Sales closing techniques don’t work

Accounting professionals who are unable to close a deal handle the sales conversation in the wrong way. Most bookkeepers, accountants and enrolled agents never received sales training, so they make mistakes they aren’t even aware of. For example, highlighting your services and capabilities too soon will backfire. And sales closing techniques aren’t necessary. Here’s why.

The Problem With Going Into Close Mode

You’re probably uncomfortable selling your own services. So when meeting with a potential client, you don’t know how to navigate the conversation. So you focus on what you do instead of what she needs.

Going into close mode too soon isn’t effective. A client-centered consultation, which I call a value conversation, has you identify the potential client’s problems first. Until then, she really doesn’t care about your services. You have to earn the right to discuss your services.

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Sharing results you achieved with other clients is irrelevant when it’s done too early in the conversation. She’ll notice you went into close mode and you’re trying to sell her. Basically when you don’t focus on the client’s problems, she’s not going to say yes.

Instead, position yourself as a trusted advisor. A potential client wants you to help her figure out if you can solve her problem.

The Secret Key

The secret key is to avoid all sales closing techniques

When you go into close mode, a shift occurs. The potential client senses that you’re now more interested in closing her than solving her concerns. With a value conversation, you maintain rapport by focusing on the other person – from beginning to end.

Here’s where your verbal and non-verbal communication must align. That’s simply because your non-verbal cues are stronger than your words. Doing so requires mindfulness and practice.

Eye contact is one powerful way to maintain a strong connection. I’m not talking about you staring her down. Looking directly into another person’s eyes, especially in our culture, does matter. When done correctly, direct eye contact implies interest in the other person and confidence in yourself, your products, and your service. Do this correctly and you can skip the sales closing techniques.

Adjust Your Mindset: Make the Value You Offer Clear

Creating a healthy client relationship begins long before closing the deal. You are setting the stage for a potential new client during your consultation, so how you relate with that person really matters.

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You’re in good company if you hate to sell and don’t know much about sales closing techniques. Even many top producing sales people don’t like them. You’ll enroll more clients simply by emphasizing what they want and need.

Don’t sabotage your integrity

Develop a positive and honest relationship right from the beginning, or you risk eventually losing a fantastic new client. That’s exactly what happened to one of my clients recently.

She invested in a specific business certification program. The service, however, had flaws. Basically, it was unable to fulfill its promise. So my client expressed her concern to the business owner. And instead of being heard, she felt dismissed. As a result, she now questions the integrity of an industry leader who she once admired.

It’s your responsibility to be straightforward about your service. Be honest about whether, or not, your product meets your potential clients needs. It’s a matter of integrity.

Then go the extra mile to exceed their expectations. Your clients will be delighted and continue to happily invest in your services.

Conduct a client-centered consultation that emphasizes their potential.

Focus On Their Best Interest, Not Yours

Do something exceptional that lets the potential client know you value her. Maybe you can include an unexpected bonus to your offer, something that adds value to the service. In any case, ditch all the gimmicky sales closing techniques out there. Instead, authentically focus on what you can give.

If you’re inventive, you can develop a vast list of things you can add on. Giving is the best way to build a genuine relationship and connection if you want to be closing sales quickly.


Whether this potential new client will work with you, or not, is beyond your control. You don’t need to learn slick sales closing techniques. They are a poor fit for growth minded accounting professionals who deeply care about their clients. Instead provide exceptional value and emphasize meeting your client’s needs. A client-centered consultation sets you up as a trusted advisor. Even if she chooses not to use your services, it’s possible she they will refer other potential clients to you.

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