How Accounting Professionals Earn More without Tax Season Stress

The Countdown’s Begun

What does Jan 1st mean to you? Does it represent the start of a new year or the start of a new tax season? And, what resolutions do you make to avoid the traditional tax season stress?

If you’re counting the days, this tax day countdown timer tells you how many days, minutes and seconds remain.

Why is Tax Season So Stressful?

Justin Botiller, owner of Calyx CPA LLC, typically works too many hours during tax season.

Like most tax professionals, his entire routine alters for 107 days. The closer and closer he gets to the filing deadline, the more his self-care suffers.

  • Late nights and early mornings.
  • Caffeine to remain fueled.
  • Fast food for convenience.
  • Minimal time with his wife and kids.
  • Skips his favorite spin class at the gym.

     The long days, week in and week out, exhaust him.

    He shares how to reduce tax season stress

    How Many Hours Do Accountants Work During Tax Season?

    Accountants work too many hours during tax season. Averaging 7 days per week, averaging 70+ hours each week isn’t sustainable.

    Although he felt trapped in a business model, he believed a better way existed. And, each year he vowed the next season would be different.

    He made strategic changes as we worked together to solve the tax season dilemma.

    • Grew his team. Hired an office manager and tax preparer.
    • Update his software.
    • Made strategic improvements to his processes.
    • Did his best to improve self-care.
    • Vowed to limit his overtime.

    But, here’s the thing. As the season wears on, and he wears down, old habits gradually creep back in.

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    Can I Avoid Tax Season Stress?

    Altering his tax season routine challenged him. Fortunately, Justin often rises up to a challenge. Unwavering commitment to discover a better way motivated him to keep searching.
    Finally, he solved this problem. 

    • Several bottlenecks kept him stuck.
    • The non-essentials which create drag were removed.
    • He shifted his role within the firm.
    • Upleveled his business model.
    • Challenged the status quo.

    Getting these changes in place required time, money and effort. By tackling one issue at a time, he was eager to test it out during the next tax season.

    He aimed to maintain a regular 40 hour work week – even as the filing deadline closed in.

    Progress, Not Perfection

    Was it perfect? No.

    Instead of waiting to fix challenges later on, he immediately adjusted processes right away. That offered real-time feedback for him and his team.

    The benefits continue to pay off – each and every year. It’s like compounding interest.

    As a result, the tax season grind is a thing of the past. A couple years ago, he even vacationed with his family in Costa Rica during tax season. That would have been unthinkable with his old business model.

    Want to know how to increase your income and free up your time? Listen to the interview now where Justin shares the changes he made to his tax business.