Courage Comes From the Heart

It takes courage to raise your rates.

Often when we think of courage, we see a warrior battling against all odds. The root of courage is the French word cour which means heart. Think of it as your inner strength. Yes, it takes courage to raise your rates.

This inner-strength feeds your determination. Your determination keeps you growing, even when your thoughts scream at you to back off. Charging what you’re worth is a common struggle for accounting professionals.

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Here are some of the concerns my clients share when we discuss raising their rates.

  • Nobody will pay those fees.
  • No one else charges that much.
  • My clients will leave.
  • How can I justify this?
  • What if I can’t meet their expectations?

These concerns, among others, undervalue your worth.


You Don’t Have to Compromise Values to Raise Your Rates

First, there are real-world reasons to raise your rates. Charging by the hour limits how much you earn. You eventually experience burnout since your capacity only stretches so far. It’s what I call an upper limit challenge.

What you’re really dealing with is a mindset issue. Conflicting beliefs prevent you from easily raising your rates. You need to value yourself before your clients can fully appreciate and value what you offer.

raise your rates without compromising your values.Guilt is often the culprit behind low rates. You believe charging more makes you greedy. Well, those thoughts limit your income. What if you no longer possessed those thoughts about greed?

Or, maybe you believe your core values about honesty will become compromised. Once again, unnecessary guilt hinders your earning potential. By the way, not everyone shares those beliefs.

Do a little research. Find evidence of accounting professionals you respect who charge higher fees without compromising their values. What’s possible for them is possible for you, too.

These are clues about how your mindset influences your fees and what you charge your clients.

Address Your Fears and Guilt

The what if thoughts can halt your progress. My clients sometimes express concerns about expectations. You worry about meeting client expectations when you raise your fees. As a result, the decision to increase your rates takes courage. You don’t magically flip a switch and instantly overcome your fears.

Charging by the hour limits how much you can earn for your #accounting services. Your capacity only stretches so far before you start to burn out. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Here’s the good news. It’s possible to chip away at your doubts. Get curious about your fears and worries. Where did they come from? Then continue looking for evidence that other perspectives exist.

Courage Exercises

  • getting paid what you're worthTune in. Your brain streams thoughts all day long. It’s easy to overlook the opportunities when you’re dwelling on the concerns. Let’s face it, noticing your positive thoughts takes practice. As you start to do so, be patient and gentle with yourself. Tuning into the opportunities gets easier with time.
  • Rehearsal. You’re not fooling anyone. Clients sense your discomfort when you discuss your fees. One of my premier mastermind clients was uncomfortable talking about her fees. So she practiced saying her new higher rates out loud to herself. She felt silly at first. After awhile; however, her hesitation disappeared. She asked a trusted friend to role play with her. The feedback was illuminating. She said, “I didn’t realize my discomfort was that obvious.” The insight nudged her to finally resolve her money issues.
  • Weed it out. Guilt robs you of your potential. That’s a high price to pay. You’re probably not even aware of the various ways guilt impacts your business. Each time guilt influences your decision, it’s a clue that something else is going on under the surface. Solely picking away at the obvious behaviors is a slow, tedious process. True change happens when you go to the root cause. It’s like weeding in your garden. When you only pull the stem which grows above the surface, the weed eventually returns. The only way to fully remove the weed is to pull out the root. Once we clear the root, then you earn more money. It’s something I consistently do with my clients who are uncomfortable with raising their rates.
  • Know Your Value. What you think your clients value and what they truly value are two different things. The things which are easy to you often possess a lot of value for your client. But, they’re often dismissed. What problems do you solve best? What are your skills? Your answers offer hints about your true value. Create a skills and solution list. Most likely you’re undercharging your clients. Keep your skills and solutions list close by. Refer to it often; reminding you of the value you offer. Remember, your clients value solutions to their problems.

Build the Courage to Raise Your Rates

Courage-building takes time. And, it takes heart. It’s similar to growing a prosperous business.

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raise your ratesBreaking away from your old fees requires courage. Connecting your rates to your value is a game-changer. Instead of always chasing money, you now possess the resources to attend professional events, increase your advertising, or invest in your accounting practice.

The blocks about money impact your prosperity and growth. That’s where Business Success Solution can help. As a therapist turned business coach, I work with you to connect with your value and increase your income. As you dispel the fears and self-doubt you earn more money. We transform a negative into a positive.

How long have you been thinking about this? The decision to finally do something offers relief. As a result, something shifts when you decide to finally take charge.

Success occurs from the inside out. Let’s talk about how to connect with your value, increase your revenue and lighten your workload.

You deserve to thrive. Follow these recommendations to raise your rates without compromising your values. Discover how to increase your revenues and attract clients who happily pay your fees. Right NOW claim your FREE RESOURCE to earn more while lightening your workload.