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ATTENTION: ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS who want to increase their income.
As you read this letter, you’ll discover…

Check out this 1-minute video and find out how I can help you double your income while working half the time

Starts May 31st and till June 28th 2022

From the Desk of: Loren Fogelman
Location: California

What you’re about to read in the next 10 minutes will totally change the way you charge for your accounting, tax and bookeeping services.

Over the years, I have worked with countless accounting professionals, and I’ve discovered there is a big problem they’re facing right now.

Actually, three BIG problems


They’ve hit an income ceiling. They’re maxed out on hours and stress. But they’re nowhere near the income they want to make.


They undercharge their clients. They want to raise their rates but are afraid of losing clients. They worry that their clients might experience a sticker shock if they do.


Their rates attract price-sensitive clients who don’t value or respect their work. Additionally, they ask for ‘favors’ without expecting to pay for additional services.

I know this might sound familiar to you.

And you’re not alone.

In fact…

A few years ago, I often missed dinner.

Rather than attend my kid’s sporting events
I caught up on work.

Yes, it’s painful to admit but I was always missing out on family activities.

You see…

I was a therapist back then who billed by the hour…

…charging the classic “what the market
will bear” rates.

I worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even slaved into the evening seeing clients (many times).

On weekends, I did paperwork to catch up with insurance billing and back-office needs.

As a result, my family paid the price for all the hours I devoted to my agency.

My situation was agonizing and exhausting.

So I started to look for a way to get my time back (yet still earn the amount of money I needed and wanted).

A way that didn’t involve having to sacrifice family time – my personal life.

It didn’t come easy.

I put a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort into the search since I had no clue how to charge higher fees without working longer hours…

Or how to price my services or consistently
attract new clients.

I knew there was a solution.
I had to find a way out of this trap.

So I invested hundreds of hours and spent around $100,000 on coaching programs.

I went to plenty of programs and worked closely with some of the top coaches in the industry.

Some didn’t work…

Some did work for a short period…

Some were too expensive…

Some were a total ripoff…

And some made me who I am today.

It was all worth it because I finally
cracked the code.

I discovered a formula that allowed me to charge premium fees while working way fewer hours.

Not only did it save my business and bring my personal life back…

It also helped many of my business owner clients escape the “dollars for hours” treadmill…

Meet Reanna Ritter, a bookkeeper who was able to cut back to 3 work days per week and enjoy watching her revenue increase…

Increased minimum monthly fees 4x's

The first three years in business I found myself working too many hours and struggling financially. The hours I worked weren’t reflected in my bank balance

I wasted a lot of energy being scared about increasing my fees. I thought I’d lose clients or they’d feel I was greedy. Once I followed the Formula, it worked beautifully. I raised my fees and didn’t lose any clients.

I now choose who works with me, have cut back to 3 days per week and watched my revenues increase.

Reanna Ritter
Ritter Accounting & Consulting

Devon Anderson, who increased her rates nearly five-fold working fewer hours, which means she gets to spend more time with her family…

I'm making more money working fewer hours

My clients now pay me thousands of dollars for expertise and work product I was giving away for free before.

I have increased my rates nearly five-fold; I have eliminated my least profitable and high-maintenance clients so I can focus on those who truly value my services; and I’m now making more money working fewer hours.

And of course, that means I get to spend more time with my family.

Devon Thurtle Anderson

Susan Tinel, an accountant who followed the Formula, eliminated her limiting beliefs and took back her time
(and now, regularly plays golf)…

No longer give my services away for free!

From 72 hour weeks to 32 hour weeks during tax season. Last tax season I worked 12 hour days / 7 days per week.

This tax season, I’m working 6-8 hour days / 4 days per week. Friday’s, I go out and play golf.

Susan Tinel
April 15 Taxes

Starts May 31st and till June 28th 2022

Let me ask you this question…

How about you?

Do you miss out on family time because of work?

…maybe there’s scope creep and you end up working until the weekends yet barely make
enough money?

And you can’t do anything about it because your income is tied to your time.

You’ve already thought of increasing your rates, but unsure how to communicate it to your clients.

Or you shrugged the thought off because they
might say “NO.”

Or you worry that someone may accuse you of overcharging…

But you’re maxed out on hours and stress yet nowhere near your income goals; and worst of all,
you have already hit the wall.

I’ll lend you a hand and help turn things around.


It all comes down to VALUE PRICING.

It’s way different from Hourly Billing or Fixed Pricing…

So what is value pricing?

According to Investopedia, value pricing is a strategy of setting prices primarily based on a consumer’s perceived value of a product or service.

So what is the advantage of pricing based on value instead of hourly and fixed pricing?

You can charge higher prices
for your services.

A lot of accounting professionals charge based on
time and costs.

Which are composed of time sheets, operations, fixed costs, and cash needed to operate your business.

But with value pricing, you’re a consultant instead of a technician.

You help your clients solve their most pressing problems.

If you think about it, problem-solvers are the
highest-paid people on Earth.

A US Department of Labor database found out that companies place high importance on “making decisions and solving problems.”

If you look back, you can also see that problem-solvers earned the most money.

Think about Henry Ford; his mission was to build a simple, strong, reliable, affordable car for the masses.

He solved a huge problem and was happily
compensated for it.

He was worth $33.6 billion before he passed away.

One important thing you want to get from
this letter is this:

Your clients care more about what you know than what
you do.

Through the years, you have invested time and effort into work, training, and educating yourself to solve your clients problems.

You have gained wisdom and insights that benefit your clients – and help them grow.

But from what I see, most accounting professionals freely give away their knowledge as if it has no value.

And that’s also what keeps them from raising their fees.

But I don’t blame them.

I know they want to improve their situation, they’re just unsure how to go about it…

Or they already know what they should do, but remain hesitant because either they don’t know how to do it…

Or maybe they’re held back by these
3 Limiting Beliefs.

These beliefs, which society treats as being the norm, keep most accounting professionals underpaid, do additional work without compensation, and burned out.

If it weren’t for my mentors and a number of people who’ve helped me along the way…

I would have remained a slave in my business and (unintentionally) neglectful of my kid and husband.

That’s why, in this letter, we’ll debunk these limiting beliefs one by one.

And we’ll start with…

Starts May 31st and till June 28th 2022

The first 10 to enroll into the course get a BONUS Raise Your Rates private coaching session (valued at $500)

Limiting Belief #1:

Your Current Clients are Price Sensitive

You want to increase your rates but are scared to lose clients.
Well of course, it takes guts to do this, for sure.
And it’s possible that some clients might say no.

Yet Susan, who used to charge an hourly rate for cleanup projects, steeled herself…

…and attempted to charge a higher price when her current client said he wanted her to do the general ledger from January 2019 – September 2019.

She thought, “OK, I’ll charge $1,500.”

But I advised her, “You need to charge way higher than that, because the project needs your knowledge and time.”

So Susan Charged $8,000, And To Her Surprise, Her Current Client Didn’t Even Flinch And PAID HER UPFRONT!

It was a turning point for her.

She realized that her current client already knew the value she could bring to the table because of their current working relationship.

This meant there was no more guesswork as to whether she was worth the investment, since she had already proved it to him.

So if you just stand your ground like Susan…

You might also be able to charge $8,000 instead of $1,500 on a 5-hour cleanup project (that’s a whopping $6,500 difference!).

She Raised Her Fees And Didn’t Lose Any Clients

You see…

Your current clients will stay because they’re satisfied with your work; the increase will make sense to them.

They’re with you because it’s good for
their business.

And they know you can deliver more in the future – they’ll understand you’re worth it, and they’ll gladly
pay the extra amount.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

How EXACTLY do you do that? What do you say? How do you approach these clients?

It’ll all be revealed in a few minutes.

But for now, let’s move on to…

Limiting Belief #2:

An Hourly Rate is the ONLY Way to do Business (or get clients)

You grew up knowing that charging by the hour is the “only” way to do business and get clients.

It’s the norm.

And you probably accepted that and did the same since that’s what your peers do.

Perhaps you also know for a fact that it’s stressful, and the value of your work isn’t reflected in your bank account.

Luckily, Jen knew early on that hourly rates equate to leaving a lot of money on the table.

But she struggled to implement value pricing – she didn’t know what to say or how to take the first step.

Once she met me, she gained clarity – and followed the system.

Now, she can confidently discuss her rates and effectively communicate what her clients’ results will be if they hire her..

Jen is fulfilled knowing that …

She Runs Her Accounting Business,
Not The Other Way Around.

But I also understand that some accounting professionals are like Laine…

…who wasted a lot of time tracking her hours worked…

…doing more work than what she and her client initially spoke about (heaps of work she wasn’t
compensated for!)…

…and chasing money.

But deep inside, she knew what she wanted – rates reflecting her value and allowing her to get her time back – she just didn’t know how to transition and clear the clutter from her mind.

She wholeheartedly admitted that her main obstacle was her own belief and fear.

The Imposter Syndrome paralyzed her.

Laine thought that if she increased her rate, she would always need to justify every tiny detail of the work to her clients (rather than them automatically perceiving the value she could bring to the table).

So Laine saw value-pricing as a scary change.

Yet her clients proved her wrong…

When She Tried for the First Time To Verbalize Her Worth, Her Clients Happily Accepted It.

Limiting Belief #3:

You’re Overpricing When You Charge Higher Than Your Competitors

“What’s your hourly rate?”

Most of your clients ask this right away.

So it’s understandable that your mind is trained to remain price competitive, or else you would lose clients to someone who charges less.

That’s why Karyn tolerated working 7 days a week, overworked but underpaid.

She felt she didn’t have a choice.

Even though she wanted to charge more, Karyn was afraid of overpricing.

But after seeking my help…

Karyn banished her fear, gained confidence, and realized she was underpricing her clients.

So even though there were financial considerations and time constraints – she jumped anyway!

As A result, she enjoys balance in her work and life.

Now, She Only Works With High-Value Clients, 5 Days A Week, Usually 8 Hours A Day.

She’s no longer an employee in her business.

The most exciting part? Karyn was able to buy
her dream home :)

And then there’s Bill, a bookkeeper who suffered
from a mental block…

…thinking he didn’t deserve a massive sum of money, even though he was burned out.

Until he attended a webinar where I was a speaker.

Bill’s mental block was removed the moment he heard me say, “Earn more money while working less  time.”

He sought my help and discovered that clients didn’t care what he was doing as long as they got what they needed.

Since then,

He Started To Focus On His Expertise And The Outcome He Can Bring to His Clients.

It’s what differentiated Bill from the competition (all still lost in the sea of sameness).

He now earns exponentially more money, and loves his work more than ever.

You see…

Charging fees that reflect your value require courage (not confidence). And, by following a proven system it’s easier than your realize.

Let me just be clear…

None of my clients did anything groundbreaking.

They didn’t invent a new system or process.


And based on literally tons of clients’ success stories, what we’ve found is that…

It’s NOT their years of experience as accounting professionals, or how many hours they put in, or how fast they work…

Instead, they’re simply applying a 500-year-old success secret which is…

To Challenge Their Limiting Beliefs and Raise Their Fees

When you follow the Formula, you won’t have to doubt yourself ever again, or haggle over the final invoice.

And my Formula is the first of its kind that focuses on…


Increase your profitability without additional time spent working.

We do this by clarifying exactly how you help your clients achieve results. You hone in on the right words which communicate your value. As a result, this influences your marketing materials, the words on your website, what you say at networking events and during public speaking engagements.


Your prices reflect the value you provide and the results they achieve.

Your clients are interested in results, not the processes or the software you use. When you focus on the results you achieve for your clients, and how your work helps them to reach their goals, your work becomes much more valuable. Imagine new high-value clients calling you, happy to pay your fees, and excited to get started.


Teaches you how to own your expertise – without bragging.

You no longer feel like a fake
or a fraud. As a sports-psychologist-turned-price-and-profit-coach, I know how mindset influences everything. We’ll roll up our sleeves to give you the breakthrough you deserve. That means you can finally stop playing small and build your firm your way.

Stopped invoicing clients and quadrupled my revenue

My rates no longer reflected my value. So, legacy clients continued to pay their original rates. And, I worried about sending clients too high of an invoice.

I wanted to raise my rates, but chickened out because I didn’t know how to do that.

But then Loren helped me put together packages. I quintupled my rates and my clients went for it. Plus, I got an upfront fee which I have in the bank right now.

It’s only been two months since following the Raise Your Rates Formula and I’ve already increased annual revenue by $40,000.

Andrea Anthony
Changing Tides CPA

Starts May 31st and till June 28th 2022

Jen Fery, Lumos Accounting

Converted 100% of her current clients to her new rates

I’ve been in business for just one year. However, I knew the challenges and pitfalls of pricing and needed guidance. I needed someone to hold me accountable as I transitioned to value pricing.

With new clients, I now price myself based on the value I plan to deliver. And have the confidence to discuss out-of-scope projects and the costs. I easily recovered the financial investment made to work with Loren.


Overcoming limiting beliefs and gaining absolute confidence…

Having the luxury to cherry-pick premium clients who are eager to work with you…

Finding just the right balance between work, income, and family time.

And finally live the lifestyle you deserve.

So do you want to learn the fastest, most effective way to increase your income without working additional hours?

Let’s build your system together through the

Raise Your Rates Formula

A high-touch group coaching experience for accounting professionals where we work together for 5 weeks to implement your pricing systems.
That way you can finally raise your prices and increase your income without taking on additional work.

This is perfect for…

Accountants • Bookkeepers • CPAs • Enrolled Agents • Tax Professionals

Any accounting professional who is tired of sacrificing their personal life for their accounting firm.

Free yourself from the dollars per hour trap and learn how to present your services in a way that makes working with you a no-brainer
– with price no longer an issue.

FIRE the “nightmare clients” that drain the life out of you. Learn how to cherry-pick high-value clients instead.

Feel 100% confident in your value, so you
stop worrying about charging too much or that clients will leave if you raise your prices.

You attract high-value, long-term clients focused on RESULTS, rather than nickel-and-diming your every move.

Your high-value clients are happy to pay you in advance. No more invoicing and waiting to get paid. NO more chasing money or having to negotiate for the final invoice.

Double (or even triple) your income while working LESS. Create An Accounting Firm That Delivers The Income & Life You CraveWithout High Pressure or 60 Hour Workweeks!

And if you hurry, you’ll be one of the first 10 to enroll into the course and receive a BONUS Raise Your Rates private coaching session (valued at $500).

I’ll hold you by the hand as you master the Raise Your Rates Formula

Starts May 31st and till June 28th 2022

Week 1: Meet Clients Who’ll Pay
Your Premium Fees Every Single Time

Identify Your High-Value Clients

In this module you discover how to position your service as the ultimate solution for your clients, so you’re viewed as an advisor, command premium fees, and eliminate 95% of your competition.

In this module, you

  • ^Understand the #1 reason why prospects continuously lowball you (and how to fix that)
  • ^Learn the easiest way to meet clients who’ll gladly pay your premium fees and respect your time
  • ^Discover your superpower and how to use it to eliminate 95% of your competition

Week 2: 

Clearly Illustrate the Results Clients Receive to Increase Your Value

Create Your Process

In this module, you discover your unique step-by-step approach to providing extraordinary value, including critical nuances, so premium clients will eagerly invest in your services.

In this module, you discover the

  • ^Roadmap to position your services as an investment rather than an expense
  • ^PSPS Model to increase the lifetime value of a client and dramatically improve your clients’ success rate
  • ^The secret to fast track your firm's growth (without additional time spent working)

Week 3: Unchain Yourself from Charging by the Hour

Create Your Packages

In this module, you’ll discover the solution to finally break away from an hourly rate. Doing this makes your life easier and frees you from all the chaos – while still fulfilling your clients’ true wants, needs, and expectations.

You learn:

  • ^How to offer solutions that eliminate scope creep.
  • ^The 3 unexpected options which turn prospects into new clients (this is easier and more profitable than increasing your hourly rate)
  • ^How to finally get paid for work you currently give away for free

Week 4: Increase Your Profits Without Guilt

Connect With Your Value

In this module, you discover the truth about value pricing which you were not taught in school. This solution liberates you from the dollars per hour trap. Here’s your opportunity to remove the inner blocks which stop you from raising your rates.

In this module, you discover

  • ^Why the hourly rate is disastrous for you and your clients (and leaves money on the table)
  • ^The 7 negotiation mistakes which cost you a fortune (and how to stop giving it all away)
  • ^How to clear your brain clutter so you can confidently charge premium fees (and avoid lowering your rates)

Week 5: Raise Your Rates

Create Your Premium Pricing

In this module, you separate your fees from your time, to earn 2 to 3X more for your current services. You no longer need to track time (unless you want to) and invoicing clients becomes a thing of the past. It’s now time to confidently raise your rates and earn fees which reflect your value.

You learn:

  • ^How to regain the hours spent tracking time, invoicing clients and dealing with late-paying clients
  • ^How to eliminate conversations with clients who question your invoice, want to negotiate your rates or are slow to pay your invoice
  • ^How to grow your bank account without being a slave to your business

Take action now and get a $500 Raise Your Rates private coaching session as a bonus. This is available ONLY for the first 10 who enroll into the course.

Justin Botillier

Calyx CPA

Get ready to double your income
(and work less), like Justin:

Doubled my net income

After the tax season, my business had stalled.
I was putting in long hours without any additional
profit. Loren changed all that for me.

I am happy to say that I doubled my net income… Currently, my business is unrecognizable compared
to what it was before Loren’s coaching. My team has grown, I only work with ideal clients and now
I’m a recognized expert in my specialty.

See How My Mentees Are Experiencing Success With The Raise Your Rates Formula…


Starts May 31st and till June 28th 2022

I know that even with this amazing training…

You may still have some lingering doubts.
It can feel scary to raise your rates when you’re not sure how your clients will respond,
and your livelihood is at stake.

So I’ve added a few extras to give you all the tools you need to succeed

When you join The Raise Your Rates Formula you’ll also receive…

BONUS #1 –
Confidently Handle Pricing Objections Formula

Never feel stuck, uncomfortable or lose sales because you didn’t know what to say! This “must-have” guide will keep you on track from start to finish. Learn the easiest way to remain focused when discussing price.

(Value $1500)

BONUS #2 –
Value Conversation Script

If you don’t like the sales part, then this “done-for-you” script gives you the exact questions to ask potential clients during your consultations

(Value $1200)

BONUS #3 –
Transition Your Current Clients Checklist

Have you delayed raising your rates because you’re afraid of current clients leaving? Now that you have your new premium pricing, let’s get your current clients up to your new rates. This checklist gives you the exact steps (it even works with your legacy clients).

(Value $1500)

BONUS #4 –
Attract Your High-Value Clients

Stop attracting price-sensitive clients once and for all. With this BONUS module you’ll learn how to appeal to high-value clients who recognize your value, happily pay your fees, and are excited to work with you.

(Value $2000)

Sign up and be one of the first 10 people to receive the BONUS Raise Your Rates private coaching session ($500 Value)

But it doesn’t end there. You’ll also get…


Life is busy and I understand the importance of flexibility. Every training session is recorded and housed in your private member's area. Watch at any time, start and stop whenever you need to, then resume whenever your schedule allows. Review past lessons as many times as you need.


Each week's lessons include downloadable PDFs with worksheets, checklists, scripts, and planners you can print out to get the most out of this transformative program. Systems and processess give you freedom.


Since 2009, Loren Fogelman has taught thousands of accounting professionals her proven system to double their income while working less. Now she has turned her experience and lessons learned into a group coaching program that provides the key to your dream firm.


Got questions or a special situation? This is NOT a passive online course, where you are left to study on your own. Each week, join the group for our live coaching session, followed by Q&A. Even if you can’t make the sessions, you can submit your questions. The training sessions are recorded for you to listen to on your schedule.

In these LIVE group coaching sessions you receive all the expert feedback you need to finally:

➡️ Gain clarity about your ideal client and the benefits you offer

➡️ Clearly communicate your value

➡️ Raise your rates and increase your income with confidence

➡️ Eliminate your pricing fears

➡️ Price your service for value, not time

You Get Everything You Need To Raise Your Fees Without Working More Hours…

Let me ask you…

Are you willing to do this?

Are you willing to make small sacrifices today, like committing 3-4 hours per week – so you get paid premium fees?

Are you ready to get trained with this success formula, that has been proven to work by thousands of accounting professionals?

If your answer is YES, then the Raise Your Rates Formula is definitely for you.

You’ll no longer have to work 12 hours a day, including weekends, just so you can earn more.

In fact, you’ll be earning more money even if you work just 4-6 hours a day. Which will allow you to spend more time on hobbies, friends and especially your family.

This is what you can potentially gain by adding the Raise Your Rates Formula to your life.

If you’re like most accounting professionals, you’re probably thinking…

“Okay Loren, I now see why the Raise Your Rates Formula is valuable. But how much does this cost?

If you add up the 4 bonuses alone…


Confidently Handle Pricing Objections Formula
(Value $1500)


Value Conversation Script
(Value $1200)


Transition Your Current Clients Checklist
(Value $1500)

Attract Your High-Value Clients
(Value $2000)


….you’ll have to pay at least $6,200. 

If you ask me, $6,200 is already a bargain. Like I said a while ago, I invested $100,000 in various programs…

…some of those programs didn’t work for me.
…some of them were very expensive.
…some made me who I am today.

So if you offered me $6,200 to get clients paying me $2,000-$5,000 a month?

I wouldn’t hesitate to get this..

But I know that’s out of reach for most people.

That’s why you won’t pay that much.

You won’t have to pay $6,200. You won’t even have to pay HALF of that.

You’ll get everything…

  • NThe Raise Your Rates Formula (Value $1997)
  • NWeekly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions (Value $5000)
  • NVideo Recordings of Training Sessions + Q&A (Value $500)
  • NAudio Recordings of Training Sessions + Q&A (Value $500)
  • NBONUS #1: Confidently Handle Pricing Objections Formula (Value $1500)
  • NBONUS #2: Value Conversation Script (Value $1200)
  • NBONUS # 3: Transition Your Current Clients Checklist (Value $1500)
  • NBONUS #4: Attract Your High-Value Clients (Value $2000)
Total Value = $14,197
Regular Price = $1,997

Today’s Price = $997 ONLY

Pricing Options

Choose Full Pay Option of $1997 $997
(Save extra $194)

Choose Three Installments Option of $500 $400
(A total of $1200)

Starts May 31st and till June 28th 2022


I want to give you every chance to invest in yourself and this program with absolute confidence. I’ve decided to take on all the risk.

You’re Protected by my 100% Risk-Free 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Raise Your Rate Formula delivers results.

My clients have used this Formula to transform their accounting practice.

They no longer have to compete on price…

They no longer have to tolerate headache clients…

They have defined their results-driven process… packaged their services… doubled their rates and enjoyed more free time.

Now it’s your turn…

You can join me for the first two modules of the program completely RISK-FREE!.

That’s right.

I’m giving you 14 days to go through the program, complete the assignments, join the Q&A sessions and experience this life-changing program firsthand!

Join the LIVE training sessions, complete the assignments, and enjoy the clarity of experiencing the exact blueprint to communicate your value, define your system and confidently raise your rates.

If you are NOT 100% satisfied, simply send an email to my friendly support team at

Provide proof that you did the work and attended the calls.

Then, you’ll be issued a full no-questions-asked refund.

And to top it all off, I’ll even let you keep the two modules!

That’s how confident I am in this Formula.
I’m taking all the risks so you have nothing to lose.

You are completely covered with my unique 100% “Happiness Satisfaction” 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

At this point you may have one BIG question in your head…

When will I get a return on my investment?

That’s a great question, and to answer it, you’ll need your calculator.

Let’s say you charge $80 an hour.

You need to work 25 hours to earn $2000.

But what if you started to offer packages that didn’t solely focus on selling your time?

Now your same client invests $2500. Rather than simply buy hours, they’re investing in a result.

What would be possible for you then?

For my clients, they get their life back. And, they earn more although they work fewer hours. I’m peeling back the curtains to reveal everything. Nothing is held back.

You will discover exactly how this proven pricing system can work for you.


Laine Proctor,
The QuickBooks Doctor

I was skeptical…

Getting out of debt and buying a house seemed like pie-in-the-sky things.
Well, I bought my first home 5 months ago and within the next couple of months I will be out of credit card debt and my car will be paid off. This program far exceeded my expectations!

Just imagine…

What life could look like 5 weeks from now if you double your income and lighten your workload

Ask yourself this…

How much money do you want to make over the next 12 months?

If this Formula did nothing more than help you raise your rates, how much would that be worth?

In the next 30 days, you could be in the exact same place, struggling to win new business and not getting paid what
you’re REALLY worth.

Or, you could be confidently winning new business, charging for your value instead of your time, and attracting a boatload
of premium clients…

The choice is yours.

Loren Fogelman
Founder, Business Success Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m considering investing in this program. But how exactly does this virtual training work?

A week before the start date, you receive an invitation to join our exclusive online training center. It’s where we post all training, recordings of the sessions, action sheets, and more.

Then, you get immediate access to the bonus module, ‘Attract Your High-Value Clients.’

You’ll also be invited to join me on 5 LIVE Training and Q&A Sessions, where I closely work with you.

This is your opportunity to ask your most pressing questions, remove any doubts, and know your exact next step as we move forward through the program together.

If you miss one of these live meetings, you have access to the recording in the members’ area.

I’m busy, so how much time per week is required to complete the program?

The Live training is 2 hours each week.

During that time, I answer your questions so you can implement this in your firm.

Each module includes handouts, which may take about 1 hour.

Because I know my clients are busy, you continue to have UNLIMITED access to everything once the program is complete.

I’m nervous about raising my rates and charging more. Will this really work?

I get it. Most of my clients had the same concerns.

However, as they took the exact steps that you will take as you work through the program, they were able to quickly raise their rates by 2x (and 3x to 5x).
It takes courage to raise your rates, (the confidence comes later), and then, like most of my clients – you wonder why it took you so long to increase your fees!

I’m just starting out with my practice. Is this program right for me?

On average, the students who took this program have been in business for about 3 years.

If you’re a newbie, you’re in luck!

This program will help you avoid the common mistakes of charging low rates as a newbie, which saves you time, energy, and money.

I’m a bookkeeper. How can I charge more than a CPA?

Here’s the thing – understanding the services your clients value and how you provide them with those services is key to creating a win-win situation for both you and your clients.

You’ll discover that what your clients value has very little to do with credentials.

During this program, you discover exactly what your clients will happily pay for AND how to communicate the value that you provide.

I’ve taken other courses, how is this different?

Unlike other online courses, this is not a passive self-study course, where you’re left to your own devices.

I want you to succeed.

That’s why the program is designed as an interactive experience that includes live group coaching sessions, Q&A sessions to get your questions answered, plus the support and accountability of the group.

What happens if I can’t make some of the training sessions?

Life is busy, and we understand the importance of flexibility.

All the training, including the Q&A sessions, will be recorded and housed in your private online members’ area.

You can submit your questions ahead of time if you cannot make the live sessions.

You also have UNLIMITED access to watch the recordings.

I’m not sure if group coaching is for me. Is it possible to work with you one-on-one?

Other students who initially had concerns about group coaching have been surprised to find that they actually learn more in the group setting.

This is because of what I refer to as sidebar coaching, where you learn from others asking questions you didn’t even know to ask!

Not to mention the group support and accountability.

While working with me directly is possible, spots are extremely limited, and the investment runs to several thousand of dollars.

That said, should you wish to go that route, reach out to us for an application.

Can this work for me if I don’t have the time or capacity to take on new clients?

If you are maxed out and can’t take on new clients, then this is the perfect program for you.

You’ll discover how to earn more from your current clients and lighten your workload.

Business is slow. Should I wait until things pick up again?

Actually, this is a PERFECT time for you to go through the Raise Your Rates Formula.


Just because you’re not busy doesn’t mean everything comes to a complete halt.

These times are great opportunities to work “on” your business instead of solely “in” your business.

Then when you’re busy again, you’ll possess the skills to enroll new clients in less time.

You’ll be ahead of the curve.

Using this approach puts your business on the fast track.

Yes, tons of free information is readily available.

I’ve discovered that investing in your training puts skin in the game.

You experience more gains, take it more seriously and achieve more success by stretching your capabilities.

It’s something I do for myself as well.

My bookkeeper pointed out that my income grows when I invest in myself by working with a coach. .

Join me as I pull back the curtain so your ideal client recognizes your value and asks, “How can I work with you?”

And we’ll start with…

Starts May 31st and till June 28th 2022

Your Price and Profit Mentor, Loren Fogelman

My passion is empowering accounting professionals to double revenues while working half the time through strategic pricing and effective sales techniques.

Like most professionals, my education gave me the skills to work with clients. It never, however, prepared me to be a business owner.

Working with clients is the fun part. Sales and marketing, however, were painful. I had no clue how to price my services, create packages or sell my services. So I decided to fix that.

I’ve invested hundreds of hours and over $100,000 learning how to build a profitable business.

And I’ve cracked the code on how to effectively package, price and sell my services – so I no longer sacrifice my personal time.

From 2018 to 2022, HubSpot continues to recognize me in its annual list of the world’s top 22 business coaches.

Shift away from the trap of the “dollars-per-hour” business model to a value-based model. My clients reduce their workload by 50% while doubling revenues.

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