Welcome to the Raise Your Rates Formula

Double Your Income Working Half the Time

The work you do makes a difference for your clients. And, your rates ought to reflect your value.

Keep an open mind during this course. You’ll notice how opportunities will emerge.

You’re already doing many of the right things. Now we’re going to highlight your value. This course will shift your business away from the dollar per hour model.

Pricing your services is challenging. Selling the solution, rather than selling your time, is a win-win for you and your clients. Learn how to position your business as the ideal solution.

Carve out time on your calendar to practice the strategies and tactics offered in the Raise Your Rates Formula training. You’ll notice shifts as you clarify your value.



Actively engage…

Our most successful students are typically the ones who make the commitment to calendar time to work through each module.

As you go through the Raise Your Rates Formula lessons, you’ll gain insights and receive action items which you can use right away to increase your income.

Getting your clients up to your new fees is something that pays off exponentially over time.

Similar to compounding interest, steady, regular deposits will put you on the road to having your dream firm.