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Doubled my net income

After the tax season, my business had stalled. I was putting in long hours without any additional profit. Loren changed all that for me.

I remember that I felt like I only had enough money to pay off some debt or put a down payment on my office building; I am happy to say that I doubled my net income and was able to do both, and now I am getting ready to start a remodel.

Currently, my business is unrecognizable to what it was before Loren’s coaching. My team has grown, I only work with ideal clients and now I’m a recognized expert in my specialty.

Justin Botillier

Rogue Tax Professionals

Stronger than ever

It was time to pick up some new tools to help my business grow and shake things up a bit. 

From the work we did together, I set higher goals, learned the important difference between compassion and boundaries, and became comfortable in my skin as a strong leader and powerful woman.

As a result, I really took Polymath to the next level. Because we defined our niche and shifted to value based pricing, we’re stronger than ever. 

I share the tools I have gained with my clients, for the success of dozens of local small businesses, and I am proud to call Loren a colleague that I can refer my clients to when they need additional support.

My advice for those thinking of working with Loren is to just do it.  Find a way.  The hesitations, maybe-laters and what-ifs that keep us from taking leaps are rooted in our fears of failure and success.  If you want to be successful, then jump in with Loren, and be prepared to shift.  You owe it to yourself and your business not to pass up the opportunity to work with such a fantastic coach.

Ingrid Edstrom

Polymath, LLC

Already hit $15,000 for the month

The money invested in Loren’s program was immediately made back. And it’s repeatable! It changed my business model and structure as well as getting me unstuck.

I couldn’t recommend Loren more highly. She is a tireless advocate. She will keep you honest with yourself and on track. And she will do it with the utmost integrity.

Don’t wait. Do it.

Gwenne Wilcox

Brand Magic

Monthly Income Grew

I literally reached every single goal we set including firing my worst client, increasing my monthly income by 50% and keeping it there, and replacing 50% of my income with passive revenue. It was nothing short of a complete transformation of my business – and of me, since I am the business. More importantly I am a changed man. I have grown in confidence, courage, and resilience. Where I saw a dead end, I now see endless possibility.

Jon Humberstone

Reached my goals 9 months sooner than originally expected!

My business plan is now concrete and actionable. The plan I developed has advanced our growth timetable. I am now expecting to exceed my goals 9 months sooner than I had originally planned. My advice to others considering this retreat is to remain open. The retreat was like drinking out of a fire hose.

Jay Toral

J Toral Consulting

Doubled revenue

I came to Loren when I reached a point in my business where I knew I needed a coach to help me get to the next level. Almost immediately after signing up I started to attract new clients.

With Loren’s coaching I was able to streamline my offerings to packages that work best for the client AND for me!

As a result, my revenue doubled within the past 12 months.

Mary O'Dwyer

Mary's Blue Door

Quickly got results!

I invested in the program because of Loren’s results-oriented approach. It helped me stop planning and start doing, and  enrolling new clients.

As a result, I changed my beliefs about money and the value of what I have to offer. I now realize that I can generate abundance by doing what I really enjoy.

Loren really moves you forward. I was able to immediately apply what I learned with her and double my income.

Carolina Castañeda del Río

Evolve International

Claim the Success Your Desire!

Your Price and Profit Coach, Loren Fogelman

Imagine your business revenues going from $100K ->to $500K->to $1M.

As your revenues increase, your workload lightens. You no longer feel like a hostage to your business, especially during tax season.

At Business Success Solution we emphasize pricing and profits for accounting professionals.

Whether you’re a bookkeeper, enrolled agent or CPA, we’ve got you covered.

Our proven process, The Ultimate Pricing Formula, includes 5 powerful steps to earn more and communicate your value.

Unfortunately, too many accounting professionals struggle.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you lack a proven process to…


Communicate your value to attract ideal clients who aren’t price sensitive.


Price your services to earn more without being a slave to your business.


Confidently enroll high value clients who happily pay your fees.


Get paid for services you currently do for free because you don’t know how to charge for them.


Reduce the overwhelm and constraints so you no longer feel trapped.

Owning an accounting firm differs from working in someone else’s firm. Yes, ownership is riskier than working a 9 to 5.

Because of that, you deserve to enjoy the rewards of firm ownership. That’s exactly why I dedicate my services to accounting professionals who want to increase their revenues while lightening their workload.

If you’re ready to grow your bank account, lighten your workload and reclaim your personal life, then schedule a consultation.