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Ready to Raise Your Rates and Double Your Monthly Income In the Next 45 Days…

Without Taking On Additional Work (or losing clients)?

Stop charging by the hour, the session or the program, and get ready to double your income while working HALF the time.

The Raise Your Rates Formula is a high touch group coaching experience for accounting professionals who want to stop competing on price, work with clients that value what you have to offer, AND have a business that SUPPORTS your lifestyle, instead of one that DRAINS the life out of you!

I know your time is valuable, so I promise not to waste it with fluff. There is a big problem for accounting professionals right now.



Actually three BIG problems.


You’ve hit an income ceiling. You’re maxed out on hours and stress, but you’re nowhere near the income goals you want to be make.


You’re undercharging your clients. You know you want to raise your rates but you’re afraid of losing clients. 


Your rates attract price sensitive clients who don’t value or respect your work, (and ask for ‘favors’ without expecting to pay for additional services).

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place

From the Desk of: Loren Fogelman

Location: California

I’m going to show you how you can double your revenues THIS MONTH without spending any extra time at work.

But first, let me tell you a story…

Jodie followed the common pricing model. She charged an hourly rate. Then after 3 years in business, she hit a new problem. Her rates were above average. But, her schedule was maxed out. 

Her frustration and overwhelm grew. She knew what she wanted, but didn’t know how to do it. There had to be a better way.

Jodie was caught in the dollars for hours trap. She believed value equated to her time. That, however, isn’t true.

During the course, she rolled up her sleeves and created packages. She no longer charges for her time. Rather, her rates emphasize results.

Her income doubled although she now works less.

Jodie broke free of the billable hour. Because of the subtle adjustments in how she works with clients, she has more free time. She replaced burnout with passion

 Plus, she happily put the overwhelm and frustration behind her.

To recap, Jodie doubled her earnings working half the time…


You might wonder “how this is possible?”

Let me explain.

It all comes down to pricing $$$

Raising your rates is hands down the most effective and most simple way to earn more and work less.

You probably already know this.


But if you’re like many accounting professionals I know, the idea of raising your prices is scary. You probably tell yourself…


I’ll lose all my clients.


Nobody will hire me at those rates.


Who am I to charge that – nobody else is charging that.


I don’t have enough experience or credentials.


I’ll get tons of pushback.

Client went from $800 to $2000 per month

I was burned out and hit the wall as far as how much money I was making. I was looking for a solution for a couple of years and tried other programs.

I knew I was undercharging and didn’t know how to fix that. Following your process, I increased my current clients’ rates. With one client I was making $800 per month. I’m doing the same amount of work and now making $2000 per month.

Susan Natali*
Susan Natali Accounting

 A few years ago I was in your shoes.

I started my career as a therapist and charged my clients by the session.

I loved my work but the truth is, it was making me crazy and broke.

That’s because I charged the classic what the market will bear” rates.

But my hourly rate barely covered my business expenses.



Then I discovered one strategy that not only saved my business, but has gone on to help many of my business owner clients escape the “dollars for hours” treadmill.

The Raise Your Rates system

is the first of it’s kind that focuses on…


Increase your profitability without additional time spent working.

We do this by defining your system, and knowing exactly how you help your clients achieve results. Your system influences everything you do. As a result, you confidently explain your unique value in your marketing materials, on your website, at networking events and during public speaking engagements.


Your prices reflect the value you provide and the results they achieve.

Your clients are interested in results, not the processes or the systems you use to get there. When you focus on the results you achieve for your clients, and how your work helps them to achieve their goals, your work becomes much more valuable. Imagine, new high value clients calling you, happy to pay your fees and excited to get started.


Teaches you how to own your expertise.

You no longer feel like a fake or a fraud. As a sports psychologist turned price and profit coach, I know how mindset influences everything. We roll up our sleeves to give you the breakthrough you deserve. That means you can finally stop playing small and build your practice your way.

Jen Fery*
Lumos Accounting

Converted 100% of her current clients to her new rates

I’m just one year in business. However, I knew the challenges and pitfalls of pricing, and needed guidance. I knew myself to know I needed someone to hold me accountable as I transitioned to value pricing.

With new clients, I now price myself based on the value I plan to deliver. And, have the confidence to discuss out of scope projects and the costs. I easily recovered the financial investment made to work with Loren.

I’m going to teach you this system inside the Raise Your Rates Formula.

Ready to increase your income without working additional hours? Let’s build your system together, inside…

Raise Your Rates Formula

A high touch group coaching experience for accounting professionals where we work together for 5 weeks to implement your pricing systems, so you can finally raise your prices and increase your income, without taking on additional work.

Perfect For…

Accountants • Bookkeepers • CPAs • Enrolled Agents • Tax Professionals

Any accounting professional tired of sacrificing personal life for their accounting practice.

Free yourself from the dollars per hour trap, and learn how to present your services in a way that makes working with you a no-brainer, with price no longer an issue

FIRE the “nightmare clients” that drain you, and learn how to cherry-pick your high-value clients.

Feel 100% confident in your value,  so you stop worrying about charging too much or that clients will leave if you raise your prices.

You attract high value, long term clients focused on RESULTS, rather than nickel and diming your every move.

Your high value clients are happy to pay you in advance, for the value you provide. No more invoicing and waiting to get paid. NO more chasing money or having to negotiate your rates.

Double (or even triple) your income while working LESS.

Create An Accounting Practice That Delivers The Income & Life You Crave… Without High Pressure or 60 Hour Workweeks!
Devon Thurtle Anderson*
Ingrid Edstrom

What’s included in the Raise Your Rates Formula

Week 1: Eliminate Your Competition

Identify Your High Value Clients

In this module you’ll discover how to position your service as the ultimate solution for your clients, so you can stop being a jack of all trades, command premium fees, and eliminate 95% of your competition.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify and map out your high value clients
  • Create your irresistible factor
  • Cherry-pick your best clients using 5 specific steps

Week 2: Confidently Communicate Your Value

Create Your Process

In this module, you’ll discover your unique step-by-step approach to provide extraordinary value, including critical nuances, so that premium clients eagerly invest in your services.

You will learn how to:

  • Clearly outline how your clients get results
  • Define your work using 7 evolutionary steps
  • Dramatically increase your clients success rate

Week 3: Unchain Yourself from Charging by the Hour

Create Your Packages

In this module, you’ll discover the solution to finally break away from an hourly rate, so you can make your life easier and free yourself from all the chaos, while you fulfill your clients’ true wants, needs & expectations.

You will learn how to:

  • Apply the Costco strategy to your packages
  • Turn prospects into new clients using  3 specific options 
  • Avoid scope creep and stop doing work for free

Week 4: Increase Your Profits Without Guilt

Connect With Your Value

In this module, you’ll discover the truth about value you were not taught in school, so that you can liberate yourself from the dollars per hour trap, and remove the inner blocks that stop you from raising your rates.

You will learn how to:

  • Avoid 7 Costly Negotiating Mistakes that discount your expertise
  • Ask 4 specific questions which illuminate your value
  • Implement the #1 solution to avoid lowering your rates

Week 5: Raise Your Rates

Create Your Premium Pricing

In this module, you’ll separate your fees from time to earn 2X to 3X more for your current services. Allowing you to confidently raise your rates so that your fees reflect your value.

You will learn how to:

  • Stop chasing money and get paid before you do the work
  • Never have to negotiate your rates or justify your invoice again
  • Grow your bank account without being a slave to your business
Get excited to double your income (& work less), like Justin:

Doubled my net income

After the 2015 tax season, my business had stalled. I was putting in long hours without any additional profit. Loren changed all that for me.

I am happy to say that I doubled my net income… Currently, my business is unrecognizable to what it was before Loren’s coaching. My team has grown, I only work with ideal clients and now I’m a recognized expert in my specialty.

Justin Botillier*
Rogue Tax Professionals

I’m making more money working fewer hours

My clients now pay me thousands of dollars for expertise and work product I was giving away for free before.

I have increased my rates nearly five-fold; I have eliminated my least profitable and high-maintenance clients so I can focus on those who truly value my services; and I’m now making more money working fewer hours. And of course, that means I get to spend more time with my family.

Devon Thurtle Anderson*

Raise Your Rates Formula

Includes LIVE virtual training plus all the step-by-step maps, scripts, worksheets, and live support you need to confidently increase your rates without additional time spent working.

The Raise Your Rates Formula  (Value $1997)

Weekly Virtual Implementation Sessions (Value $5000)

Video Recordings of Training Sessions + Q&A (Value $500)

Audio Recordings of Training Sessions + Q&A (Value $500)

BONUS #1 – Confidently Handle Price Objections Formula (Value $197)

BONUS #2 – Value Conversation Script (Value $197)

BONUS #3 – Transition Your Current Clients Checklist (Value $197)

BONUS #4 –  Attract Your High Value Clients (Value $997)

Total Value $9,585

Regular Price $1,997

Today’s Price $997

Hear what others are saying about the Raise Your Rates Formula…

Increased minimum monthly fees 4X’s

The first three years in business I found myself working too many hours and struggling financially. The hours I worked weren’t reflected in my bank balance

I wasted a lot of energy being scared about increasing my fees. I thought I’d lose clients or they’d feel I was greedy. Once I followed the Formula, it worked beautifully.  I raised my fees and didn’t lose any clients.

I now choose who works with me, have cut back to 3 days per week and watched my revenues increase.

Reanna Ritter*
Ritter Accounting & Consulting

No longer give my services away for free!

From 72 hour weeks to 32 hour weeks during tax season. Last tax season I worked 12 hour days / 7 days per week.

This tax season, I’m working 6-8 hour days / 4 days per week. Friday’s, I go out and play golf.

Susan Tinel*
April 15 Taxes Inc. 

I know that even with these amazing trainings…

 You may still have some lingering doubts – it can feel scary to raise your rates when you’re not sure how your clients will respond, and your livelihood is at stake.

So I’ve added a few extras* to give you all the tools you need to succeed

Inside The Raise Your Rates Formula you’ll also receive…

BONUS #1 – Confidently Handle Pricing Objections Formula 

Never feel stuck, uncomfortable or lose sales because you don’t know what to say! This “must have” guide will keep you on track from start to finish. The easiest way to remain focused when discussing your prices.

BONUS #2 – Value Conversation Script 

If you don’t like the sales part, then this “done for you” script gives you the exact questions to ask potential clients during your consultations. Your potential clients will immediately recognize the value of working with you.

BONUS # 3 – Transition Your Current Clients Checklist 

Have you delayed raising your rates because you’re afraid of current clients leaving?

Now that you have your new premium pricing, let’s get your current clients up to your new rates. This checklist gives you the exact steps (it even works with your legacy clients).

BONUS #4 – Attract Your High Value Clients

Avoid attracting the price sensitive clients you don’t want (and give you headaches). When you sign up, you get immediate access to this bonus module! You’ll discover how to appeal to high value clients who recognize your value, happily pay your fees, and are excited to work with you.

Plus…inside the Raise Your Rates Course you’ll receive…

24/7 ACCESS Life is busy and I understand the importance of flexibility. Every call and training is recorded, and housed in your private members area. Watch at any time… start and stop whenever you need to, then resume whenever your schedule allows. Review past lessons as many times as you need.
LEARN ON ANY DEVICE Step-By-Step videos and audio recordings, access from your phone, tablet, or computer…anytime, anywhere. Watch video lessons, or listen to audio recordings, with simple and practical strategies to double your income.
CHECKLISTS, WORKSHEETS & SCRIPTS Each week lessons include downloadable PDFs with worksheets, checklists, scripts and planners you can print out to use to get the most out of this transformative program.
EXPERT INSTRUCTION Since 2009, Loren Fogelman has taught 1000s of accounting professionals her proven system to double your income while working less, with amazing results. Now she has turned her experience and lessons learned into a group coaching program that provides the key to your dream practice.
LIVE SUPPORT Got questions or a special situation? This is NOT a passive online course, where you are left to your own devices. Each week join the group for our live coaching session, followed by Q&A. Even if you can’t make the sessions, you can submit your questions, the trainings are recorded for you to listen to on your schedule.

In these group coaching sessions you will receive all the expert feedback you need to finally:

Gain clarity about your ideal client and the benefits you offer.
The steps to clearly communicate your value.
Confidently raise your rates and increase your income
Eliminate your pricing fears.
Price your service for value, not time.
I want to give you every chance to invest in yourself and this program with absolute confidence. I’ve decided to take on all the risk.


100% Risk Free 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.


This proven formula delivers results. My clients have used this program to transform their accounting practice. They no longer compete on price, they no longer tolerate non-ideal clients, they have defined their signature program, packaged their services, doubled their rates, and enjoy more free time.

I’m giving you 14 days to go through the program, complete the assignments, join the Q&A sessions and experience this life-changing program first hand!


That’s right, you can join me for the first two modules of the program completely risk free!. Join the LIVE training sessions, complete the assignments and enjoy the clarity of experiencing the exact blueprint to connect with your value, define your system and confidently raise your rates.

If you are not completely 100% satisfied, simply send an email to my friendly support team, proving you did the work and attended the calls, and you will be issued full no questions asked refund.  I’ll even let you keep the two modules!

You have nothing to lose, I’m taking all the risk. You are completely covered with my unique 100% “Happiness Satisfaction” 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

At this point you may                  have just two questions…

At this point you may have just two questions

At this point you may              have just two questions…

  Should I invest in the program?

Will I get a return on my investment?

Question #1 – That’s an excellent question, and the answer depends on one thing:

How much longer are you willing to tolerate the status quo?

Now let’s move on to Question 2.

Question #2 – That’s another great question, and to answer it, you’ll need your calculator.

Let’s say you charge $80 an hour. You need to work 25 hours to earn $2000.

But what if you started to offer packages that didn’t solely focus on selling your time? Now your same client invests $2500. Rather than simply buy hours; they’re investing in a result.

What would be possible for you then?

For my clients, they get their life back. And, they earn more although they work less hours. I’m peeling back the curtains and revealing everything. Nothing is held back. You will discover exactly how this proven pricing system can work for you.

Raise Your Rates Formula

Get ready to earn more, lighten your workload and fill your business with high value clients!

The Raise Your Rates Formula  (Value $1997)

Weekly Virtual Implementation Sessions (Value $5000)

Video Recordings of Training Sessions + Q&A (Value $500)

Audio Recordings of Training Sessions + Q&A (Value $500)

BONUS #1 – Confidently Handle Price Objections Formula (Value $197)

BONUS #2 – Value Conversation Script (Value $197)

BONUS #3 – Transition Your Current Clients Checklist (Value $197)

BONUS #4 –  Attract Your High Value Clients (Value $997)

Total Value $9,585

Regular Price $1,997

Today’s Price $997

Choose Full Pay Option of $1997 $997
(Save extra $194)
$1997 Make 3 Easy Payments of
Just $397 per month
Payment details


I was skeptical…

Getting out of debt and buying a house seemed like pie in the sky things.

Well, I bought my first home 5 months ago and within the next couple of months I will be out of credit card debt and my car will be paid off. This program far exceeded my expectations!

Laine Proctor*
The QuickBooks Doctor

Imagine what life could look like 5 weeks from now if you double your income and lighten your workload
Ask yourself this…How much money do you want to make over the next 12 months?
If this training did nothing more than help you raise your rates how much would that be worth?
In the next 30 days you could be in the exact same place, struggling to win new business and get paid what you’re REALLY worth.
Or, you could be confidently winning new business, charging for your value instead of your time and attracting a tsunami of premium clients…
The choice is yours.
Loren Fogelman
Founder, Business Success Solution

Frequently Asked Questions About The Raise Your Rates Formula

How exactly does this virtual training work?

Prior to the start date, you’ll receive an invitation to join our exclusive online members area, where we’ll post all trainings, recordings of the calls, action sheets, and more. You get immediate access to the bonus module, ‘Attract Your High Value Clients.’ Then you’ll be invited to join me on 5 LIVE Training and Q&A Calls where I will closely work with you. This is your opportunity to ask your questions, remove any blocks and know your exact next step as we move forward through the program together. If you miss one of these live calls, you’ll have access to the recording in the members area.

How much time per week is required to complete the program?

The Live trainings are 2 hours each week. During that time I personally answer your questions so you can implement this into your business. Each module includes handouts, which may take about 1 hour. Because I know my clients are busy, you continue to have unlimited access to everything once the program is complete.

I’m nervous about raising my rates and charging more, will this really work?

I get it. Most of my clients had the same concerns. However, as they took the exact steps that you will take as you work through the program, they were able to quickly double (and even triple) their rates. It can take courage to raise your rates, (the confidence comes later), and then, like most of my clients –  you’ll wonder why it took you so long!

I’m just starting out with my practice, is this program right for me?

On average, the students that take this program have been in business for about 3 years. If you’re a newbie, you’re in luck!  This program will help you to avoid the common mistake of starting out with low rates, and then having the headache of having to go back and fix it later. By starting out the right way, you’ll avoid finding yourself maxed out on time but not hitting your income goals.

I’m a bookkeeper, how can I charge more than a CPA?

Here’s the thing – understanding the services your clients value and how you can provide them with those services, is key to creating a win-win situation, for both you and your clients. You’ll discover that what your clients value has very little to do with credentials. During this program you’ll discover exactly what your clients value, AND how to communicate the value that you provide.

I’ve taken other courses, how is this different?

Unlike other online courses, this is not a passive home study course, where you are left to your own devices. I want you to succeed. That’s why the program is designed as an interactive experience that includes live group coaching calls, Q&A sessions so that you get your questions answered, plus the support and accountability of the group.

What happens if I can’t make some of the calls?

Life is busy and we understand the importance of flexibility. That’s why all the trainings, including the Q&A sessions, will be recorded and housed in your private online members area. Questions can be submitted ahead of time if you cannot make the live calls. You get unlimited access to watch the recordings.

I’m not sure if group coaching is for me, is it possible to work with you one-on-one?

Other students who initially had concerns about group coaching, have been surprised to find that they actually learn more in the group setting. This is because of what I refer to as sidebar coaching, where you learn from others asking questions you didn’t even know to ask! Not to mention the group support and accountability. While working with me directly is possible, spots are extremely limited, and the investment runs to several thousand of dollars. That said, should you wish to go that route, reach out to us for an application.

Can this work for me if I don’t have the time or capacity to take on new clients?

If you are maxed out and can’t take on new clients this is the perfect program for you. You’ll discover how to earn more from your current clients and lighten your workload.

Business is slow. Should I wait until things pick up again?

Actually this is a PERFECT time for you to go through the Raise Your Rates Formula. Why? Just because you’re not busy doesn’t mean everything comes to a complete halt. These times are great opportunities to work “on” your business instead of solely “in” your business. Then when you’re busy again, you’ll possess the skills to enroll new clients in less time. You’ll be ahead of the curve. Using this approach puts your business on the fast track. Yes, tons of free information is readily available. What I’ve discovered is that investing in your training puts skin in the game. You’ll experience more gains, take it more seriously and achieve more success by stretching your capabilities. It’s something I do for myself as well. My bookkeeper pointed out to me that my income grows when I’m investing in myself by working with a coach. Join me as I pull back the curtain so your ideal client recognizes your value and asks “how can I work with you?”

Your Price and Profit Mentor, Loren Fogelman

My passion is empowering accounting professionals to double revenues by working half the time through strategic pricing and effective sales techniques.

Like most professionals, my education gave me the skills to work with clients. It never, however, prepared me to be a business owner.

Working with clients is the fun part. Sales and marketing, however, was painful. I had no clue how to price my services, create packages or sell my services. So I decided to fix that.

That’s why I’ve invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars learning how to build a profitable business. And I’ve cracked the code on learning how to package, price and sell my services.

From 2018 to 2021, I’ve been recognized by HubSpot in its annual list of the world’s top 22 business coaches.

Shift away from the trap of the “dollars-per-hour” business model to a value-based model. My clients reduce their workload by as much as 50% while doubling revenues.

Business Success Solution @ 2022 – Raise Your Rates Formula

*Results may vary from person to person.