Success leaves cluesWeed out beliefs that interfere with your business success.

Success leaves clues. Well, challenges leave clues as well. And business challenges are often symptoms of something more significant. An underlying cause exists. Rise above those challenges to successfully grow your small business.

This is similar to weeding your garden. Yes, you can pull the part of the weed that’s above the surface. However, the root remains vibrant under the soil. Without digging out the root, those weeds eventually resurface.

Don’t expect new technology or additional certifications to completely resolve your challenges, either. Those simply relieve the symptoms.

So what’s the root of those problems? Frequently, we are the bottleneck to our success. What you believe and how you think influences what you do (or don’t do).

Are you ready to successfully grow your small business? Then discover why it sometimes feels difficult.

  1. Assertion. Uncover hidden thoughts which keep you stuck.
  2. Association. Discover the relationship between a specific belief and it’s impact on your accounting practice.
  3. Achieve. Imagine what would be different if you no longer had that belief.
  4. Alternative. Explore alternative beliefs which are better suited for your current reality.
  5. Action. Test out a new belief. What’s possible with your new belief?
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Rise above the odds

Consider all the accounting professionals you know who persevered despite difficult circumstances. They’re like the underdogs in sports who refuse to give up. Determination pushes them forward, despite the odds.

Many brilliant accounting professionals possess the skills to succeed, but lack faith. These are the ones we never hear about.

You formed specific beliefs about your expertise, abilities and goals. They all serve a purpose. Some boost you up. Whereas, others hold you back.

It’s neither good nor bad; there is no judgment. Beliefs inform our reality. Some of your beliefs, however, no longer serve you. It’s true for me, too.

What do you do when you realize a belief is holding you back? You either decide to do what’s necessary, although it’s uncomfortable. Or, you retreat and stick with what’s familiar.

Tough it out

Firm owners, in general, are fiercely independent. So, they decide to tough things out on their own. This approach, however, doesn’t always lead to quick, long lasting results. That’s when it feels hard.

Firm owners, in general, are fiercely independent. So they decide to tough things out on their own. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

So, let’s see how this works.

Allan’s following in his parents footsteps. My parents continue to own a business together. And now it’s my turn. If this doesn’t work, I’d be letting them down.

Growing his accounting firm has been difficult. In a recent conversation, he admits, I’m overwhelmed with everything on my plate. The workload is exhausting. My monthly billing is behind. And sometimes I can’t do things with my family because of deadlines.

The day-to-day challenges consume him. Because he constantly works, Allan’s tired – and it’s not even tax season.

He created a job for himself; work’s no longer enjoyable.

Allan admits, I have a hard time saying no. I don’t want to disappoint my clients.Small business growth is possible without additional work


Perfectionism plays a role. We sketched out the work he enjoys most and the least enjoyable parts. Shedding the things which drag him down seem appealing, but is it possible?

Letting go of clients, even non-ideal ones, feels threatening. He prides himself on exceptional client care and doesn’t want to upset his clients.

We devised a letter which informs his clients about changes in his business focus. And where appropriate, he referred them to other accounting professionals.

Next, we structured a plan to specialize. The idea that growth is possible without additional work intrigued him. Overall, he remained skeptical, and hopeful.

Reducing his workload, and getting some things off his plate, was the priority. This strategy we outlined, however, continued to be highly uncomfortable. Before any action was taken, we addressed each of his concerns.

Moving forward

Finally, he gave the green light to go ahead.

Here’s what we did together;

  1. Focused on his strengths.
  2. Identified his ideal client.
  3. Bundled services together to create packages.
  4. Adjusted his fees from hourly to value based pricing.
  5. Gradually transitioned his business model.

successfully grow your small business

With the new focus, and support, Allan’s accounting firm started to transform. Enthusiasm gradually replaced burnout.

Fact and imagination

Like Allan, you can develop the mindset to successfully grow your small business.

He learned how his thoughts and emotions combine to form a specific belief. Basically, beliefs stem from life experiences.

Your brain wants to make sense out of highly emotional experiences. So a story gets created which combines fact and imagination. That’s how events and environment influence your beliefs.

A variety of things and people influence us. In its essence, beliefs offer a unique perspective about where you fit in the world.

Over time your beliefs go underground, becoming sub-conscious. Although you’re no longer consciously aware of them, they guide each decision and action you take.

Some beliefs eventually become obsolete. You forget they exist and never modify them. This causes you to feel stuck, sabotage your success or retreat from risky opportunities.

Pay attention. Start to recognize when this occurs. Then identify which belief triggered that specific emotion. Consider whether that belief still holds true. Or, maybe it’s time to modify that thought.

Change is possible

By the way, beliefs and reality are two different things. Beliefs are not purely based upon fact or logic, although they feel very true.

Beliefs are not purely based upon fact or logic, although they feel very true. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

Fortunately, change is possible. Some beliefs can easily be changed. Deeply rooted beliefs take more time. Regardless, the process starts with a decision.

As a sports psychologist turned business coach, I realize success occurs from the inside out. It’s possible to grow a successful business without the inner struggle. That’s when your focus shifts from the impossible to the possible.

Focus is golden. More is accomplished when you’re laser focused and not battling distracting thoughts. Your business success depends on you rising above the noise.

Think about it, when was the last time you believed you couldn’t do something and it proved true? Was there a different time when you believed you could reach a new milestone, and you did? What was different about these two situations?

Do you appear successful, but realize you’re holding back? You realize you aren’t reaching your full potential. Working longer hours is rarely the solution.

By releasing the limiting beliefs, your performance soars. Follow these recommendations to successfully grow your small business without burning out. Discover how to work with high value clients and grow your bank account. Right NOW claim your FREE RESOURCE to double your income while working half the time.