Wonder Woman SyndromeYour Jam Packed Schedule

As an accounting professional, you set exceptionally high standards for yourself. You aim to be all things to all people, juggling multiple roles between home and your accounting practice.

The day starts very, very early. The sun starts to rise as you head to the gym. By the time you get home, the kids need to wake up for school. You shower before firing up your computer. Next, you quickly scan email, check your calendar and then get to work.

During lunch you run some errands and grab a quick bite to eat during a network meeting. Then, a little more work in before the kids arrive home. After-school activities, dinner prep and kids to bed are your late-afternoon priorities.  You squeeze in a bit more work while you can keep your eyes open. Then off to bed.

Giving your best to each and every role adds even more stress to your daily demands. As a result, #accounting firm owners burnout. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

The next morning you wake up ready to do this all over again.

No wonder there’s no energy left at the end of the day. You day’s over-flowing.

Giving your best to each and every role adds even more stress to your daily demands.

Wonder Woman Syndrome

Like so many accounting professionals who wear multiple hats, you may be experiencing Wonder Woman Syndrome. No, I’m not making it up. It’s actually a real thing.

We measure our value according to our level of productivity and the accomplishments we achieve. It’s why checking all the tasks on your to-do list feels highly satisfying.

You’re super mom, super wife, super daughter, super sister, super friend, super entrepreneur, super homemaker, super colleague, super community leader.

If you’re a perfectionist, overachiever and people-pleaser, then you probably have experienced Wonder Woman Syndrome and didn’t even realize it.

You need to keep it all together, no matter what, to fit into the Wonder Woman costume.

#Accounting professionals often measure value according to productivity and accomplishments. It’s why checking all the tasks on your to-do list is highly satisfying. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

The super hero role has a hefty price tag. Burnout, adrenal fatigue, sleepless nights, anxiety or fibromyalgia.

Ditch the Superhero Costume

Here’s the solution. Ditch the superhero costume, but hold onto your superpowers.


The tasks and activities which come easily and naturally to you are your superpowers.

Even if you don’t think so, you possess exceptional skills. They get referred to as your brilliance, your zone of genius, your unique abilities, gifts, talents or superpowers.

You’re expected to do a lot, personally and professionally. The idea, especially in your accounting practice, is to focus the majority of time on your superpowers and delegate the rest.

Wonder Woman SyndromeThe tasks you do fall into one of these four categories.

  1. Super power. Your super powers are also known as your unique abilities. These are the things which you can do all day and every day. Spending time doing these activities and tasks energizes you. List all the things you do which access your natural gifts.
  2. Excellence. You perform these tasks better than average. People come to you and ask you to do these things for them. Unlike your unique abilities you grow bored or tired from doing them after 20 to 30 minutes. When boredom sets in, you are ready to move onto something else. List all the tasks which fall into your area of excellence.
  3. Competency. Competencies are things where you’re average. You do these things because they need to get done. You definitely would not want to spend your entire day performing these tasks. List all the activities that are competencies for you.
  4. Incompetency. These tasks must get done, but doing them feels like punishment. They continue to end up on the bottom of your to do list. Because you struggle with these things, they take up more time than average. Plus, they drain your energy. List your incompetencies.

It’s Too Easy to be Valuable

Your superpowers are your highest value. Why would someone pay you a lot of money for something that’s so easy?

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Since they don’t require much effort, you believe everyone can do them. As a result, it’s easy to overlook or dismiss those gifts and talents. Others; however, struggle with the things you find fun and enjoyable.

superpowersFollow this time-saving strategy.

  1. Delegate. Clear your plate of the tasks and activities that feel like punishment and bore you. These are the first things you want to delegate. An advanced move is to find someone who plays at the activities you hate most.
  2. Remove mediocrity. Once the incompetencies are passed forward to someone else, then start to delegate the competencies. Doing work that’s not a super power drains you and lowers your earning potential.
  3. Optimize your time. You want to eventually get enough of the lower level tasks off your plate. This way your time is freed up to focus on your areas of excellence and your super powers. Ideally, you want to spend 80% of your time using your super powers.

Imagine the activities which drain you, bore you and feel like punishment are now delegated. They no longer show up on your private to do list.  Your business now supports your best work; your highest value.

Delegate the activities in your #accounting firm which drain you, bore you and feel like punishment. Read full post. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

The majority of your work day involves activities you highly enjoy doing. This solves the burnout problem.

Focusing solely on your super power rids you of the super hero syndrome.

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