Uplevel your business

How you do anything is how you do everything. Rowing changed my life, personally and professionally. Patterns in your life will influence how you grow your accounting firm and uplevel your business.

Initially I was a fair weather rower. The thought of rowing on the lake during the winter was unappealing.

After two years of watching other people row all year long, I leaped to yearlong recreational rowing. Now it was possible to row any time I wanted. Surprisingly it wasn’t that cold during the winter months. My new interest made the winters easier to endure.

The workout time for the racing team overlapped with the recreational rowers. Racing was a higher level of commitment which didn’t appeal to me.

Many reasons contributed to my choice to remain recreational rather than compete.

  • The pre-dawn work outs meant waking up early.
  • The training requirements were intense.
  • Going to regattas was expensive.
  • I didn’t see myself being competitive.
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The passing of seasons

After several seasons of recreational rowing were under my belt, my interest in racing grew. The positives started to outweigh the negatives.

  • Team cohesiveness
  • Advanced workouts
  • Dedicated team members

My coach periodically extended an invitation to join the racing team. Each time I declined the offer. The demands of the team were still too high. And, I couldn’t envision myself racing.

Challenge yourself to uplevel your business.

An unexpected opportunity

By chance, I had an opportunity to row in a club race for the first time. It was unplanned. One of the boats needed a rower and I volunteered. Because it happened so fast, I didn’t even have the chance to be nervous. I had no idea what I just committed myself to.

This event opened the door as a racer. My coach extended the invitation again. This time I was ready.

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The experience has been eye-opening. I discovered things about myself which I didn’t know existed. Team work, grasping the value of coaching and strengthening my winner’s mindset were additional benefits.

Skills like this gradually spilled over into other areas of my life. I gained important lessons from this team sport.

Here’s how to uplevel your business.

  1. Stop limiting yourself. Your thoughts affect your actions. Does your perception limit you or propel you forward? When you are unable to see yourself doing something, you find reasons to remain in your comfort zone.
  2. Story of success. Visualize how you want to be. If you are interested in achieving the next level of success in your accounting firm, then visualize it. Create the story of your success. Think it, see it, be it.
  3. Surround yourself with success. If you want to think bigger, then surround yourself with people who already think bigger. Spend time with people who have already achieved the level of success that you’re aiming for. Consequently, this one action will influence ways to uplevel your business. Seek out role models to show you how to live life as a winner.
  4. Solid support. Find people who support your growth. You may achieve success on your own. With a mentor and a strong support, you will reach your next level of success even faster than you had anticipated.
  5. Shortcuts. Don’t try to figure it all out yourself. There are people out there who are excellent resources. They will show you the shortcuts to speed up your firm’s growth.
  6. Summarize. While you are taking the steps to grow your firm, reflect on how things were one year ago. Give yourself credit for the changes you have made. Obstacles last year are now familiar. Uplevel your mindset; your accounting firm will grow.
  7. Savor your success. Give yourself credit for taking action. Acknowledge and celebrate your milestones and achievements.

Uplevel Your Business. Silver Medal W2x 2k HenleyAs I reflect on my rowing career, significant changes occurred in a relatively short period of time. Change can occur very quickly.

Facing the unknown

Your mindset influences your success. I faced what was uncomfortable. I still do.

Furthermore, I now know I don’t have to do it alone. If I don’t understand something, my support team possesses the answers. Someone will explain the concept so it makes sense to me.

Questions and unknown steps do continue to arise. Your firm’s growth is a process. Develop your solid support circle. Because unanswered questions about how to do something, slow down momentum.

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