Welcome to the Profitable Cleanup Formula  Online Community

Turn Your Business into Your Personal ATM Machine

Welcome to the Profitable Cleanup Formula

This course turns cleanups into a profit center for your business. Participate in this course with an open mind. As a result, new opportunities are likely to emerge.

I want to acknowledge all you’ve done to reach this point in your business. You’re doing many of the right things. With this course, you’ll discover how to earn more money without working additional hours. It’s a step-by-step formula which highlights the value of your work.

Cleanups can be a nightmare. Unexpected accounts, additional transactions or unresponsive clients. All these things add to your workload and lower your profit margin.

When you know how to communicate value, you earn more than an hourly rate. It’s a win-win for you and your clients. Clients who value your expertise will happily pay your fees.

Carve out time on your calendar to practice the strategies and tactics offered in the Profitable Cleanup Formula training. You’ll notice shifts as you take charge of the cleanup work.

Actively engage…

Our most successful students are typically the ones who make the commitment to show up for our weekly Cleanup Profit Calls.

That’s where you get the Cleanup Formula lessons – you’ll gain insights and receive action items which you can use right away to earn more without working additional hours.

It’s also where you get to talk to me directly and receive my personal help to quickly increase your profits and remove the headaches. This is our dedicated time to teach, discuss and get the work done.

Those calls are always on Tuesday at 12p.m. Eastern / 9a.m. Pacific. Plus, you’ll be getting a separate reminder about them each week.

And if you’re unable to join our calls, then send me your questions ahead of time to Loren@BusinessSuccessSolution.com.

Go ahead and mark your calendars with the dates, time and meeting details.

All Calls Start at 12 PM Eastern/ 9 AM Pacific

Session #1:

Feb 21

Session #2:

Feb 28

Session #3:

March 7

Session #4:

March 14

Session #5:

March 21

Join the online video meeting:

Zoom link here

Meeting ID: 812 7633 6665      Passcode: 643223

If you are on your phone, Zoom has a phone app that you can download.

A link to the recording is sent out within 24 hours after each call.

Stay current with all email updates…

Emails are the way we’ll keep you in the loop about new modules opening up… But it’s easy to miss them when your inbox is busy.

The solution: create a filter in your email system so you never miss any of our updates. I suggest you keep all our emails in one folder so they are always easy to find.

Congrats on raising the bar in your business!