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Pre-work to Prepare for the Retreat

1. Your Business Success Assessment

Clarify your purpose and direction. The Attract Quality Clients Virtual Retreat will help to illuminate your dream firm path.

Recognize your starting point prior to the retreat. Then pinpoint the strategic moves which will attract quality clients.


2. How to Stop Attracting Non-Ideal Clients

How many of your initial consults go nowhere? You find yourself speaking with price sensitive clients who are unwilling to pay your fees. And, once you share your rates the conversation abruptly ends.

Well, somehow you unknowingly attract the wrong kind of clients.

Targeted marketing solves your problem by weeding out non-ideal clients. As a result, you no longer spend time with people who aren’t a fit for your service.

3. Develop a Steady Stream of Referrals

People are four times more likely to invest in your accounting services when referred by someone they trust. Plus, clients referred to you invest about 13% more than your other clients.

Just like most accounting professionals despise cold calling, that’s true for your clients too. They’d rather get a recommendation from a friend than blindly call a firm they found during a Google search.

Referrals are one of the least expensive marketing strategies. Strategic referral partners can drive a steady stream of high-quality referrals to your firm.

Retreat Handouts

1. Define Your Ideal Clients

Demographics don’t truly define an ideal client. Education, income and geography aren’t enough.

Chemistry exists between you and your best clients.

That’s why you want to define the psychographics. The characteristics and personal qualities of your best clients matter more than the demographics.

only work with ideal clients

2. Attract Clients who happily pay top dollar

Are you tired of being a best-kept secret? If so, then the solution lies in your positioning.

A diluted, generalized message doesn’t grab attention. Whereas a solid, specific message is very client-attractive.

That’s exactly why clarity about your ideal client, their specific problem and how you help grabs attention.

3. Nail Your marketing message

Does your marketing grab attention?

The words you use will either capture attention or get passed over.

Let’s fine-tune your message so you know longer wonder what to say.


choose your niche

4. Stand out as the go-to expert

Doing what everyone else is doing causes you to blend in.

As a result, clients find it difficult to differentiate your firm from others who offer a similar service.

Discover how to go from unremarkable to memorable.

5. Hook High Value Clients

Are you seeking premium clients, but realized you filled your firm with price-sensitive clients? 

No firm owners wants to remain a best-kept secret. 

These are clues that your marketing message is not appealing to the RIGHT client.


That’s the winning formula to build your firm with quality clients.

Psychological pricing

6. Plan Your Calendar

Ever wonder what to talk about?

Without a strategy, your message wanders all over the place.

Consistency is critical. It keeps you focused on a specific topic and gets results. Bottom line – it engages your audience.

A content calendar removes the guesswork. This workflow simplifies the process. No more messaging overwhelm.

7. Your Marketing Personality

Why are some people relatively calm, cool and collected when it comes to marketing while others find it a nerve-racking, emotional roller coaster?

Well, your personality influences your marketing style.

Whether you’re an extrovert, introvert or somewhere in-between, let’s determine what works best for you.

8. Where to Show up

The decision about where to show up and what to say can be overwhelming.

Being effective does not require you to be everywhere. In fact, you’ll get better results if you narrow down your focus.

So, let’s start to dial in your plan. Discover what to emphasize, what to ditch and what to postpone.

9. Your Client Attraction Plan

Most plans end up shelved because they’re uninspiring and never reviewed once they’re completed.

That’s often because they are too complex. Instead of a long to-do list, let’s figure out what to focus on that’s designed to deliver results.


10. Marketing Math

Let’s crunch some numbers.

Client attraction math is where the rubber hits the road.

By tracking your numbers, you’ll gain insight into what’s working (and what isn’t cutting it).

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Attract Quality Clients Virtual Retreat

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