Earlier today I was speaking with my clients about the things which we tolerate in our business and our lives.

We are a sponge, absorbing other peoples perspectives.

We are a container for those things, rarely taking inventory of everything which we’re holding onto.

What are you tolerating in your businessSometimes we hold onto the old, the comfortable and the familiar far too long.

Change takes effort so we tolerate things rather than disposing of them.

Can you let things go quickly and then move on? Or do you let things simmer?

What are you tolerating in your business although it’s not useful any longer?

These things slow down your progress.

Decide which relationships, beliefs, or systems no longer serve you.

Imagine what it would be like to free up your energy so you can focus on advancing your business.

Notice what would change once you chose to let go and move forward.

You now possess the vision.

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So what are you tolerating in your business and in your personal life?

Decide to let it go. It’s a bold move.