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Rule Breakers Don’t Blend In

Are you a rule-breaker? And, did you get into frequent trouble while growing up? Then you’re in good company. Research shows firm owners, even as teenagers, didn’t always blend in.

But beware; doing something contrary to the norm draws attention. Don’t get caught off-guard when someone criticizes your hard-earned accomplishments. Or, the people closest to you fail to grasp your decision to walk away from your steady paycheck and benefits.

Your vision drives you forward, even if it is slightly scary. Maybe it’s a life-changing event which caused you to break away from your comfy 9 to 5 at one of the big 4 accounting firms. Or, your tax business started out as a side-hustle.

Ordinary people, like you and me, regularly decide to break with tradition. You’re fired up to pursue what you believe to be right. Even though it’s rarely breaking news, common people do great things on a daily basis.

Pursuing a big mission is ALWAYS personal.

Break with Tradition

Amna Al Haddad belongs to a small group of female Muslim competitive weightlifters in the United Arab Emirates. As a result, Amna’s passion for weightlifting pushes against her country’s societal norms regarding women. Her accomplishments are turning heads. However, she continues to compete, forging a new path for young Muslim girls, despite the criticism.

Pursuing a big mission is ALWAYS personal. Read the full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

With her country’s views on female athletes, particularly women weightlifters, walking away would be easy.  But, she’s choosing to do what’s right for her instead of what others believe is right for her.

Recently she teamed up with Nike to resolve an athletic-wear need. Muslim women traditionally wear a hijab, a head covering, in public. Her regular hijab hindered her performance and wasn’t breathable. Well, no sports hijabs existed. Together they designed the Nike Pro Hijab.

Here’s what motivates a rule breaker:

  • Conviction. Your beliefs, personally and spiritually, lay the foundation for you to break rank with tradition. Challenges stretch your current capabilities. Expect to take a leap of faith as you pursue your vision.
  • Courage. How do you make tough decisions? It’s something I frequently ask my clients. Eventually the status quo, which you’ve tolerated, starts to block your progress. That’s when you choose whether to remain with the status quo or forge forward on your new path. Going against the grain takes courage.
  • Compelled. Regardless of controversy you pursue your vision. This choice isn’t logical; it’s purposeful. You almost feel as if you don’t have any choice but to move forward.  
  • Channel the energy. Your bold actions align with your convictions. They speak louder than words. Each milestone, whether large or small, reinforces your decision.   
  • Consistent. You persevere through each tough moment by remaining laser focused on your vision. 

Pursue Your Dream

Many people dream. Only the exceptional few actually pursue their vision. Doing what’s right instead of doing what’s popular is not easy.

Not pursuing a dream because of outside pressures has a downside. You’re forever left with the unanswered question of “what if…?

As a rule-breaker, Anma’s slowly changing the cultural perception about Muslim women athletes. Willpower spurs her forward.The more I got into it, the more I wanted to pursue something meaningful, to achieve something bigger than myself.”

Accounting professionals who remain tied to the status quo slowly lose sight of their vision. Breaking rank offers many lessons about yourself that you didn’t realize existed. Plus, you discover who’s really got your back. 

Only a select few take a stand for something they deeply believe in. Rule breakers realize it’s not the easy, smooth path. Read the full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Only a select few take a stand for something they deeply believe in. Rule breakers realize it’s not the easy, smooth path.

rule breaker

Your Impact Matters

Consider the impact your accounting services make for your clients. When you firmly believe in what you’re doing, and there’s absolutely no room for compromise, then follow your convictions. Your integrity is at stake.

Sometimes you must bend the rules of tradition. Other times you must ignore them. Rule-breakers defy logic. They’re driven to pursue a vision, rather than succumb to the status quo. They rise up as a firm of the future. 

Describe a time when you stood up for yourself, and your beliefs. What compelled you to take a stand? Your true character comes through during tough moments.

Qualities emerge which you didn’t even realize you possessed. What did you discover about yourself? Now consider how to harness that determination as you work toward your next milestone.

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