reverse engineer your strategic planThe Downside to Working IN Your Business

Most accountants wake up each morning and strictly focus on their work for that day.  It’s a logical approach since life is hectic. Your calendar overflows with client work and tasks. Plus, you can’t predict when a client’s going to call with an unexpected crisis.

Tackling your workflow day-by-day keeps things manageable.  You feel like you’re growing because you’re busy working IN your business. The daily tasks; however, prevent you from working ON your business.  As a result, you continue to postpone developing a strategic plan for your accounting practice.

What if you could grow your practice by 30% over the next 12 months? If so, then skip the boring business plan. Instead, set time aside to create an inspiring strategic plan.

Don’t make the mistake of planning things from where you are now. Instead, reverse engineer your strategic plan. Start from the end and work your way back to today. This advanced strategy tips the odds for growing your dream firm in your favor.

Successfully Reverse Engineer Your Strategic Plan

Develop a strategic plan which reflects the vision of your ideal accounting practice.  Consider what you want your business to achieve over the next 12 months.

Do you dream about a 30 hour work week, serving ideal clients within your niche?  Perhaps you envision a virtual practice serving clients across the country and the freedom to work remotely from anywhere.  Think about this intention when shaping your strategic plan. Be deliberate as you consider growth, sustainability and profitability.

Every decision moves you closer toward your dream firm. Once you gain clarity, then determine where to adjust your current practices in order to successfully achieve that result.

Don’t end up wondering “what if” because you postponed a decision. As you know, the things which truly matter for your #accounting firm require some effort. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Don’t end up wondering what if because you postponed a decision. As you know, the things which truly matter require some effort.  Seize the opportunity to grow your ideal accounting business. As your business grows, so do you.

Stop Playing Small

Complacency kills enthusiasm. Motivation disappears when you hold onto the status quo. Eventually, your day to day work loses appeal. Your inspiration turns lifeless.

When you grow your ideal accounting practice you:

  • Cherry pick your clients.
  • No longer sacrifice other important parts of your life.
  • Earn more money – doing work you love.
  • Replace doubt with confidence.
  • Remove the headaches.

With this strategic move, you connect with your value. View this as an opportunity to grow your bank account and reclaim your personal life.  You no longer work more in order to earn more.

Reverse engineer your strategic plan – and clarify your vision – for a solid first step. The shift from planning to action puts you in charge. Even if you achieve 70% of your goal, you will be further along than if you continue to postpone action.

The shift from planning to action advances your #accounting firm. Even if you achieve 70% of your goal, you will be further along than if you continue to postpone action. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Reverse Engineer Your Strategic Plan

Do not water down your vision! Decide exactly what you want – it will feel like a stretch.  Create a crystal clear vision for yourself. View your ideal firm as your destination.

Resist the temptation to set a vague goal for your business such as growing as fast as the competition.  A well-defined vision is like rocket fuel. The anticipation spurs you forward.

celebrate your milestonesCelebrate Your Milestones

Once you clarify what you want, you then choose your milestones. These benchmarks get tucked into your larger vision. Consider the milestones as pit stops within your journey forward. This gives you incremental successes along the way.

As soon as you reach a milestone, acknowledge your achievement.  Notice how you gain confidence and your capabilities grow with each successive milestone. Every achievement fuels you forward.

Consider Resources to Reach Your Goal

As accounting firm owners, we’re often the bottleneck to our success. Well, you can’t do this alone.  Figure out where you require support and other resources. Resources include time, effort and finances.

It’s like packing your car prior to a road trip.

As #accounting firm owners, we’re often the bottleneck to our success. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Include these essentials as you reverse engineer your strategic plan:

  • Define who you want on your team.
  • Block out time on your calendar.
  • Invest in your future success.

Continue to lighten your workload by outsourcing work to your team.  Delegating tasks frees up your valuable time to work ON your business. Determine how to invest in yourself, or your business.

reverse engineer your strategic planFocus on Your Core Strengths

Your ideal business highlights your strengths. In fact, your highest value revolves around the things you do best.  My clients affectionately call this their superpowers.

You no longer feel compelled to provide a service which doesn’t suit you simply because a client asked you to do it.

Do not fall into the trap of saying yes to tasks you don’t enjoy!  Any activities which drag you down are costly. Those tasks eat up too much time and feel like punishment. When you embrace your strengths, you gain a valuable competitive advantage.

Grow Your Bank Account

As you reverse engineer your strategic plan make it meaningful. This puts you in charge of your business.  Seize the opportunity to increase your revenues, work with ideal clients and reclaim your personal time.  Take charge of your business instead of your business taking charge of you.  Claim your FREE RESOURCE and you will be one step closer to growing your bank account without working additional hours.