Prepare for SuccessIf you’re ready to succeed, then realize your thinking impacts your business.

I talk to a lot of people. Some people, I’ve noticed, think there’s not enough. While others believe there’s more than enough…of everything. You either lean toward a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset. Regardless of which you choose, your mind will find evidence that you’re right.  If you’re ready to succeed, then realize your thinking impacts your business.

Characteristics of an Abundance Mindset

Challenges will arise in your business. Even the best plans sometimes fall apart because of human error. Do you respond to the messy challenges as stepping stones or as a dead end?

Owning and operating a counseling agency with my husband, Steve, taught me a lot about myself. There was a time when the mistakes consumed me. I realized, however, that all the skepticism was causing me to become cynical. And I didn’t like that. So I decided to do something about it.

Yes, I was getting in my own way. Our counseling agency couldn’t grow because I didn’t delegate well. That’s when I realized how success occurs from the inside out. My mindset affected our business.

Your actions validate whether you’re truly ready to succeed:

Growth occurs when you stop doing things the way you’ve always done them. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Share on X
  • Think big. Play big instead of go small. Too many talented accounting professionals hold back. As a result, they fail to ever reach their full potential.
  • Know affluence. An abundance mindset believes there is more than enough for everyone. They view other accounting professionals as alliances, not competitors.
  • Positive attitude. Don’t look to make someone wrong so you can be right. Focus on what’s within your control, then take action.
  • Embrace change. Growth occurs when you stop doing things the way you’ve always done them. Accounting professionals who are ready to succeed realize others often resist change.
  • Proactive. Take charge. Act instead of react. By the way, prevention requires less effort than intervention.
  • Willingness to learn. This was a tough one in the beginning. Simply because it required a degree of transparency. So much changed once I realized that I didn’t have to know it all. Other people wanted to support me.
  • Focus on what is working. Commit to the journey. Even your failures have many successes tucked into them.

Get Ready to Succeed

Change really started to happen once I transitioned from therapy to business coaching. My mindset, paired with specific actions, sped up my business growth. My skepticism gradually melted away. As a result, I was more receptive to opportunities and asking for help.

Your #mindset, paired with specific actions, will speed up your business growth. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Share on X

The congruency between my desires and my actions set things in motion. My business grew. Time was freed up to develop my business rather than doing everything myself.

You’ll be amazed at how the shift from negative to positive affects your actions. Your actions influence your success. Instead of time constraints, resources or energy, I focused on strategic business growth opportunities. However, I remained selective about which referral partners, business resources and established network opportunities I chose to pursue.An abundance mindset looks for the opportunities..

Your Thoughts Influence Your Success

Barbara, an accounting professional, hit a plateau. Over-thinking and day to day worries kept her up at night. In addition, long work hours, and her growing resentment that she kept everyone else accountable, added to her overwhelm.

Like most accounting professionals, Barbara charged by the hour. She admits there are many times she does extra for her clients, but rarely adds those things onto their monthly bill.

Several phrases caught my attention during our strategy session. They offered clues about why she was stuck and overwhelmed.

  • If I raise my rates, they’ll go elsewhere.
  • Any accountant can do what I do.
  • New clients won’t work with me when they can get it cheaper somewhere else.
  • My clients can’t afford to pay more.

Barbara knows her clients come to her for accounting; however, her services extend beyond basic accounting. She regularly advises her clients about ways to reduce their tax bill and plan for growth.

Over-thinking causes her to continue to do things the same way. For her, success had a downside. She enjoyed her work and didn’t want to risk losing them. So her fees didn’t reflect her expertise.

Is Your Mindset Ready to Succeed

During our coaching sessions, we dove into the things which kept her stuck. She minimized her expertise and under-charged for her services. Plus, she offered some services that she didn’t enjoy, like payroll, since her clients needed them.

If you find yourself over-thinking, you believe things can be easier and you’re ready to earn more money, then what things would you need to let go of? #getpaidwhatyoureworth Share on X

We created packages which bundled a variety of services together. Although she was concerned, Barbara discontinued offering payroll services. Getting that off her plate was a relief; however, she didn’t want to have that conversation with her clients. Instead, we developed an approach so her clients benefitted from her decision.

Barbara gave herself permission to raise her rates. The new packages made it easier for her to adjust her rates. That’s because she was now focusing on results instead of time.

The big picture emerged. Barbara understood how her advice – money management and growth strategy – extends beyond accounting. Knowledge and insight gained from her years of accounting add tremendous value. What she offers is so much greater than basic tax compliance.Write down everything you offer your clients.

She wrote down everything she offered her clients.

  • Years of experience
  • Expertise in solving problems
  • How she differs from other accounting professionals

A script was created to remember what her clients can expect.  Time was set aside to practice explaining the benefits of working with her.

Barbara now owns her value. She clearly educates potential clients about how her expertise sets her apart as a business resource. What she offers extends beyond traditional accounting.

Her clients value what she brings to the table. Surprisingly, she never realized that until now. Plus, most of her clients are not as price sensitive as she imagined. All those concerns about raising her rates and losing clients have vanished.

The Vision Shift

If you find yourself over-thinking, you believe things can be easier and you’re ready to earn more money, then what things would you need to let go of?

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