is that the other person who impacted those individuals didn’t remember anything about their actions.

Eventually your money story goes underground, becoming sub-conscious. You might not consciously be aware of the story any longer, but it continues to guide the decisions you make for your accounting firm.

money storyConsider the last time money stress or worth affected your decision. Possibly you thought you couldn’t do something because there was not enough money or resisted charging more because you didn’t think potential clients would pay the new rate.

Was there a different time when you believed you would find the money to do something which would advance your firm or you did raise your fees? What was different about the time you did those things and the moments when you didn’t follow through?

Evaluate your money story

Those old beliefs may continue to work for you so then hold onto them. Your old stories about money served a purpose. They helped you make sense out of your world. That was then.

This is now. Resistance, frustration, sabotage and struggle are signs that those old beliefs are outdated. Are you nodding your head in agreement? Then you recognize something’s out of alignment.

Since you created your story, it’s possible to do a rewrite. Go ahead and update your money story to one which is better suited for who you are today and where you are heading.  The circumstances in your life have shifted since you originally created those beliefs. Don’t allow old outdated beliefs to influence your current reality. Remember, you’re in charge of your destiny.

Don't judge your success solely by a number. This emphasizes something beyond your control. It’s an illusion to believe you control outcomes. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Remove the money blocks

5 steps to transform money blocks into money flow:

  1. Origin. What’s your old story regarding money, wealth, deserving or becoming rich? Where did this story come from? Did you inherit the story from someone else? Then adopted their money beliefs as your truth. Decide if those beliefs are still working for you.
  2. Alternative. The money blocks you struggle with are based upon your reality. Your story isn’t based upon fact. Think about someone you know who possesses a different story about money. Consider their reality and how it differs from yours.
  3. Letting go. Which beliefs block money and cash flow? Open your mind to the possibility that you can replace those beliefs with new ones which are better suited for who you are today. If you didn’t possess those beliefs any longer, what would change?
  4. Change. Change is difficult so is it worth the effort? A part of you is excited about the possibility of rewriting your money story. Another part of you resists change. You may be surrounded by people who are comfortable and don’t see any reason to change. Your decision influences your future. Are you prepared to challenge the status quo? Or is it more important to keep the peace? Ask yourself what’s the downside to change.
  5. Update. The best way to remove money blocks is to rewrite your story. Acknowledge that your old beliefs regarding money served a purpose. Now it’s time to update your story to one which is suited to your current reality (and the future you’re seeking). I encourage you to suspend judgment. Without censor allow the possibilities to flow throughout your new story.

Expectations can lead to disappointment

How have money blocks interfered with your success?Here’s a tip which I share with accounting professionals who are working closely with me. Focus on the intention instead of the expectation. What I mean is we often judge our success by whether we achieve something specific. This expectation may be a money goal, specific number of clients in your program or some other metric.

Judging success solely by a metric emphasizes something beyond your control. It’s an illusion to believe you control outcomes.

Empower yourself

So what’s within your control? Intention. This is where you’re in charge. Your actions and your attitude influence your outcome. A clear intention helps map out your success plan. Since success is messy, this approach is more forgiving with mistakes and unforeseen circumstances.

Some stories are easier to rewrite than others. It depends on how deeply rooted they are and if you’re even aware of their existence. Get real with yourself about whether you’re ready to address your money blocks. Your decision will influence your outcome.

Your inner work affects your outer work. Your beliefs, your story, will either set you up for success or keep you stuck in the struggle. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Freedom from money blocks

Rewriting your story gets easier as you move up the success path. As a business coach, I know mindset, strategy and action steps go hand in hand. Your inner work affects your outer work.

Your beliefs, your story, will either set you up for success or keep you stuck in the struggle. It’s possible to discard your money blocks without compromising yourself. Once you experience how to easily remove the resistance to your success, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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