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How to Sell with Confidence

Even When You Don’t Like the Sales Part

Wed., June 10 at 4pm ET / 1pm PT








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Is your sales pitch getting you a no?

Stop Selling Your Services

Is your sales pitch getting you a no?

Do you believe you need a sales pitch to sell your services or do you resist the sales part?

Like you, my clients often find the sales part uncomfortable.

Here’s the problem: The traditional sales process is transactional, emphasizing the close. It’s not relational.

A better way exists. It’s one where your clients naturally want to know more. You don’t have to sell them.

Getting people interested but never asking for a client to sign up.

You spend a lot of time making friends with your clients or explaining about your services in a friendly way. Then it’s time for the dreaded “SALE.”

During this workshop you will learn:

1. How to enroll new clients without feeling salesy.

Let’s bring an end to the dreaded sales conversation. It’s ineffective and draining. Discover the #1 element which transforms the conversation so you never feel salesy again.

2. Get clear and confident with what to say and how to say it.

Winging it isn’t a strategy. Ask the specific questions which naturally lead to a client asking “How does this work?”

3. 5 steps to handle objections with confidence.

Your response to the dreaded “NO” matters more than you realize. It’s a critical part of the conversation. This singular shift is a game-changer.

Never be afraid of the dreaded “SALE” again.

My clients resist sales pitches. I often hear, “If I wanted to be in sales, I would have taken a sales job.” I understand this point of view and it is true.

If you desire a successful business, you need to know how to enroll new clients with grace, a solid connection from start to finish and understand what’s behind the NO.

This tried and true enrolling strategy works on all medians – in-person, online, in print, and over the phone.

Give potential clients what they need to eagerly say “YES” on the spot. 

Clients Don’t Want to Hear Your Sales Pitch

What You Will Learn In This Online Workshop:

The Truth Behind Free Sessions and Why They Fail

Free sessions don’t work. Let’s fix that. Discover how to enroll clients who are eager to get started. 

Ask These 3 Questions Then They’ll Naturally Ask “How Does This Work?”

Remove the guesswork with a proven formula which has your ideal client asking how they can work with you. 

5 Steps for Handling Objections with Confidence

The keys to dealing with objections are counter-intuitive. It’s the missing piece to increasing your revenue.

About Your Host – Loren Fogelman

Loren Fogelman is a keynote speaker. From 2018 to 2020, she’s consistently been recognized by HubSpot in its annual list of the world’s top 22 business coaches.

As a keynote speaker, Loren has delivered talks and workshops across the United States at major conferences such as Inbound, one of the world’s most esteemed content marketing events for entrepreneurs, as well as many accounting niche conferences.

Loren is an expert in pricing strategy and sales. She coaches accounting professionals to shift away from the “dollars-per-hour” business model to a value-based model that reduces workload by as much as 50% while doubling revenues.

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I invested in the program because of Loren’s results-oriented approach. It helped me stop planning and start doing, and  enrolling new clients.

As a result, I changed my beliefs about money and the value of what I have to offer. I now realize that I can generate abundance by doing what I really enjoy.

Loren really moves you forward. I was able to immediately apply what I learned with her and double my income.

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