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August 14th @1 pm PT/4 pm ET

August 14th @1 pm PT/4 pm ET









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You want to earn more without working additional hours. But, you wonder how. Join us to get your questions answered.

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August 14th @1 pm PT/4 pm ET

The #1 pricing solution which doubles your income

How to get out of the time for money trap. The most common price strategies limit your income and reduce your quality of life.

3 critical elements to quickly boost your profits

Quality clients don’t want to buy your time. They’re seeking solutions. Know the 3 criteria which emphasize value instead of time.

The 5 step blueprint to earn more with each client

Are you tired of working with price-sensitive clients who don’t appreciate you? Discover how to solve this.

“Loren’s approach to value pricing was priceless and I appreciate her generosity of value she delivered on today’s presentation.“

Celia Powell, CPA

About Your Host

Loren is a keynote speaker and an expert in pricing strategy and sales. She helps Accounting Professionals double their income while working half the time. HubSpot has consistently recognized her in its annual list of the world’s top 22 business coaches. Over the years, she has spoken to thousands of accounting professionals.

And she found out that many of them are struggling.
They work too many hours, often sacrificing personal and family time. And they get underpaid working for demanding clients.

So Loren created a formula to turn their cleanup nightmares into a highly profitable income stream and eliminate the headaches.

Earn 2-3x’s More for Your Services

Loyal clients who aren’t price sensitive are a dream to work with.

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