Rate your commitment

A difference exists between interest and commitment. When you’re interested, you stick with activities and pursue projects within your comfort zone. If you’re committed, then you accept opportunities which challenge your current capabilities.

Either category is acceptable; there’s no right or wrong answer. Take an honest assessment about where you stand regarding your accounting firm.

Some firm owners state they are committed; however, their actions don’t support their claim. Ever notice the person who agrees, but makes excuses? That person is actually interested rather than committed.

Two forms of growth

Consider your outlook as the gateway to your success. It influences everything you do, or don’t do.

A strong purpose inspires you to step up, even when it’s uncomfortable. So, expect to say “yes” to opportunities which stretch beyond your current capabilities.

Those circumstances cause you to grow in two distinct ways. You grow and your accounting firm grows.

Growth occurs in two distinct ways, you grow and your #accounting firm grows. Read the full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Share on X

By the way, no one person is fully committed all the time. That’s not sustainable. Instead, review which areas of your firm deserve your full commitment. These areas are aligned with your purpose and will advance your business forward.

Growth doesn’t occur in isolation. Start to surround yourself with people who align with your vision. This can be employees, contract workers and your referral network.

As you add to your team, hire people with the skill set to remove lower level activities off of your plate. This way you primarily focus on the activities which you do best.

Here’s what you may notice when someone is not fully committed to their accounting firm:

  • Ego. Concerns about others opinion or approval.
  • External. Emphasizes outer circumstances rather than accept personal responsibility.
  • Explains. Identifies specific reasons why something isn’t possible right now.

Constantly being on guard in this manner is draining. Attempting to satisfy everyone limits your potential and alters your vision.

Successful entrepreneurs create opportunities

If you’re seeking a stronger commitment, then here are five steps to turn it around.

  1. Emphasis. Rather than emphasize external circumstances, focus on activities within your control. Take personal responsibility for your actions. Notice how your mindset influences your decision.
  2. Mirror. Sometimes you’ll find there’s something you don’t like about another person. Often it’s a reflection of a similar quality you possess which you don’t like about yourself. If that’s true, then view this as an opportunity to look in the mirror and decide whether you want to change it, or not.
  3. Empower. Discover ways to uplevel your mindset. Does the solution lie in changing your focus, developing a new skill or improving self care? Identify one or two new behaviors which will raise your level of commitment.
  4. Shift. Instead of seeking fault, identify strengths. This applies to you, as well as to others.
  5. Open-minded. Decide to do something new. Challenge your thinking and explore alternative perspectives. You never know where your next opportunity lies. By the way, opportunities which take your business to the next level often appear in unexpected ways. Either it’s from someone you didn’t consider as a resource or from a project which stretches your skill set.
Raising your level of commitment is a game-changer. Energy that was once used to avoid discomfort is now available to grow your #accounting firm. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Share on X

Raising your level of commitment is a game-changer. As you change your perception, your actions change, too. Energy once used to avoid discomfort now fuels your business.

Successful entrepreneurs create opportunitiesStart to soar

Notice how the obstacles gradually disappear. As your level of commitment increases, you identify new opportunities.

Your transformed perspective creates a no-excuses approach, which fuels your purpose and business growth. Things you previously avoided doing before, now appear as a new opportunity. A strong commitment motivates you to do whatever it takes. One by one the excuses melt away.

Liberate your potential

Common belief tells you that you’re not enough. It pushes you to do more to show your commitment.

Well, what if that wasn’t necessarily true? Instead of adding more, start to release anything which drags you down. Consider the distractions and the worries which throw you off. Do the work to liberate yourself from those concerns.

As your commitment deepens, a paradigm shift occurs. Successful entrepreneurs create opportunities where others see obstacles. Each challenge moves you closer to your goal.

Successful entrepreneurs create opportunities where others see obstacles. Each challenge moves you closer to building your dream #accounting firm. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Share on X

Raise your commitment

Review the five steps which raise your level of commitment. Then choose one or two action steps that you’re ready to implement now. It’s normal to periodically slip back into old patterns of behavior or thoughts, especially when you’re under pressure. Once you catch yourself, refocus your attention to the positive. Anything new requires practice and patience. With time, the new behavior becomes familiar and comfortable.

Do you believe something is holding you back, but unsure what it is? Over-thinking delays your momentum and distracts your focus. As the limiting beliefs persist, the motivation to grow your accounting practice gradually dwindle. Your business starts to feel like a job, rather than a purpose.

Successful entrepreneurs create opportunities. Follow these recommendations for your accounting practice to be successful, and grow while keeping your passion alive. Discover how to increase your income and attract clients who happily pay your fees. Right NOW claim your FREE RESOURCE to earn more while lightening your workload.