The Freedom of Working Remotely

Working remotely offers a variety of advantages. No more rush hour commute. Plus, the traditional 9 to 5 is optional.

  • You can work with clients around the globe.
  • Co-workers can’t spontaneously interrupt you.
  • You can flex your schedule according to your work and life flow.
  • Lower operating expenses. Your home office becomes a tax advantage that you can write off. Your commute is a one minute walk from your bedroom to your work space. You can work in your yoga pants and reduce your professional wardrobe.

Like anything, pros and cons exist. Some entrepreneurs who start working remotely soon realize it doesn’t fit their personality.

Working Remotely

Working remotely has some pitfalls that affect productivity.

Productivity Pitfalls

Whether you’re in an office cubicle, at home or on the other side of the world, your work doesn’t stop. Don’t let your productivity suffer. Basically, your clients expect you to maintain your deadlines and commitments.

If you’re working remotely, then minimize these productivity challenges.

  • Distractions. Email notifications, text messages and social media disrupts your concentration. It takes about twenty minutes, if not more, to regain your flow of concentration. Make a habit of shutting down technology notifications. Especially when working on projects that demand intense concentration.
  • Lack of Structure. You set your schedule. Are you disciplined enough to get to work even when no one is watching? Develop a plan that gives you some structure. Even if you’re someone who works organically, routine inspires productivity. If you’re not the only person in the house, then create some guidelines to reduce interruptions.
  • Follow through. Remember to finish what you start. Find the right tools and apps to manage and track your work. Many of my clients who are working remotely added a virtual project manager to their team.
  • No Prioritization. Poor planning leads to missed deadlines. Procrastination adds stress. Working yourself to exhaustion sets you up for burnout.
  • Multitasking. You start out doing everything in your business. Multitasking, however, isn’t the answer. Multi-tasking used to be something people bragged about. However, studies reveal that it actually slows you down. Your brain works more effectively when it’s focusing on one task at a time.
  • Non-Work Chores. Doing personal chores during your work time is a productivity killer. With that in mind, you would never leave the office to hang up your laundry. Save those chores for “after work” hours.
  • Chasing squirrels. Surfing the internet can quickly turn minutes into hours. It’s easy for one link to lead to another. Set a timer when you’re researching on the internet.
  • Wrong Set Up. Does your work space work for you? An uncomfortable work chair or slow internet connection affects your productivity. It’s difficult to spend long hours in a space that doesn’t suit you. One client originally set her work station in the living room. But family life interrupted her concentration, especially while working on complicated projects. She eventually turned a spare bedroom into her home office.
  • Questions. An accounting professional missed talking with co-workers about accounting procedures. They were a valuable resource of knowledge. So he gradually developed a remote network with other accounting professionals to fill that gap.

Working remotely can lower your productivity.  Awareness is the first step toward removing that distraction.

Work Focus Solutions

A virtual business requires structure, initiative and discipline. You can set it up any way you choose. Would you prefer your entire business to be virtual or only specific parts of it?

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Most in-person activities can easily be accomplished virtually. As a result, client communications, team meetings, marketing, sales and daily responsibilities no longer need to be face-to-face.

Optimize Your Time

Organize your workflow to get the most out of your day. Here are some best practices for working remotely.

Productivity and Focus

Doing personal chores during your work time is a productivity killer.

  • Best time. Are you sharpest during early morning or late at night? These are your golden hours. Therefore, schedule time to work on your important projects during those hours. Save social media, email, or phone conversations for other parts of your day.
  • Manage your calendar. Chunk similar tasks together. Schedule your meetings during a block of time. Avoid switching back and forth between meetings and tasks. Your brain is more effective when you group similar activities together.
  • Schedule breaks. Step away from your desk every so often instead of pushing through projects. Unless you are “in the zone” take regular breaks. Work for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. Get up, move around, go outside. Then, start another work session.
  • Build a team. High quality people around the globe are now working remotely. Some of them may be a perfect match for your team. I connected an accounting professional whose business is based in the U.S., with an American CPA who lives in Israel. The time zone difference was an advantage. The Israeli CPA worked on client taxes while the U.S. business was closed for the night. This meant a faster turnaround time during tax season.

Conduct Quality Virtual Meetings

Hold virtual client meetings, even if they live in your region. This frees up time that would normally be spent commuting. The clients receive a link to meet virtually. The remote meeting allows for screen sharing and everything is automatically recorded.

Follow a few simple steps for highly effective virtual meetings.

  • Prepare your technology. For a clear video call reduce the bandwidth. Close tabs or save them to quickly open later with an application like OneTab. If possible, hardwire your computer to your router for your wifi connection.
  • Enhance the quality. An external video camera improves picture quality. Audio feedback is distracting. Also, the internal microphone on your computer picks up background noise. Avoid those annoyances by using your cell phone earbuds.
  • Additional distractions. Minimize visual or noise distractions. Have a light in front of you to keep your face out of shadow. A small ring light fits your phone or your laptop. Also, improve camera focus by reducing back-light from windows by pulling drapes or shades or adjusting the angle of your computer.
  • Agenda. People are busy. Therefore, create a meeting agenda and stick to it. Spend the first 3 minutes or so catching up. Then get to the point of the meeting.

Freedom to travel

Enjoy the freedom of a location independent business. Working effectively requires planning, prioritizing, and investing in your business.

It’s possible for you to work with clients while you’re anywhere in the world. And to expand your client base outside of your geographical location, working with clients around the world. #getpaidwhatyoureworth Click To Tweet

It’s possible for you to work with clients while you’re anywhere in the world. And to expand your client base outside of your geographical location, working with clients around the world. Technology continues to improve productivity for entrepreneurs who work virtually.

My focus is helping you build business success. Working remotely gives you freedom.

Are you ready to grow a highly profitable virtual business? If you follow my step by step recommendations, you too can continue to grow while keeping your passion alive. Discover how to get paid what you are worth and attract clients who appreciate your value.  Claim your FREE RESOURCE NOW to earn more without working more.