Attention: Accountants, bookkeepers, and enrolled tax agents who are tired of mediocre results and determined to strategically raise your profit margin in 2024…








Exceed Your Revenue Goals for 2024!

Clarify Your Plan

Your strategic plan puts you in charge of your accounting practice rather than allowing your practice to take charge of you.

Deliver High Value

Avoid burnout by prioritizing value. Quality, rather than quantity, increases profits without sacrificing your well-being.

Grow Your Bank Account

You deserve to be well-paid for your services. Let’s increase your profit margin and engage high value clients.

Loren was featured in all of these:

Kick Your Accounting Firm into Overdrive

You know what you want, now define the plan to achieve that result.

This is not a spectator event. This is where the rubber hits the road. Bring your bold self, get answers to your business challenges and connect with other growth-minded accounting professionals making an impact.

This is for you if you know what you want and …

  • Z You’re seeking different results.
  • Z Winging it isn’t working for you.
  • Z It’s time to lighten your workload.
  • Z Sacrificing your lifestyle isn’t an option.
  • Z You tolerate too much and ready to change.
  • Z You’re ready to set fees that reflect your value.
  • Z You’re an established firm owner or just starting out.

Nov 8 and 9 from 1-4pm PT

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$850 $500 Tuition

Success on Your Terms

Join us virtually on Wed., Nov 8 and Thurs., Nov 9
From 4pm to 7pm ET / 1pm to 4pm PT

Space is Limited

You’re entering a
“No Fluff Zone.”

Map out your path to increase profits during the Strategic Planning Retreat…

  • ZClose the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
  • ZClarify your profit center.
  • ZTransform from an employee mindset to a CEO mindset.
  • ZIncrease the value of a client.
  • ZStrategically do less to earn more.
  • ZDesign your accounting firm so it supports your lifestyle.
  • ZHow partners in business work to their strengths.
  • ZAnd many more insights that will emerge throughout the retreat.

Brilliant Ideas

Creativity and magic is guaranteed to emerge during the retreat. You’ll start with an idea and leave with your Path to Profits Blueprint as I help you discover needle moving strategies.

Your Path to Profits Blueprint

Receive laser focused coaching. This is a virtual closed-door private gathering of growth minded accounting professionals who are busy serving their clients. We’ll roll up our sleeves to map out your inspiring, revenue generating plan.

Target Your Best Next Move

As a results junkie, I want you to increase your revenues without burning out. The thinking to achieve a sustainable, solid 6-figure firm differs from the thinking which got you to where you are now. My intention is for you to leave with your clearly defined Path to Profits Blueprint. You deserve a business which supports your lifestyle.

What others say about these retreats…

Client went from $800 to $2000 per month

I was burned out and hit the wall as far as how much money I was making. I was looking for a solution for a couple of years and tried other programs.

I knew I was undercharging and didn’t know how to fix that. Following your process,
I increased my current clients’ rates. With one client I was making $800 per month. I’m doing the same amount of work and now making $2000 per month.

Susan Natali
Susan Natali Accounting

Increased minimum monthly fees 4X’s

The first three years in business I found myself working too many hours and struggling financially. The hours I worked weren’t reflected in my bank balance

I wasted a lot of energy being scared about increasing my fees. I thought I’d lose clients or they’d feel I was greedy. Once I followed the Formula, it worked beautifully. I raised my fees and didn’t lose any clients.

I now choose who works with me, have cut back to 3 days per week and watched my revenues increase.

Reanna Ritter
Ritter Accounting & Consulting

Doubled my net income

After tax season, my business had stalled. I was putting in long hours without any additional profit. Loren changed all that for me.

I am happy to say that I doubled my net income… Currently, my business is unrecognizable to what it was before Loren’s coaching. My team has grown, I only work with ideal clients and now I’m a recognized expert in my specialty.

Justin Botillier
Calyx CPA

You can have the same results for yourself. Don’t let business challenges get in the way.

$850 $500 Tuition

Make 2024 your best year EVER!

Your Strategic Planning Retreat Bonuses

Your Business Success Assessment

Recognize your start point prior to the retreat. Then pinpoint the strategic moves to advance your accounting firm.

The 5 Must Have Strategies for Success

Discover how to emerge from the chaos and clutter of your current work life. Then learn how to accelerate your success while doing the things you love the most.

Your 10X Vision of Success

Strategic growth has the potential to accelerate your firm’s growth. Discover how to grow a firm which supports your lifestyle. This pinpoints the needle-moving actions that will increase revenue without requiring additional work hours.

Your Path to
Profits Host,

Loren Fogelman

My passion is empowering accounting professionals to double revenues by working half the time through strategic pricing and effective sales techniques.

Like most professionals, my education gave me the skills to work with clients. It never, however, prepared me to be a business owner.

Working with clients is the fun part. Sales and marketing, however, was painful. I had no clue how to price my services, create packages or sell my services. So I decided to fix that.

That’s why I’ve invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars learning how to build a profitable business. And I’ve cracked the code on learning how to package, price and sell my services.

I’ve been recognized by Hubspot as one of the top 22 business coaches of the year.

Shift away from the trap of the “dollars-per-hour” business model to a value-based model. My clients reduce their workload by as much as 50% while doubling revenues.

Yes! I’m ready to rise above the competition and go BIG.

Success does not have to be a complicated, difficult or drawn out process.

You comfortably spend time working IN your firm, doing the day to day operations. Working ON your firm, to strategically grow, is an advanced move.

This is where you take charge of your destiny.

  • Are you the primary income earner in your home?
  • You want more than anything to travel more, pay off your debt or fund your retirement plan.
  • You no longer want to tolerate low fees, low value clients or low energy.

Then don’t settle for mediocrity and the status quo.

Vanilla is boring. We know you want more. Inside you possess a burning desire to make a difference.

You do important work which makes an impact.

Everyone comes to you for answers, but where do you go when your questions emerge?

Step away from your regular network and professional circles. Immerse yourself with dynamic
accounting professionals who make things happen.
Like you, they are ready to connect with their value to earn more and remove the overwhelm.

Imagine your dream practice

The insight to your best next move can happen in a matter of moments. Your far-off idea which has slowly been percolating can quickly become clear, concise, and tangible.

You walk away from the retreat with your Path to Profits Blueprint which clearly defines how to increase your income while reducing your workload.

Whether you’re a bookkeeper, enrolled agent or CPA, momentum is important. Starts and stops slow your growth. We’ve witnessed too many firm owners stall to never regain their momentum.

We want you to create an unfair advantage and rise above the competition. Let’s virtually get together. During the retreat we’ll roll up our sleeves to work ON your business.

Gain clarity, insight and define your exact next steps to advance your accounting firm and grow your bank account.

You’ve been thinking about it,
now let’s make it happen.

So what’s all of this going to cost me?

The ticket to the retreat is $500. Is it worth that? Well, what is it worth to increase your income – without working harder? Would you invest $500 to increase your revenue?

You are the BEST investment you can make in your accounting firm. Treat yourself to a first class virtual retreat. The additional time and expense of travel easily adds $1000 to a retreat.

Now the beauty of a virtual retreat is that you set time aside in your calendar 🗓 to work ON your business. You get it ALL in two half days. Implementing a brilliant move into your business is easier when it’s fresh in your mind.

The added bonus is the community. It’s an opportunity to create new joint venture opportunities, affiliate relationships or even gain one new client. That alone would cover your investment.

Why should I go to your retreat?

First of all this retreat is an opportunity for us to personally fine-tune your growth plan. It’s similar to an athlete receiving laser focused insights from a coach. A small shift can lead to significant results.

We roll up our sleeves to advance your firm. I want you to succeed!

By the way, it’s interactive. So, if you’re looking for a passive training session where you take lots of notes, but never implement, then this is NOT for you.

You are the best investment you can make in your firm. This is equal to a $5,000 private training for the accounting professionals I coach. Imagine increased profits, more fun and your business supports your lifestyle.

Get into action.

Here’s the bottom line. It’s your decision whether to invest in this retreat or not. What matters most is that you MAKE A DECISION now instead of later.

Don’t delay and add this to all the things you need to think about. Postponing decisions is energy draining. Decide YES or NO. Trust you’re making the right move. If YES, reserve your spot to take charge of your firm.

Let’s make 2024 your BEST YEAR EVER!


Space is limited, and these LIVE events always fill up because they are high quality and high content specifically for growth-minded bookkeepers, enrolled agents, and CPAs. This one will be no exception. So claim your seat below! Price and profit coach, Loren Fogelman, founder of Business Success Solution and author of The Success Solution, an Amazon best seller, will host this virtual seminar emphasizing specific strategies and steps for accounting professionals who want to serve high value clients, increase their bottom line and grow their dream firm. Claim your seat for the retreat by clicking the yellow button below.

$850 $500 Tuition

* Cancellations and Substitutions If you must cancel for any reason, notify our registration department 30 days prior to the event. Your registration will be refunded less a $25 processing fee. Cancellations after this are non-refundable. If you cannot attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances, you may transfer your registration to another person.

This is possible for you too…

I was skeptical…

Getting out of debt and buying a house seemed like pie in the sky things.

Well, I bought my first home 5 months ago and within the next couple of months I will be out of credit card debt and my car will be paid off. This program far exceeded my expectations!

Laine Proctor
The QuickBooks Doctor

Comfortable throwing out bigger numbers

I price high enough to get paid what I want. I recently completed a project that I priced at $4000. Originally, I would have charged $1400 for my time and costs.

Since I now know my value, I’ve eliminated the non-ideal clients. I’m not stuck working with someone who I don’t really want to be working with, and who doesn’t value my services.

My high value clients have happily stood up in front of a whole room of people and told them I am brilliant. That was amazing to hear.

Daliah Fritz
My Small Business Pro

No longer give my services away for free!

From 72 hour weeks to 32 hour weeks during tax season. Last tax season I worked 12 hour days / 7 days per week.

This tax season, I’m working 6-8 hour days, 4 days a week. Fridays, I go out and play golf.

Susan Tinel
April 15 Taxes Inc.

Every business decision you make today will significantly impact your future.

2024 looks promising!

Get a clear game plan to achieve goals faster and easier.

$850 $500 Tuition

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