Resistance makes success more difficult

remove resistanceWhen I first started business coaching, I was told to start speaking. I just chuckled. For years, I hid from any type of speaking or networking.  Even the thought of speaking to an audience caused my heart to beat rapidly.

The transition from therapist to business coach included several unexpected challenges. I uncovered aspects about myself which I didn’t realize existed. Fortunately, some were positive. Others; however, were not very pretty. My limiting beliefs began to arise.

Starting a new business meant doing some things I didn’t enjoy. Rather than complain, I chose to shift my perception about networking and speaking. My resistance to speaking needed to be resolved.

Although it was difficult to admit, several long-held fears were holding me back. Fortunately, I realized they were not based upon reality. In fact, they weren’t even logical.

Finally remove resistance

It was time to remove the resistance. A clear purpose, strategy and plan set the stage for my transformation.

  1. Identify your purpose. Get brutally honest about your level of commitment. What is it that you want so strongly, you are willing to do anything to achieve that result?
  2. Focus on the vision. Visualization is a powerful tool. Athletes add it into their training program. Regularly picture yourself achieving your goal. Create your success story. Remember to make it vivid and real. As you focus on the end result, clearly visioning your success, your brain gets the message that this is important to you.
  3. Reframe. Instead of focusing on what you don’t want to do, set your sights on what you do want to achieve. Move toward a solution rather than away from a problem. Therefore, create a story that’s positive and exciting.
  4. Strategize. Outline your plan; however, be flexible. Don’t worry about all the necessary steps along the way. Over-emphasizing the “how” contributes to perfectionism and procrastination. This reinforces fear and resistance.
  5. Step out of the box. Consider fun and interesting ways to reach your goal. All work and no fun leads to burnout. You may end up quitting too soon.
  6. Chunking. Outline the steps you think you’ll need to achieve success. These become your milestones. Attending weekly Toastmasters and network meetings were among my first steps.
  7. Get support. Nobody expects you to achieve success on your own. Connect with others who support your vision. Their encouragement keeps you focused on the BIG picture, especially when you want to give up. Accountability is a wonderful motivator for change.
  8. Action. Get started now. Discover the opportunities which are currently available to you. Remember, over-thinking causes overwhelm and avoidance.
  9. Celebrate. Celebrate the successes you achieve along the way. They deserve your attention. This increases your confidence and keeps you going, even when it is uncomfortable.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

My desire was greater than my fear. Fortunately, I knew the tools which would help me remove resistance. It was time to finally liberate myself from my speaking fear. I chose to become comfortable with what had been previously uncomfortable.

“If it is uncomfortable, than I ought to be doing it” became my motto as I worked through my fear and resistance. Determination kept me moving forward, although I was constantly uncomfortable. The familiar, old excuses no longer worked for me.

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Dreams do come true when you have a purpose, a strategy and a plan.

Choose the right people

remove resistanceSurround yourself with the right people. Find people that have already achieved what you’re working toward. Those may be mentors, coaches or professional associates. Next, spend time with go-getters who make things happen. Carefully select the people in your inner circle.

Define your vision of success

Now it’s your turn to remove resistance. What is your vision? Make it come to life with rich, specific details. Identify 2 or 3 strategic areas of focus. Some things to consider include marketing, sales, networking, team building, mindset or skill development.

  1. Describe what you want to achieve over the next 12 months.
  2. List two specific actions that will help you achieve that result.
  3. Consider what will be possible once you achieve that result.
  4. Write it down and keep it close by.

Have you experienced resistance, too? Don’t remain hostage to those thoughts. That’s because success lies beyond your comfort zone.

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